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    You look amazing!! congrats!! I hope to over come my hurdles and get to my goal... you are true motivation for me. Thank you!
  2. sophiamckenna

    Is it what you eat or how much?

    Oh how I understand you.... I am having a hard time with the mental part of it. I thought it would kick in too...but i just cant seem to change my habits...if you have found anything that works I am all ears.
  3. sophiamckenna

    12 Steps of Overeaters Anonymous

    Hey I tried clicking on your link and it is not coming up...maybe it is an old link??? but you did inspire me to look for this..thank you!
  4. Thank u for posting this and thank u to everyone who is responding. I recently sprained my ankle and due to previous problems it is extremely inflamed and I go to the specialist tomorrow. I hope I am able to take something as well. And I have to say I understand wanting to eat everything in sight. I am feeling very depressed as well and my food choices have not been the best. I hope we can help each other get through this little bump in the road. Best of luck to u on ur journey.
  5. sophiamckenna

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    I would love it if u all would add me. Snmtigger99 my screen name. I am on mfp more than the lap band forum. Thank u in advance.
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    Frustraaaaated!! Arrrrgggh!!! >:(

    I hear you loud and clear....after my band I lost weight due to liquids and slashing the calories, fat and sugar out of my diet, the min i started eating "solids" I was at a stand still... had my first fill 4 weeks ago and was still at a stand still....many docs fill slowly, I just spoke with my doc today he said it is perfectly normal to not feel much a difference until 7-8 cc's maybe your doc can add more next time your in there. I went from 3 cc's after surgery to 6 my first visit and now I am at 6.5 cc's they said they do it a little quicker than most docs in the beginning because they didnt want me to get discouraged... I hope this helps you a little. take care. It will get better give it time. you will get a fill and go oh wow yep I feel the difference.... that when you know u r going to start losing a little more then you are now.
  7. sophiamckenna

    Forbidden Food Syndrome

    I LOVED ur post!! Although I still have the forbbiden food syndrome after surgery... It's not as bad as it was. And I know the consiquences r coming. I have cut out about 80 percent of breads, all pasta and rice, and I have cut out about 75percent of sugar. I guess the key is just to figure out how to cut out the rest. My doc has me on a no more than 5 gram sugar, 5 gram fat diet. I look at packages and wonder what can I eat? It is driving me nuts and they want me to carry it for a year. Thank u for the inspiration and I can't wait for my next fill on the 19th.
  8. sophiamckenna

    Stopped Losing After Week 7

    I am not sure why but this is completely normal. I had the same thing happen. I even had a fill at 4 weeks and I am still not losing and I am also at 7 weeks out. I am very frustrated and depressed about it. I have talked with one of my friends and she says it's normal also; she went through it as well. I am waiting for my fill on the 19th to see if this lull changes. I hope it changes for u!! I know that feeling of I'm Doug everything right wth!!! I know we will get through this every banded person does... Maybe it's just our bodies getting used to what we r giving it.
  9. sophiamckenna

    Post-Op Protein Question

    I like to add more water to mine. I try to stay away from the yogurts because of sugar content. Try the nectar brand of protein. U can call 1866 333 7403 for a sample pack from them. I low them because they r not think and u can add as much water to taste. Hope this helps.
  10. Am nervous because my doc had left 3cc in my band at the end of surgery. I went today to get my first fill and he went from 3 to 6 cc's.... Is this normal? I only have the standard band, which is 10cc max, right? I very nauseous tonight. Everything goes down just very slowly. Should I be concerned?
  11. sophiamckenna

    So Far So Good !!!

    I wish I had some suggestions... I have been sticking with baked or mashed potatoes, Beans, low fat cottage cheese, sf pudding/jello, eggs, tried my first round of puréed chicken today not to bad, and cream of wheat. Oh and I always have a high Protein drink first thing in the morning, helps me stay fuller longer.
  12. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    I completely agree with you, I have had a hard time giving up my adult beverages. I just dont know the best way to go about picking one...even if you get less calories, the carbs, sugar is my main concern.
  13. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    I hope I dont offend any one...but I do love my drinks now and again, and have been bummed because I am unable to have them right now....these beverages are made with agave for sweetness and have little to no sugar or fat...just watch the carbs....the beverage is called skin girl.... Here is the link: http://www.skinnygirlcocktails.com/ Here is the link to their nutritional facts: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts-calories/skinny-girl
  14. sophiamckenna

    Day 7.after Surgery Znd Feeling Might Good!

