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  1. How ya doin'? WHere've ya been??

  2. yecats

    Am I Screwed!?

    I hardly told anyone, my husband and my sister . NO ONE else , not even my grown kids. Best decision I ever made. You will be fine. I did leave a letter behind to my family in the event something bad happened so my husband would not get the wrath of everyone I did not tell. You will be fine. I would say do not take the chance and lift heavy things for the time stated by your surgeon. Everyone is different but you could cause a leak. Best to you.
  3. yecats

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Welllll........ I am a day late and 2lbs up. I have issues. Blame it on the Bridal shower, ladies tea luncheon and another get together. My son is getting married in less than two weeks and we've been intertaining and just having one festivity after another. I am miserable with myself!!!! I refuse to go down with out a fight.... back to basics for me also!!! SW 04/09 189 04/16 184 04/23 182 04/30 180 05/07 181 05/14 177 05/21 179 (wieghed a day late) Goal 174 by Memorial Day
  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Tell Trish that Stacey said hi from Florida. You are in good hands. She is the BEST!!!!
  5. yecats

    I Need Prayers

  6. yecats

    Changing My Name To ... Plateau Patty, Grrrr

    You are not alone sweet girl. I go up and down also. I snuck a cookie and never wrote about it (if no one sees it but me, it did not happen lol, out of sight out of mind. I read way more than I post. I read yours just do not post .... sorry. You deserve a pity party after all you have been through. I have balloons you supply the pretend cake. It is all going to work out, you are going to look back one day exactly why you had to go through all of this. I will pray for you and will continue to also. I promise! I pray your appitite subsides. You have to get those bad carbs out of your system for a few days in order for the appeitite to not be so strong. You can do it. You must be stronger than you realize , think of all the things you been through and your still here concerned, not jumping over the cliff at Dairy Queen. Take it easy on yourself, your doing good. Remember this, it is not a race..... it is one day at a time, everyday. We all have bad days eating the wrong things. It's funny, I had not posted a topic in a few weeks and just got done posting one, asking others how good they were about what they eat. See... we all struggle, that why we had to have surgery. You are right where you are suppose to be. ((((big hug lady)))
  7. How are you about eating healthy all the time? Do you always measure, track, eat protien first? I am down 1/2 the weight I have wanted to lose in 4 months, so I am happy but not as deligent as I want or should be. I am by no means perfect and think I could do better. I have no problems eating any food, though I do not eat everything either. I stay away from anything white for the most part. How many of you (post sleeve) eat what you want (basically) and still loose? Not how much you consume, but whatever you want? I wonder how normal it is to fluctuate weight. I am up and down a lb through out the week, not always down. I weight myself at the same time, naked on an empty stomach, when I wake, once a day. Do you exercise? I walk anywhere from 3-6 miles a day 6 days a week. Could you tell how far out you are from surgery also . Thank you.
  8. I believe so.... but the key words in your statement is No lifting or tugging and really take it easy.
  9. yecats

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Goal 15lbs, goal of 174 by Memorial Day. 04/09 189 lbs 04/16 184 lbs - (5) 04/23 182 lbs -(2) 04/30 180 lbs -(2) 05/07 181 lbs +(1) 05/14 177 lbs -(4) yeahhhhh!
  10. yecats

    I Have To Follow Thru This Time!

    Maybe that is why the other times did not work out for it wasn't the right surgery. I gaurentee your going to love your sleeve. Congrats and follow through!
  11. I was sleeved by Dr. Kelly also. I recovered easily and have had sero issues. I am down 51 lbs in 3 months, counting pre diet, have 40+ to go. I went from a 22 to a 14 and still going down. Very excited about the future.!!!!!
  12. yecats


    I am 3 months out yes yes yes yes God Bless!!!
  13. It sounds like you are doing well. If you are vomiting though you might not be ready yet for solids or try chewing, chewing, chewing reallllllllly slow. Congrats on the weight loss, doing well!!!
  14. yecats

    I Need Prayers

    Praying for a positive outcome. Keep your spirits up, it will all work out.
  15. yecats

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    04/09 189 (starting weight for challange) 04/16 184 04/23 182 04/30 180 05/07 181 (up 1 lb. this week bummer!)