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  1. I absolutely love cheese......now more than ever! I'm beginning to discover different types and enjoying the adventure. String cheese (mozarella and cheddar swirl) is my fav go to snack. I also eat the BabyBel brand. I do my best to get Protein from food rather than the drinks.
  2. For Goodness Sake!!!! EAT NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!! FIND AS MUCH JUNK/COMFORT food AS YOU CAN AND SINK INTO THEM!!! JUST KIDDING!!! I applaud you for making the choice to live better rather than relying on the magic sleeve. I would suggest that you start trying different Protein liquids AND foods. I prefer to get my protein from food because I couldn't find a Protein Drink that I could tolerate longer than two weeks. Take the time to practice recipes so that you will be familiar with a wide variety of protein rich foods.
  3. I did fine as well. Imagine the amount of liquids you'll be able to digest once the swelling goes down :biggrin: I felt normal after day three. Happy sleeving!
  4. Afro_Cyster

    Recent Dr. Kelly Patients

    Although I used Trish (LOVED HER!!), I'd like to back this statement. However, if Trish didn't contract with him I would have found another route to get to him.
  5. I haven't been on Ebay for clothes in a while. You have renewed my interest.
  6. Other than put more into work, I still eat. Eating slowly and concentrating on staying hydrating takes about just as much time as it used to. It's just that I eat healthier and in a smaller volume. All of the other things I do now is just changing one habit into another. For example, instead of being a couch potatoe, I go shopping or visit friends and relatives. LOL.....sorry, but not much in my life has changed.
  7. 1. I needed surgery 2. My insurance wouldn't cover it 3. Found a good doctor that was cheap 4. I'm cheap
  8. Afro_Cyster

    Ignorance Is Not Bliss

    Best wishes!
  9. Afro_Cyster

    Failed Almanza Sleeve

    Just curious. What is your current weight and your goal weight?
  10. Afro_Cyster

    Caffeine And Sugar Withdrawals

    My opinion.....quit now. You don't need the extra distraction that any possible issues may create. Finals are a stressful time. The fact that you'll already be on a restrictive diet PLUS sugar and caffeine cravings will make studying difficult. Remember, we don't have to wait for surgery to begin a healthy lifestyle.
  11. Afro_Cyster

    Omg I Love Getting Checked Out.

    A real confidence booster eh. You deserve it!
  12. Afro_Cyster

    Did My Sleeve On 22Nd December 2011

    Simple answer....ask your doctor. Our post-op diets vary widely. Also, I'd like to echo some of the other posters in that we shouldn't go back to our old comfort foods. Try modifying some foods like pizza. There are recipes on this site when you are at the stage to enjoy them.
  13. Try some sugar free popsicles. It'll give your hands and mouth something to do.
  14. Afro_Cyster

    Wow I Feel Good

    Ditto! And welcome to the loser's bench!
  15. Afro_Cyster

    Self Worth

    I definitely know what you are talking about. Some of my depression was linked to PCOS and it hit me hard when I was in college. I barely wanted to get out of the bed and face the world. I'd go to school then come home and hide. When I hit my breaking point, it was my mom that saved me. I did my share of crying, then I worked out of it. Every once in a while I feel depression trying to sneak back in. On those days, I do something nice for myself (which I never do). It always perks me up.
  16. Afro_Cyster

    Sleeve Scar Tissue

    Mine took a week. It started to raise after three weeks. :-(
  17. Afro_Cyster

    Vsg, Weight Loss And Pcos

    I have an appt on the 17th and hoping they'll say that my little pearls are disappearing. I doubt they will though. I've been on my cycle for the last two months :-(
  18. Afro_Cyster

    Cosmetic Dentistry In Mexico

    Wow.....I should have thought of that. Best wishes! I think Trish contracts with cosmetic doctors, she may have a recommendation.
  19. Afro_Cyster

    The Bariatric "food" Card

    http://www.obesityhelp.com/magazine/RestaurantCard.html I did a google search.
  20. Afro_Cyster

    Half Marathon Training - Track Day #1

    Super! I love to run. At this point, I'm so out of it that I can barely jog. However, I warmed up my treadmill and hope to be in a race after a year of training.
  21. Afro_Cyster

    100 Pounds Lost As Of Today!

  22. I went back to work after one week full of energy. My only issue was remembering to drink/eat. I had to put myself on a timer.
  23. Afro_Cyster

    Telling Kids? (Teacher)

    Tell them that you are trying to get healthier so that they can have a good role model. I'm not sure what you teach, but you can also involve them in your new healthy eating habits. Include them in your new life change without giving them specifics.

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