    I remember my first bite of real food, it was eggs mashed up and cottage cheese...oh delicious...I am losing weight quite fast as well, I just figured it was because of the diet they have me on and the fact that I have cut my calorie intake over half of what I used to eat....am I wrong? These first few weeks how much should I be losing? So glad to hear you are doing so well.
  15. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    Not sure it was just a suggestion....idk what everyone would like to do, but we could start our own folders with questions, topics would be easier to find...but like I said just a suggestion. I usually check both.
  16. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    That is a great idea, there is an area for this, the web page already has months laid out, but I noticed mostly every one is replying here so I have veered towards this group and away from the other....If we all switched over to that group it would be beneficial considering we could start our own folders with questions. Home page Monthly bansters section click on feb 2012 here is the direct link... http://www.lapbandtalk.com/forum/2507-february-2012-bandsters/
  17. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    What do you do for work? I am a teller at a bank and am so glad my work is not to intense. I am back at work as well, I had my follow up last wed. I go in for my first fill on March 22nd. I am so glad, it sounds like your doing great!!! Are you going to start walking? I have Zumba and would love to do it but I do not want to push my self to fast to soon, even after they give me the go a head. Let me know how you like Zumaba.
  18. Hello Every one, I am Sophia and I have just recently started my band journey. I was banded on Feb 24th 2012!! I am happy to say I am doing very well, and I am headed back to work after a week of being off. One thing I have noticed in a lot of the forums is that people are having a hard time getting the amount of Protein required and recommended by their doctor. I have been very blessed, following in a couple different peoples foot steps, so I have a heads up on variety, this way we don't get board, get as much protein as you possibly can in one drink, and did I mention variety. I don't know about you but I can only stand so much chocolate, vanilla, and strawberrie mixes.... also the thickness of some of those Protein drinks...can we say gag..lol I am going to start a list of the ones I have started using, along with a web sight so you can see what they look like, these should be able to be purchased at a local Vitamin shop near you. 1. my number one favorite so far: New whey liquid Protein 0g fat, 0g sugar, 180 cal, 42g PROTEIN, 100mg sodium, 50mg potassium. and best part only 3-3.8oz The come in several different flavors ie grape, fruit punch, apple, acai berry, watermelon and so on. web page: www.newwhey.com 2.Protein Blitz 0g fat, 1g sugar, 120 cal, 30g PROTEIN, 45mg sodium, 140mg potassium, 1g carb These tast kina link fruit punch and look like a Gatorade bottle web page: http://www.proteinblitz.com/ 3. Cytomax Protein 0g fat, 0g sugar, 160 cal, 40g PROTEIN, 85mg sodium, 180mg potassium, 0 carb, This one also is sold in a Gatorade bottle to try or I just found out you can buy in a powder as well. web site: http://cytomax.com/ 4. nectar made by Syntrax, 0g fat, 0g sugar, 100 cal, 24g PROTEIN, 60 mg sodium, 160mg potassium, 0g carb These taste like different flavors of kool-aid. yum yum.... web site: Main site: http://www.si03.com/ Location of product: http://www.si03.com/reg_index.htmhttp://www.si03.com/reg_index.htm, if you call the number on this page they will send you samples of each flavor for 13.00 for 13 flavors....some are to die for...I havent done it yet but some of their flavors you can mix and come up with other flavors. My goal here is to give you some knowledge on what delicious protein drinks are out there and to help you decide where to go next on your protein journey. Please feel free to add different recipes below that you may love...ie, my nurse love to mix the protein blitz with a scoop of her Protein Powder (orange flavored) so she has a 50g or higher protein drink! mmmmm I am excited to see what else every one has come up with on the journey being banded... Take care and have a wonderful day!
  19. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    I am so glad you are doing so well!!! I have lost 22 so far. How is the healing process going?
  20. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    Thank you to who responded to me. I thought it might be a natural healing process...just wanted to be sure. Never had a major surgery. On a different note, I saw this on tv today....I thought it was amazing and I know a lot of us are trying to tighten up our skin especially around our face....This looks amazing and had to share.. http://www.youthology.com/home.php Has any one tried this yet?
  21. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    I am kinda concerned about my incisions. although I know that they are healing extremely well, the area around the incisions are hard, if I push a little its like there are balls sitting under my skin. Is any one else having this? Is it going to stay hard after healing? Anything I can do stop this from happening? Thank you!
  22. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    Your awesome, around pizza and not tempted....amazing!!! YOU GO GIRL!!