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  1. Imanurse

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I'm in! SW- 227 GW- 210
  2. Imanurse

    on my way and nervous!

    Good luck to you both!
  3. My first Easter post op too 4/14 was surgery , my NUT told me I could have mashed potatoes though, so I had a teaspoon of it had my protein shake before everyone else ate - no one questioned me!
  4. Imanurse

    Surgery was April 14.

    Sleeved on the 14 too, take it easy, listen to your body and don't do too much.
  5. Imanurse

    Soda After Sleeve?

    I too was told no soda, I stopped 3 years ago and haven't missed it one bit.
  6. Imanurse

    3 weeks out

    Oh no, going to the counselor was a great start. Don't stop! Have you been to see your doc post op? Yes those are sutures- suppose to be dissolvable sutures but sometime they get missed and need to be clipped. I've had the same thing. Don't get down on yourself, chin up your doing great
  7. Imanurse

    Pre op question

    Once all your appts have been met and you have been cleared and have to ok from insurance from 3 month monitoring your surgeons office will contact you to schedule surgery. I would say about a month after your last appt. give or take
  8. Good luck to all us sleevers for the 14th and this week!!! Started to get anxious about tomorrow morning, have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am EST. Surgery scheduled for 7:30. I'm so ready for the next stage, and the weight loss to start.
  9. Imanurse

    Mouth problems?

    I was told to expect it. And use listerine breath strips.
  10. Imanurse

    Lap band to Gastric Sleeve

    Good luck!I'm a band to sleeve too, surgery is Monday the 14th! Super excited, the pre-op diet this time around seems harder! I'm on day 3 and my headaches are finally starting to go away!
  11. Imanurse

    Home from Hospital

    Congrats and hope you're feeling better soon!
  12. Imanurse

    pre-op and starving!

    I'm on day 3, finally no hungar pains or hunger headaches - it does get better! I'm still sluggish, but bending the corner.
  13. Mine is one week of "liquid" diet, - that's how it's written on my paperwork, 3 shakes per day, 3oz meat and 2cups veggies with some sugar free jello in between and LOTS of water
  14. I love gold standard optimum nutrition chocolate- mixes well, taste great and 24g protein