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  1. So, in this wonderful adventure of pureed foods, I acquired some produce to make mashes: parsnips, turnips, cauliflower, red potatoes. Now, in Kuwait it is very challenging to keep fresh veggies from spoiling. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to doing my mashed parsnips and mashed cauliflower, both had begun to die slow, horrible deaths. I painstakingly salvaged what I could of the veg and commenced my juggling act of pots and emulsion mixer. Sadly, I ended up with far less mash than intended. This, however, is not the worst part. I finished the parsnips, put the cauliflower on to steam, and commenced to boiling the potatoes. I stepped away for a minute (not really a minute, but still) and by the time I returned to my pots both had begun to burn! I can see how I burned the steaming cauliflower - I don't have a steamer. But how did I burn a pot of boiling potatoes? Super skill. Again, I salvaged what I could and ended up with a small pot of mashed potatoes and about two cups of mashed cauliflower. My lemonade out of lemons. As it was time to feed myself (I'm still not hungry), I dished up a cup of mashed potatoes and added some sour cream. Now, since surgery I have been eating a cup of food every few hours to make sure that I am getting enough food into my body because my body is not sending me a signal that it needs food. This has been relatively successful. However, this time I ended up stopping after half a cup of food! I GOT FULL. On half a cup of mashed potatoes. The girl who used to have a couple of heaping serving spoonfuls of mashed potatoes (artfully sculpted into a scale model of Mt. Fuji with hidden butter magma inside which splooshed out upon squishing the volcano), was full on half a cup of unbuttered mashed potatoes! Amazing.
  2. meloney

    Is Anyone Else Getting Nervous?

    That Versed is awesome stuff! I didn't even have a chance to get nervous. I remember getting rolled to the OR, they had me scoot onto the operating table, then gave me the mask. I may have gotten through the Lord's Prayer, but I can't be sure. Next thing I know, they're waking me up and putting lovely heating pads on me. A little while later I was up in my room and I got to go home that night. I haven't been hungry since the surgery (5 Jan), but have been consciously drinking broth with Protein Powder, Water, and eating no sugar added frozen fruit bars and Jello. They gave me medicine to help get rid of the gas (very helpful), an antacid, a pain reliever, and an antibiotic - all liquids. I've been doing pretty well. I've got one more day off from work and then I think I'll be ready to return. I hope everything goes well for you with your upcoming surgeries!
  3. Wow! You are an inspiration! I hope I'm that successful at 6 months!
  4. meloney

    My New Best Friend

    I contemplated writing an entry for the day of surgery. I even started one, but as I read it back to myself I fell asleep. This may have been because I still had general anesthesia in my system (I did) or because it was really boring (it was). So, suffice it to say that surgery day went well. The only hitch in the system was that the nurses attacked my fingernails and toenails to remove my brand new manipedi. The anesthesiologist said clear polish was fine! C'est la vie. I went in at 8:30, came out at 10:45ish, and was discharged just after 10 that night. And glad to be going home. With an absolutely giant bouquet of flowers that my lovely friend C - a bandster - got for me. It's a beautiful bouquet with lilies and roses and orchids and tulips. But it is ridiculously big. Like altar piece big. I swear, the florists in this country are all designing bouquets for weddings and funerals. I've never seen such large bouquets of flowers. My poor friend P looked so funny carrying it into my flat; it's bigger than he is! But C was so wonderful to think of me so I don't want to sound unappreciative. As I'm sure you have surmised, the cold wasn't a cold - and a good thing, too! I can't imagine what I'd be coughing up in addition to the I've had a tube down my throat ublech. My new best friend and I are getting along nicely. All day yesterday I felt like I had been sucker punched in my gut, but today I am good. I only have incision site pain when I try to get up from whatever position I was in, so I wrap my arms around myself and that helps. I have a gap-toothed smiling cyclops of bandages on my torso and, as predicted, the one for the port is the most noticeable with regard to pain. And I'm not hungry. I wasn't hungry yesterday after the surgery and I'm not hungry today. I'm still eating a bit of broth here and there and pushing water to try to get my minimum 2 liters in. But I'm not hungry. And this I find amazing. We're talking about the girl who has been ravenous her whole life. Who would turn into an absolute B because of hypoglycemia. Who would have double and triple helpings to be sated. And I'm not hungry. Astounding.

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