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  1. Thank you so much for your feedback . It was very encouraging and helpful. I am going to take your advise and drink lots of Water today !!!!!! and eat healthy good for me snacks!!!
  2. THank you !!! I guess I just have to get back on track and really not forget to drink alllll of my Water . I definetly was lacking in that department . I always have a 0 calorie drink with me but i am not finishing them and not consuming 64 oz or more !!!!!! I just had some swansons chicken salad in a can and it was really good i will be buying more of them in the future . Filling and i know i got some Protein and i have the other half a can for later!!!
  3. tmela28

    Two months out with PICS

    First off you look amazing and Congratz!!!!!! Whats your trick , i am two months out and i feel like i hit a wall. ???? Can u explain a day in the life of you lol. Like what you eat and stuff and do -you exercise ?
  4. So I had surgery on june 28 and i was losing great I lost about 50 lbs and nowww i feel like I went up a few lbs and I am at a stand still . This is getting me down and im feeling like i should have gotten a bypass. But all of you on this site have done so well I feel like i must be doing something wrong. I wish my dr would have given me some kind of diet to follow!!!! Now i am also not excersizing much which i know i need to start . I have been really busy trying to find a job and once i get one I will be able to join a gym , so for now i am just using a stepper. The other thing is its hard for me to always have meat on hand in between meals so , what does everyone snack on ?????? And I have to drink more Water . I also eat a little bit of salad and veggies is that bad ????? I just need some help on how to kick start this weight loss again. Another thing is i had switched to pre natal Vitamins bc i thought it was better then the gummies and i get sick on the others but i am going to go back to gummies and take additional D which i was low in . If anyone could help i would really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!
  5. hey sorry i was told as well to stay away from corn and peas! I made a list of all the veggies and fruit that were high in carbs. It really helps you may wanna try that.
  6. Heheh this is fun ! At my first doctors visit I was 305 Surgery date was June 28th 2010 and I was 295 And now Almost 6 weeks out I am 268 !!!!! My question is when did everyone look in the mirror and go wow who is that!!! I have lost almost 40 pounds and thats a nice chunk , i just dont know where I am really losing it. I really want my face to look less round. I am happy that my pre pregnancy jeans allllmossst fit but i cant see a big difference yet lol prob cuz i have 100 more pounds to go!!! But i am very excited to keep on this track. Do u guys feel that 40 pounds for this amount of time is normal ???? or is it less or more then average person ??? sorry im just not sure what the average person loses.
  7. This may sound crazy but im 5 weeks post op and when i try to eat something I get really hot. Has anyone else experinced this?
  8. tmela28


    Hey let me know if you get the message I sent you bc that post was just taken the wrong way and in no way shape or form would I want to hurt your feelings. !!!!!! Its like texting you never know the tone someone is talking in or in this case the other persons personality
  9. tmela28


    Im going to be the one to tell you what you dont want to hear lol, but I am a month post op and i havent experienced allll the wonderful outcomes people talk about. And im doing fine and i know im only a month out but im just saying its not as easy as it seems . These people who lost this weight who look fab work there BUTTTTSSS off to look like that and get that way . It is certainly not the easy way out. Maybe just try a high Protein and low carb diet . Pretend its your pre op and just see your results . Maybe you will shock yourself and lose the weight, Believe me i know your thinking shut up you already have it your lucky . But Just think how you are actually a little more lucky then all of us who had it that your not as big as some of us ya know. Try to record everything you eat , you can even try liquid Breakfast and lunch and high protein for dinner . And thennnn if it doesnt work bring alll of your records to your dr and explain to him how much you tried and there has to be something they can do . Did u have a psych evalutation. I had to have a psych evaluation , I had to make a diet plan history and my doc had to get 3 years prior history and my surgeons office had to send allll of the stuff to my insurance, I had oxford but was also biggger then you. Im not trying to be a jerk lol bc i had one friend who was like did u even try dieting blah blah blah or getting a personal trainer and i am thinking umm yea duhhhhh you stupid skinny idiot. Skinny people just dont understand, Me being not a skinny person am just saying to you donttttt try to gain weight ( you can try the weights lol) but try to psyche yourself out and pretend it pre op and do the high protein low carb !!!! I hope this made sense and i didnt come off harsh.
  10. tmela28

    So doc said I've got a hernia...

    my gastro doc found my hernia that I got after my pregnancy . So my surgeon took care of it when i got sleeved!! I didnt even know i had one.
  11. tmela28

    Looking for a buddy

    Hey im 4 weeks out always looking for a buddy hehe ! Im from new york where are you from???
  12. tmela28

    Nearly 11 Mos Post Op - With Photos

    You look amazing !!!! what kind of work out did you do ???? and your arms are even small wow amazing did u have reconstructive surgery??????? and how long after surgery did u start working out????
  13. tmela28

    Only a 1 day pre-op diet???

    I was on pre op diet for 2 weeks and had to buy this drink called Optifast . It was a requirement to shrink the liver. But hearing all of these post im wondering did i really have to spend almost 200.00 on drinks?????? reallly annoying!!! did other people have to buy it ???????
  14. Hey everyone so im 4 weeks out and my sleeve was having issues with ricotta , yogurt , and some turkey deli meat. If its juicy it was ok but the deli gave us pretty dry kind. I also have an issue with the Protein shakes and I was not consuming as much as I was supposed to . According to my doc i can try ricotta, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheeses ,beans and tofu at this point. So I didnt have a chance to go to store so I ordered tofu from the chinese place and let me tell you it went down great. Tasted delicious and I actually feel like I got some protein in. I just thought I would share with everyone since my sleeve was being a little tempramental . And for those of you who dont know if you like tofu it really just tastes like whatever sauce you put on it . Oh and weird bc i never liked cool whip but I tried fat free cool whip kept it in the freezer and a little teaspoon is a yummmmo treat and does not bother my sleeve.
  15. tmela28

    Cheese Crisps

    Those sound great when were you able to have them .? Im 4 weeks out.

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