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  1. I have been staying around 800 - 1000 calories, 100g carbs, 22-35g fat, 100g Protein, 30-60g sugars and about 150g cholesterol, and at least 80-90 oz of Water or tea. I still average about 10 to 25lbs weights loss and about 7 to 10 inches a month.

    I have set these goals up in myfitnesspal.com in order to keep track of them, and I can use it on my phone when out.

  2. My doctor told me to cut back on smoking if I wanted the sleeve, he also said that if I was having the bypass I would have to quit smoking all together. When you smoke you end up coughing a lot after surgery that is one of the reasons they want you to quit and there are other problems it causes but don't know what they are. I would ask him about it again let him know how much and how long you have been smoking ask him about cutting back and not quitting, ask him why he wants you to quit, and what the complications are of smoking.

    Each doctor is different and has their own way of doing things, I was very lucky mine was ok with me cutting back I went from a pack a day to half a pack a day before surgery.

    After surgery I did have some coughing but the long walks to and from the smoking area helped lol.

  3. The sleeve surgery is a LIFE change. Unlike the other surgeries this one can Not be undone sorry to be so direct.

    Remember why you want the surgery in the first place, are you looking for a quick fix or are you looking to be healthier.

    The portions start out at 1/2 oz or less and by the time you are healed (5-6 weeks) you will be eating 4 to 5 oz.

    Keep researching, Best wishes to you and on your surgery.

  4. I chose the sleeve due to the failure rates of the others. I have seen to many people fail with the lap band and the bypass and that was not an option I wanted. I felt with the sleeve I could make my weight lose and not have to many worries. I have failed at losing weight all my life and this time I didn't want to.

    I was sleeved in December of 2011 and have not regretted it. The weight is coming off slow but it gives my body time to adjust to the changes. I LOVE my sleeve.

    I eat 4 to 5.5 oz of food at each meal, depending on what it is, and I don't have to worry about sugars (dumping). I can eat what ever I want as long as it agrees with my new stomach, LOL.

    I wish you all the best in your choice, if you are having doubts about your doctor check out a different doctor ask a ton of questions leave no stone unturned it's your health.

  5. Your body could be adjusting to the loss, it needs time to reshape and settle down before it starts the losing again. I have gone through a few stalls the last one was the longest ever but when it was all over I had dropped 2 sizes. That is why I don't just weight every week I measure and keep track of it (my clothes fit different before I change sizes also).

    We have put our bodies through so much over the years and now we had surgery and have taken away more than half of our stomachs it requires time for healing and adjusting to everything.

    If you feel you are doing everything you can then don't stress about it (stress can make you gain) it will come off it has nothing else to do this early after surgery. We all have had stalls and some (like me) freaked the first time it happened.

    Keep up the good work and smile you are doing good.

  6. I am not a DOCTOR by any means, but I can tell you that losing weight can bring it on. My sister didn't have a period for 3 years due to her weight (300+ pounds) and when she dropped 29 lbs she started all over again. I made her go to her GYN. She explained to him that it was brown and filled with clots, he explained to her that because she hadn't had one in so long it was all the old blood and it should be normal color by next period (which it was). He also recommended that she ****** after that period was over.

    I personally feel that if you are concerned about it make an appointment with a GYN just to insure nothing is going on. Better safe than sorry.

  7. I can only tell you my side of the story, I LOVE MY SLEEVE. At first you drink only liquids and then about 3 weeks later you start on mushy foods and about 6 weeks out you can eat solid foods. Each doctor is different and so these may change a bit. I can eat anything I want as long as it's only 4 oz total weight on the plate, and drink everything except soda (due to the bubbles and the gas it causes).

    I recommend you read and talk with as many people on this site as possible we all have different stories some good some bad.

    Also read about your doctor the pro's and con's of the surgery on different sites as well. Better to have to much information then not enough.

    I wish you the very best in your choice, as I stated "I love my sleeve" and only wish I would have had it so much sooner. I have not had any problems with the sleeve or the surgery.

  8. I threw all my old clothes away thinking I would never see that size again, boy was that a mistake. I am now back down to size 20's and XL (from 5XXXL and 28's and 32's) and nothing to wear. It so bites to think of all those clothes gone, but lov'in the new size.

    You will be able to get in them again, it will happen soon.

    Styles change every 10 years so you are right on track. :D

  9. Stalls are apart of my journey to be healthy, I look at them a little different now then I did that FIRST STALL, I freaked the first time thinking I had lost all I was going to and omg what had I done to myself. Amazingly when the stall broke and the scale moved I had lost several inches and several pounds, I was so thankful for my sleeve and relieved.

    I look at the stalls as a time for my body to catch up with the weight loss. Our bodies need time to readjust, change shape, and rest from all the changes we are put them through.

    Everyone is different and their bodies react differently to the changes. We have put these bodies through the ringer, pre op diets, surgery and then not feeding them the way they were use to, they need time to catch up.

    Surgery is a big part of it, the body needs time to heal. I didn't think it was that big of a deal because the outside didn't look that bad, 5 little scars didn't seem like much but when you look at what they did inside and how much of the stomach they took out, it is a BIG thing.

    Remember we didn't get this way over night and we won't lose it overnight either. I know that I have chosen the best way for me to over come the weight and be healthier then ever before and with everything in our lives there comes a time for readjustment and the body is no different.

    I weight and measure once a week (Tuesday) and have found that if the scale isn't moving the tape measure is. It's not just about the weight it is also the inches.

    Keep up the awesome work the scale will move.

  10. Your body is changing by leaps and bounds right now and needs time to adjust. I have noticed that during my stalls I lose inches and my body shape changes. I have a few stalls and the FIRST ONE freaked me out.

    You will get there to onederland! It is a process your body is going through right now. Your body is taking a break from the hard work it's done shedding those unwanted pounds. You are doing great and have lost a lot of weight. Maybe you can switch up your exercise routine, eat more then eat less. Your body is accustomed to your habits of eating right now, so fool it buy switching it up. You can do this! Great job with 62 lbs. ;)

    You will get to the onederland keep your chin up it will happen. Switching things up helps alot like dorrie said.

    You have done awesome, keep up the great work. :D

  11. As you heal you will feel better, the first few weeks are hard but you can get through them, we are all here for you.

    As for feel like me (you again), I hope never to feel like the old me ever again, hungry all the time, looking for my next meal or snack, never being full. I like the new me healthy, happy, and getting skinny with every day. Out with the old me and in with the new me.

    This journey you chose to take is not a walk in the park it is a life change and well worth it. Remember we are here and have all been through similar things, I love the people on here and couldn't have made it this far without them in my corner.

    I am sending you a ton of positive thoughts and a bunch of hugs. Day by day Step by step with Jesus in my prayer today.

    Welcome to the loser's lounge

  12. We all lose at different rates depending on what you are doing (biking,running,walking,sitting and so on). I was sleeved December 12, 2011 so far I have lost about 78lbs, averaging about 8-10lbs a week, but the last 3 weeks have been very slow if at all (1-3lbs a week) but I was unable to get to the gym during that time and eating bad choices (vending machine food and take out) as I was on the go. There are many things that will effect the amount you lose as I have expressed.

    You are doing awesome congrats on the 50lbs :) . Welcome to the group and keep up the losing.

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