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    February Bandsters?

    WOW , this is great!! I was doing really good my first post op night but not that well. I hav so happy for you!! Hope all is well being a few days out not.
  2. I am so irritated....uh,...now is when the cravins kick in!! OOOOOhhhhhh! BLAH! Sorry for the negative, but only my banded friends will understand.

  3. I am so irritated....uh,...now is when the cravins kick in!! OOOOOhhhhhh! BLAH! Sorry for the negative, but only my banded friends will understand.

  4. Thank you for your feed back I will check out this drink..for the long term weight control. I will be checking your page... again thank you. Good luck and the last few pounds...you will get there in no time. just stay away from the sugar...I know how hard it is, but we will all support you. Take care
  5. My doc says these New whey are great for me...so idk, but try the nectar (syntrax) ones...they are delicious as well, just drink 2 or double up on the scoops...they are delicious as well, get the sample pack. Good Luck!!!
  6. Staci, Thank you so much!! this is awesome information!! I will be checking this out. Free stuff is always good!
  7. I go back to work tomorrow...wish me good luck!

  8. I go back to work tomorrow...wish me good luck!

  9. Awesome!! Glad we could help! Good Luck! Great job starting before the surgery! I did that for one week before and I found it to be very helpful for when the surgery was complete.
  10. Thank you, I will be trying that cake batter as long as the sugar and fat is low. I think muscle milk is usually pretty good about that. I am loving this topic. have a great night.
  11. Thank you I will be looking that one up, is there any way you can post the web site you use?
  12. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    I slept in our recliner all week!! I attempted the bed 3 days after surgery and regretted it, ended up back in the recliner. I second the recliner suggestion, borrow, yard sale, or new, it wont matter when it is covered in a blanket or sheet to keep you comfy.
  13. You are very welcome, anything we can do to help one another. I know the post op is hard for a lot of people and I feel that is because they are not well informed of how to make the transition easy, well as easy as it can be. I am so glad you are on here researching before you go in to get banded and I am glad I have helped you. We will all continue to support one another and keep us on track.
  14. I got mine from walmart. They have 1-3 flavors depending on your store I paid 2.49 for each one. I went to the Vitamin Shoppe yesterday and they had about 8 of the flavors, paid 3.49 for each. I would assume most places with Vitamins would carry them if you dont have either of these near you.
  15. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    To my fellow Feb bansters, I have started a protein drink/shake board in the Food and Nutrition section, I would love if you all visited the page and either gained some knowledge or leave some knowledge, so we can grow and have variety in our beverages since some of us can get board pretty easy.... Have a great night... here is the link to the topic... http://www.lapbandtalk.com/topic/143134-protien-drinks-with-less-than-5-grams-of-sugar-or-fat-20-50-grams-of-protien/
  16. sophiamckenna

    I Need Some Guidance!

    I am not sure if I can be much help.... I am in the strict stage... I just had my band place, and I notice one of the things I am afraid of is getting away from protein. My doc says protein makes ur body work harder thus burning more calories... They want me to get in 80 grams of protein a day. So I have one drink that is usually between 20-40 grams of protein and then other items( ie cottage cheese, eggs ect)I have thought about drinking two just so I make sure I am getting in enough cause I am not able to eat a whole lot. I found a lot of my items at the vitamin shoppe. I hope this helps u a little, don't be so hard on ur self 10 lbs is a lot better than 20 or 30. U will be fine. Oh and one other thing I have been told stay away from sugar, I know it's hard but anything that has a sugar ( or fat) that is greater than 5 grams. Don't eat it. Those are the basics I have to stick to and I know u can too!
  17. sophiamckenna

    is this normal??

    Sorry I didn't realize when I posted this... I hope everything has worked out for u and is a lot better.
  18. sophiamckenna

    is this normal??

    I personally would get a different doc. One who will take time with u. My doc spent 3 hours with me my first pre op visit!!! And most of the time he is behind schedule because he loves his patients and wants the best for them. I am sorry r going through this. I am newly banded so that is the only advice I have. Hope it helps. Good luck.
  19. Everyone's pre op and post op diets seem to be slightly different... I would check with ur doc. I get to have soup jello and anything that will go through a strainer this week and starting Friday I get anything soft, of course I'm not blending crap, I will be steaming and blending mostly fruits and veggies. Good luck!
  20. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    Well today is the last day for our feb bansters.... How is every one feeling? I go to see my doc today for my follow up appt and he is prob going to start me on mushy foods Friday. I am scared, the weight has just been coming off and I don't want to gain during what some on here are calling "bansters hell"... Any suggestions from those who had it it done early feb? Any feed back would be helpful. Thanks! Have a great day any one and congrats to us all for making a wonderful life changing decision !!
  21. sophiamckenna

    First Fill Reaction

    I actually got constipated after that stuff, but one of the side effects online is Diarrhea. I am sure it will pass, but If it last for a while make sure u call ur doc and ask. Yay congrats on ur first fill!!!
  22. sophiamckenna

    Kind Of Annoyed...

    Wow!! I can't believe this... Some people!!! I have a friend who tried to eat things she should not have and the band is still working for her... She just threw up what ever did not go down well for the first few months. I think we all know what I'm talking about. If u can still eat that much food something is defiantly wrong with the band!!! They tell you this in any seminar, at least the ones I have been too, Or maybe she stretched the pouch out ( which in my mind would take a lot) either way I wish ppl would take a look at the success stories (and I'm not talking about the commercial ones). I mean every day ppl who have had to struggle and play the band hell and they have still made it through!!! I am only at the beginning of this, but even now I am following drs orders because I don't want to mess anything up! Ok rant over. Thank you for sharing I really had no clue how bad ppl can mess up the band and their lives.
  23. sophiamckenna

    Feb 28th 2012

    Photos following my weight loss and wound journey.
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    IMG 9668

    From the album: Feb 28th 2012

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    IMG 9667 2

    From the album: Feb 28th 2012