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  1. Happy Birthday MellioM!

  2. Hey all. I am coming up on my 2 year bandiversary this December. I went from 283 to my current 176. My goal is 150 so I still have a good deal to lose but I am looking into getting breast implants for next summer. In losing weight I went from a full D cup to barely a B (probably an A but I can't make myself put an A on, my B bras have room). I want to cry whenever I look down. It's like I have wrinkly deflated balloons where breasts should be. They lay as flat as a pancake and I have to lift them and stuff the wrinkly skin into my bra. I'm just so unhappy with them. Is it something I should go for now? Should I wait until I'm ready for a tumny tuck (which I will need thanks to the flapping skin folds that sound like I'm getting spanked when I do my tuck jumps)?
  3. I had to wait to be cleared for abdominal exercise too. One thing I found with the pulling feeling from bouncing around was wearing a compression top really helped. I had to wear one often in the beginning. My nurse actually recommended it because my pet area kept hurting from all of the tugging from hard workouts. Don't give up. It's still early in the game. You'll find what will work for you.
  4. MellioM

    The Lap Band Didn't Work For Me.....

    I love my band because it helps me to work on my goals. I did a years worth of research before getting banded. Now, 18 months post surgery I'm completely happy with my choice. I work hard and the results show. I have two friends that were banded around the same time as me. Neither of them exercises. Both lost some weight but neither has had the dramatic results I have. The band is a tool to help us become healthy. We still have to do the work. We have to eat right and exercise.
  5. MellioM

    Major Fitness Victory

    I modified Hal Higgdons 12 week half marathon training program. There are many out there. Before the half I had done about 6 5K races.
  6. MellioM

    Major Fitness Victory

    Thanks. I'm still riding this high. I started insanity because I need a new challenge.
  7. MellioM

    I hate mornings

    I only ever have a shake for breakfast. Unfortunately I've also been getting stuck on those in the morning lately. Not fun. I'm not thinking I'm too tight only because the rest of the day I'm great. I had a hot cup of mint tea this morning and that seemed to help make it less tight.
  8. MellioM

    I hate mornings

    I'm so sick of getting stuck on anything I attempt in the morning. The rest of the day is fine but mornings are impossible.
  9. MellioM

    Major Fitness Victory

    Thank you!! Here's my finish line photo. [ATTACH]26264[/ATTACH]
  10. MellioM

    Major Fitness Victory

    I completed my first half marathon this weekend! I ran it in 2hrs 42mins and if you experienced that wind and saw those hills you'd be impressed. I impressed myself. It's been one amazing victory after another. I love getting fitter and healthier. Wouldn't change my band for anything.
  11. I did a C25K a year ago. I have my first half marathon in 2 weeks!!! The app was C25K and free on phone and ipod.
  12. MellioM

    Looking for a workout buddy NY area

    You in NYC or somewhere else in NY?
  13. MellioM

    work out videos

    I haven't tried any free ones but I love p90x.