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    love to make people laugh, contrary to my husband I think I'm a good singer, am a mother and step-mom. I was lucky to marry a wonderful husband 2 years ago. I'm ready to take this journey.
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  1. mags2u

    January Surgery Bandsters Group

    We have a few great re-sale shops too in the area. I have my 20th reunion coming up July 14th. I've never been more excited to go buy a sexy outfit. Well not too sexy, but maybe just a little!
  2. mags2u

    Gooooodbye To Sandra Dee!

    I was driving home the other day from an event (I own a photobooth company) and was listening to my Grease Soundtrack and Olivia sang it out ........."Sandy, you must start a new, don't you know what you must do". "Hold your head high, take a deep breath insiiiiiiiide"....."Goodbye to Sandraaaaa Deeee". I thought how fitting and think that will be my new montage. Although I've lost 59lbs, I'm still not to ONEDERLAND, I'm still living in TWOterville (and my hubby can attest to that in more ways than one!) When I got home and started uploading my pictures from the event, I flashed by this picture and realized it was me! I fully understand most people who see this picture would say I have a lot more to lose. Indeed I do, however sometimes I actually forget that I've lost almost SIXTY freakin pounds! That's a lot of double chins that are gone, let me tell ya. As with so many diets I've put myself through, I've always taken monthly pictures. I chose not to do that this time. My plastic surgeon yelled at me and said I should keep progress. Progress to me is looking six months from the time I had surgery and flashing by a picture and seeing, "wow, I'm really doing this!" I know I have a long road, but I can say with confidence, I look good!
  3. mags2u

    Is This True??

    I personally did not. I have had nothing but great love for my band so far. Even having a month of painful eating (stupid me for waiting to report to my dr. for a month AND I'm a nurse and should know better), needing to have 1/2cc taken out, I'm down 59lbs since January 10th. Theres up's and downs, both emotionally and on the scale, but even if all my hair would have fallen out I would do it again in a heart beat!
  4. mags2u

    January Surgery Bandsters Group

    Heeelllooo! Wow it's great to catch up on everyone's lives. I've been away too long! Glad to see everyone is still kicking butt at this! I'm down 59lbs since Jan. 10th. I had to get a 0.5cc "unfill" but then the next month she put in 0.25cc and I'm feeling pretty good. Before I got my unfil, I went an entire month hurting everytime I ate. My back has been reaaally bad lately which has kept me from exercising. It's very frustrating to have lost so much weight only to have my back still hurting. I know it will take time though. So glad everyone is doing well.
  5. mags2u

    January Surgery Bandsters Group

    Hey Girls! Long time no post! Haven't been on in a while. OMG Kymie- GREAT job on reaching >50lbs! So excited for you. I had only lost 2lbs up and down up and down in the last month and was having difficulty eating in respects to painful eating except for soft foods. I'm pissed at myself for waiting until my month follow up appt but I kept thinking, "oh maybe I'm not chewing enough. Oh maybe I'm eating too much". Note to self: If it hurts to eat, call your doctor! So needless to say I was at 4cc and she took out 0.5cc. AMAZING that I could immediately eat without pain! Welcome 126dee! Glad you are with us. I love having to buy new clothes too, but amen to Goodwill and clearance racks! N2animals- I too have issues with exercise. My NP just lovingly nudged me at my unfill to "get on it". We are our own worst critic, but I feel we have a sisterhood (and brotherhood) here that we can express our feelings. You know we are all here for eachother, even if you PM people. Stay on track, you are doing great! And regarding onederland........does that mean I'm in twoterland? My husband would say yes. badumdum!
  6. mags2u

    Any Nurses Here?

    Hello! I love that there are so many nurses out here making the committment to better our lives! I'm an RN in MO. I was banded 1/10/12 and have lost 48lbs as of today. Fortunately, I also am a surgery nurse, so I REALLY knew too much for my own good, but fortunately I knew my CRNA and she gave me a great cocktail of versed and made sure I was comfortable. Surgery was a breeze. Week after crappy,but its kind of like having children, you forget about the pain. I've had my 3rd fill (4cc total) and THINK I've hit the sweet spot. With each fill you hae to really adjust your attitude about food. Glad to be here on the thread!
  7. Congrats on your decision to change your life! I'm 3 months out and have lost 48lbs. I started at 316lb. My surgeon didn't require a pre-0p diet but I put myself on one anyway. I was 311lb going into surgery. Just remember, the band is a TOOL. You WILL be able to still eat things. Like the brownie I just had a little bit ago. The old me would have beat myself up about eating it, but now, after my 3rd fill (4cc total), I'm doing well with food choices and the portion I can eat. Do I treat myself everyonce in a while? YES! This has slowly become a lifestyle change for me which is what I needed help with to begin with. You will do fine. Just know you have to do the work. It won't do it for you. Funny, the cravings for me stopped when I started feeding my body the right things. Best of luck for you all! Keep us posted.
  8. mags2u

    January Surgery Bandsters Group

    Congrats! What an exciting thing to accomplish!
  9. mags2u

    Last Meal Syndrome

    Dulci- I am think I'm in the green zone after my last fill, but I too can eat for the most part what I used to eat. Just not the same amount. Great article Jean!
  10. mags2u


    I had BCBS of TX. I had to do 6months of pre=op medically managed weight loss. My surgeons office gives forms for you to take to the doctor for him to fill out and then they submit everything at the end for you. They also checked 5 year weight history. I had to do a psych eval, they did approve me on the first submit. I did not lose much in the 6months pre-submission. I would see if your surgeon has a patient advocate/liason that handles any of the insurance and ask questions. If they don't contact your insurance company and have them fax you the bariatric weight loss surgery requirements. Hope that helps.
  11. They say weight loss is much faster and they are seeing better results than band? But I do think it is newer.
  12. mags2u

    Newly Banded

    Heeeey! How are you feeling? Were you outpatient or overnight? I absolutely had a great experience there. Congrats. I thought you weren't having surgery until May? So excited for ya! Let me know how you are doing. !!!
  13. mags2u

    January Surgery Bandsters Group

    I'm in St. Louis. And are you ok? Proud of you for resisting the temptation to feed any emotions. I fed my stress with a diet dr. pepper the other day and thought I was going to die! Won't do THAT again.! Let me know if you need anything.
  14. mags2u

    Newly Banded

    Congrats to you all! @magalis- walk walk and more walking will help with the gas. it usually will resolve after 5 or so days, but until then gas-x strips help too. Hope you are all feeling well. Feel free to PM for anything. Best of luck!

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