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  1. LOL @ the circle. Yes, they will run you over and not stop to help so be careful. Ask Trish or Dr. Kelly for a ride whenever you are ready to venture out. I also enjoyed my stay at the Lucerna. I felt comfortable and safe. There are out of uniform guards around the premises. And I can't say enough about my experience with Trish and Dr. Kelly. I am glad that you and your sister faired well. Best wishes.
  2. Afro_Cyster

    I Have A Cold

    I am about 3 months post-op and have developed a cold. It's more of a cough with a small amount of phlegm. Can I take regular cold medicine? Is there something in particular that I should avoid? I think I remember someone saying that we shouldn't take aspirin?
  3. Afro_Cyster

    I Have A Cold

    Thanks.....someone also told me that it was ibuprophen that I shouldn't take.
  4. Afro_Cyster

    I Have A Cold

  5. Afro_Cyster

    Hard Day!

    Yes, it will pass. Are you doing liquid only?
  6. We were sleeved on the same day and I hit that rock last week. The main reason I continue to come to this board is because there are women and men here that understand my frustrations. Their encouragement helps me through my rough times. I know life can be a bastard sometimes, but it's our duty to prove that SOB wrong. We didn't come into this easy and we aren't getting out of it easy either. Keep trying. Even if you passed up a cookie earlier in the day to break down and eat one at night. It's still one less cookie. Keep trying. Even if you weren't motivated to go on a walk today, you may be up to it tomorrow. Keep trying.
  7. Afro_Cyster

    Lapband To Sleeve Is It As Good As Everyone Says?

    As a sleeve only patient, may I ask why you are waiting later in the year to have the sleeve revision done? I personally would be concerned with the amount of scarring that would be involved (not to mention the pain of being cut on three times instead of two).
  8. Afro_Cyster

    Damn Was I Really That Big?

    I'm only 50 down from my highest "recorded" weight. I dropped two pants sizes. I decided to give away all of my clothes because I have no intention to ever be that size again. My family is pretty good about passing old and new clothes around for the ladies to share. I say share because at one point or another, we'd all fluxuate in size. Anyway, I gave all my clothes to this one particular member because she gained alot of weight in a short period and was left with little to no clothes. As her mom was sorting the clothes to be hung, I was astounded to see how huge they were. Was I really that big? Why didn't anyone say anything? Why didn't anyone try to help me? Why was I the last to know? I have always been well accepted. Wasn't teased in high school nor college, but I did understand that in dating, the top priority went to the smaller ladies.
  9. Afro_Cyster

    Tuna Melt On Wasa

    Sounds delicious!
  10. Afro_Cyster

    Noob - Gastric Sleeve Option

    I get a small, under-the-breath burp, when I near my limit. That is my signal to stop eating. It does not hurt at all. No one even notices. I have had an experience where I ate past my warning and belched until all the food was digested. But I was still in a learning phase - I didn't know the limits of my personal sleeve.
  11. Congrats Lissa! You deserve it!
  12. Afro_Cyster

    Birth Control Pill Post-Op?

    I recently had a bad reaction to BCPs -- extreme nausea. I've taken it in the past with no problems. The doctor said that due to the release of hormones from the weightloss coupled with the hormones in the pill, it was too much for my body. I don't know what I'm going to do because as Lissa said, we are a bit more susceptible to pregnancy. I don't want to rely primarily on condoms and I'm definitely NOT giving up sex lol so I'll have to find something suitable soon. Best wishes.
  13. Best wishes to all of you.
  14. Easy way out? When was the last time you sewed your own clothes? Made butter? Hmmm.....I guess we ALL take the easy way out. I just chose the one that made a damn difference in living or dying. What's your reason?
  15. Afro_Cyster

    Wowzers! Grits!

    I eat grits and eggs fairly often. But it seems that lately I've preferred Cream of Wheat.
  16. Afro_Cyster

    Shin Splints

    I suffer from shin splints also. I have found that they come from what I call my laziness. When I walk, I prefer to use my calf muscles to propel me forward rather than my thigh muscles. I find that if I use my thigh muscles to lift my legs then let the rest follow suit, then my calfs don't feel the grunt of my workout. I hope that I'm making sense.
  17. Afro_Cyster

    Dr. Kelly. Class Act

    That is wonderful to hear! I am so happy to have someone nearby that I can share stories about Dr. Kelly with. Isn't his son adorable?
  18. Afro_Cyster

    What Are Some On Your Mini Goals?

    - Being able to shop in regular department stores - Being able to go into a job interview without weight discrimination - Being able to fit into the same uniform that my teammates wear - Being able to run a marathon, if I wanted to - Being full of energy during the moments that matter (I want to be able to have a full play date with my nephew without tiring after two hours) - Being witness to my brother being proud to say that I'm his sister when in public (My brother is proud of all of my accomplishments and I know he loves me, but I sometimes think that being large makes him fearfull of the public judging me) - Being able to see the look on my exes faces when they see me in my new body It seems like alot, but these goals really are short-term and are near.
  19. Afro_Cyster

    How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

    I am African-American, have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and I'm a chick. Afro_Cyster
  20. Afro_Cyster

    Appeal Letter

    Is 248 your highest weight? Sometimes when we wear clothes to an office visit it reads differently than our at home scale. I would put my highest weight and BMI. Otherwise, you did a wonderful job. :-)
  21. Afro_Cyster

    Race Day - Valentine's Day 8K

    Congratulations! That was a great feat. I'm still trying to shorten my mile.
  22. Afro_Cyster


    Keep going at it. If you get denied again, ask to speak to their on staff physician. They normally take another look at it and approve right then and there.
  23. Simply put, Tijuana is dangerous. But so is New Orleans, LA and Baltimore, MD. I didn't go to Dr. Almanza, but I did go to Tijuana for my surgery. The area in which my hospital was located was considered to be in an upper class and safe area. If you are using a coordinator's service, the drivers and the coordinators are aware of upheavals and conscious of how to approach different situations.
  24. Afro_Cyster


    I agree with Lissa. Unless it's serious (and if it is I'm sure you would have told him about your plans), then there is no need to explain further.

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