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    you have made such a smart choice! It is hard for the little ones to "get it"! Even my 7 year old grand daughter can't grasp or understand the whole weight loss thing. I just had my surgery in June of last year, and she saw me on an almost daily basis before and after my surgery, doesn't comprehend or understand the whole thing.
    When I make a comment to her mother about how much I have lost, she will say "did you lose weight Grandma? You look the same to me." I am now smaller than her mother (who weighs a normal weight for 5'3") and she still doesn't understand that I used to weight twice as much as her mother. It is just so hard for the younger ones to grasp any of it.
    But take heart in the fact that you are on the road to being healthier, and willl still be around to love your daughter when she is an adult. Something that she can not appreciate right now, but surely will when she grows up! My two daughters tell me all the time how happy they are with my weight loss, as they know I will be around a lot longer to bug them, be there for them, etc. now that I am healthier and slimmer!

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