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  1. Happy 50th Birthday PattyGirl66!

  2. PattyGirl66

    65lbs lost :) - Progress Pics

    You look fantastic!! Keep up the good work!
  3. PattyGirl66

    Courage to not feel embarrassed I failed.

    Hey Juan, Listen, you already know what you have to do, besides who am I to judge anyone! You said it best, "get back on track". You know the first start is to make an appt. with your bariatric surgeon and let him/her truthfully know what is going on. They are there to 'help' you. The beauty of the band is that it is always there to 'help', but you have to do your part. You are going to be on the right path soon, just don't give up....
  4. slowwwwly she rolls...

  5. PattyGirl66

    Lost Over 100 Lbs in....

    Dee, I barely reconized you! omg you are a skinny minnie!!! congratulations on your weight loss journey! Thank you so much for always being here for me (hugs)
  6. PattyGirl66

    Lost Over 100 Lbs in....

    omg, I am rolling here- this group is my all time favorite!!!! (hugs)
  7. PattyGirl66

    March Challenge-Lucky to be Losing!

    omg, I think half of us on here are going through the same thing... any day now for me,I reckon my weight is going to be on stand still for awhile, LOL
  8. PattyGirl66

    March Challenge-Lucky to be Losing!

    You are kicking azz! so proud of ya!!!
  9. Less than 8 Months! I am over the moon excited! It is so hard to comprehend that in less than a year I have made it this far, even though I have so much more to lose, it is a sure sign I am going to get there no matter how long it takes! Okay, How I did this you may wonder? I do what works for me! I track my food daily (no matter what), eating no more than a cup of food per meal and exercising. I am a firm believer in and have been on this thread about 'doing what works for you'. Finding a solution through trial and error is the way we learn, from mistakes. That is pretty much how it functions in the 'real' world. Many bandsters may disagree because they think 'their' way is the 'right' way! I make it a huge effort to not just to lose this weight, but to keep myself healthy while doing so. When I realize something is not working, or I just don't feel right I look back on my tracker of what am I eating and research on how I can improve things. Example: I noticed I haven't been eating my vegtables and fruits like I use to. So, I purchased the new Nutribullet and every morning I get a full dose of my veggies/fruits with my Protein. I not only feel good, but I feel good knowing that I am improving the benefits of my health by eating these healthy nutrients. I also added flaxseed ground meal to my shakes every morning as well. You see because this is what works for me! Don't compare yourself to others, and when you have a set back remember that you are only human. Don't beat yourself up, instead pick yourself up and get back on track. I believe with the right mindset you have the ability to accomplish anything! Lastly, thanks to my peers on here who continue to support and motivate me. You all have been a tremendous part throughout this journey from the beginning. To my best friend Missy (Mis73), I love you girlfriend you are my rock and my hero! Pictures soon to follow...
  10. PattyGirl66

    March Challenge-Lucky to be Losing!

    <-- Checking in at 265 - down -3 drum roll ========== I finally hit the -100 lb WHOOOO HOOOOOO
  11. PattyGirl66

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to our second home!! Keep us posted on your progress
  12. PattyGirl66

    bye bye to the old me...

    You are going to do just great!!!!! Congrats!
  13. PattyGirl66

    Starting to panic!

    I know many many of us can relate to this. I had the same fears as you, and still do. That will probably never go away. Now, I can only speak for myself regarding restriction with my band. I have never had a fill and I guess you can say I am in what everyone calls the 'green zone', for now. I am going to be honest to say that I still have cravings, and sometimes want to shovel things in my mouth. I just don't. Knowing I have this band around my stomache, for me puts things into perspective. I simply don't want to hurt myself, my band, and most importantly my health. These things 'steer' me in the right direction so that I can be successful. Like any wls you will always have to watch what you eat so that you don't gain back the weight, it will always be work and effort, you have to help the 'tool' in order to make this happen, and it will....
  14. It took everything in me not to buy a bag of candy today, for that I am proud of myself...