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    A couple days ago I told my mom and two aunts about my decision to have the WLS.
    My one aunt is ok with the idea, but pushing me to the band (I don't want that) because she thinks it's "safer". I have not heard from the other aunt, but I'm guessing she is against it. My mom, on the other hand, has shot down the idea hard and wants to know why I want to "risk my life" for this drastic procedure, and that I don't need it if I only "put good food in my mouth".... THAT, coming from a wheelchair bound 400+ pound woman who has been obese most of her life, struggling with compulsive eating disorders herself. In fact, all the women on my mom's side have been heavy, riding the non-stop diet wheel most of their lives.
    I have people who depend on me, I refuse to be in a wheelchair myself by the time I'm 50, I want to be comfortable again and gain quality of life back for as long as I have left on this earth. I've tried hard my whole life to keep the weight off, it goes then comes right back again. I'm trying hard now and it just doesn't work anymore. The most discouraging thing is that I'm eating way better and around half the volume of what I was over a month ago and I haven't lost a freaking ounce.
    For the first time since I've started pursuing this surgery I have an inkling of doubt about it. Will this even work for me, is what I think. I should have never mentioned anything to anyone.
    I'm hoping my fellow Buffalonians here who have gone through with it already can give me a little push back in the right direction... ugh
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    VSGMdW reacted to QueenCityGal in Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?   
    Hey guys, ok today I'm extremely bored here at work (trying to keep my mind off of "what's for dinner?!"), and I'm kind of a computer nerd so I was messing around looking at the group feature settings... I made a new "group" on here just for the Buffalo/WNY folks. I was testing it out to see how it worked, and was going to delete it but now it won't let me delete it until there are other members
    I like to keep my FB separate from anything else I have going on, so maybe this group feature here would be a good way to be a "group" instead of replying to just one long thread (like here), yes? And you wouldn't have to leave this site.
    I made it public, so I guess anyone can join without an invite. Click here and join the group if you like, and if anyone wants to moderate or own it just let me know and I can change settings. It could be pretty cool.

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