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    Bread Question

    I was sleeved in December and still don't really eat bread or pastries. I substitute everything bread related, even pizza. I realize that you would like to celebrate with your daughter, but it may be too early out. And, would she really notice? Keep your eyes on the prize.......a new body for your health and family.
  2. Afro_Cyster

    Nsv Pcos Style

  3. Afro_Cyster

    Help Finding A Job - Human Resources

    Thank you for your suggestions!
  4. I agree. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just stick to the remainder of your diet. You will be fine. I ate a burrito the end of my first week. It was probably out of my system by the next day. I made sure that I stuck to the rest of the diet and my doctor said that everything was beautiful.
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    I am beginning the process of financing sleeve surgery in Mexico. I have been approved for surgery by Dr. Aceves. However, I suffer from frequent/re-occuring boils in my armpits and sometimes under my breasts. They never require lancing, nor do I get a fever from their arrival. They take a long time to heal (I haven't found a proven method that works). Will this prevent me from undergoing surgery?
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    I went through the surgery fine. Although I didn't necessarily have a flare-up of boils, I did have some that were leaking. After surgery, the antibiotics and IV helped heal a few of them beautifully.
  8. Afro_Cyster

    3M3W3D Update!

    That is wonderful news! I saw the changes as soon as you put up this new pic. I bet Sleevina is also helping you keep up with those kids. Have a wonderful weekend!
  9. So I have a gallstone..... It was caught early and I'm not having issues, but of course the first things the doctors say is GET IT OUT. My issue is, I don't want it out. God put it in my body for a reason and he doesn't make mistakes. Yes, I know "it's not a necessary organ," but I have grown to love it LOL. Many of the women on this site complain of side effects of the surgery. I was healthy when I got VSG, no HBP, diabetes or the like. I don't want additional side effects. I have a feeling a year from know a procedure will be created to save gallbladders. I would like my doctor to give me more options such as contact dissolution therapy. Do any doctors do this at all? I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow, but am anticipating cancelling it. What are your experiences?
  10. Afro_Cyster

    My Biggest Nsv To Date...

    Yes, God is good all the time and all the time God is good. I will pray for you.
  11. Afro_Cyster

    My Job Is So Freaking Nosey

    I administer FMLA for my work site and agree with the others. A formal diagnosis is not necessary as long as the doctor gives them your recovery time/return to work expectation. I would also warn them not to discuss your information with other employees including your supervisor. Your supervisor only needs to know that you will be out and for how long so they may make suitable arrangements. Your supervisor is not allowed to ask you anything about your absence other than having you train others in preparation for your absence.
  12. Felicity, try adding some sugar-free flavoring to your Protein shakes. You can find many recipes in the food forum on this site. For example: adding cinnamon to my vanilla shake made it taste like eggnog. Or try going to eggface.com for various recipes. MrsNate.....keep trying and keep your eye on the goal. If you fall off of the wagon, don't beat yourself up, just make sure that it doesn't happen again. Be a bit more diligent in your last few days. Being healthy for your surgery is the most important thing ever. A healthy pre-op diet will create a healthy post-op recovery. And, as my good friend Lissa said, it does get better.....we've all been through it.
  13. Afro_Cyster

    Dr. Kelly

    Your experience was similar to mine. I enjoyed everything about my coordinator Trish and Dr. Kelly. If you are reading this post, I encourage you to choose Dr. Kelly. However, if you do not, I encourage you not to make a rushed decision due to financing and research research research your doctor of choice. Take your time. Speak to many of their patients (not just one or two). Make sure that you have a supportive primary care doctor in your local area that is willing to do follow-up. You may also want to look into a supportive bariatric surgeon in your area in case you have complications from surgery. Best wishes Tony!
  14. Afro_Cyster

    Carecredit Question

    Caveat: I haven't read what the previous posters suggested. Have you tried applying for a loan through your local credit union? I am fully financed and am only paying 2% in comparison to what Carecredit may offer. They also allowed me to consolidate my credit card bills into my financing which was a huge plus.
  15. Slim, try adding a cup of Water to your plan. Some have noticed problems with acid that add in to the head hunger games, the water may help soothe your stomach until your next real meal. BTW, it is a good plan. I find that when I'm at work, I think about food alot less because I enjoy what I do.
  16. Afro_Cyster

    I Think I Am Eating Too Much

    Hellonurse is correct in saying Protein first. It does fill us up quickly and curbs hunger. Also, realize that much of what you are feeling may simply be head-hunger or acid build-up. Although I've experienced both, I feel acid build-up most of the time if I haven't eaten on time. I am fortunate that I don't need PPI's to counteract it. If I drink a cup of Water, it all goes away. Eat/drink slowly, you may be eating beyond your capacity if you eat too fast. This early out it may take longer to identify your personal "full-feeling." Allot yourself 20 mins to complete a meal. It is ok to throw a meal away or store it for later. Most of us got to this point because we were a part of the Clean Your Plate gang. As I was always taught that we should always complete what was placed in front of me. In conclusion, Protein first, eat/drink slowly (very important), pay attention to your personal full sign.
  17. Afro_Cyster

    Vitamin D Deficiency

    I am deficient in Vitamin D also. I had my gallbladder taken out yesterday. Two of the signs of gallbladder failure is high liver functions and low Vitamin D. This could be diagnosed through your primary physician. So, if you haven't had it taken out already, please have a panel done. Vitamin D is also needed to keep your liver and gallbladder functioning correctly. So if you aren't having problems now, please continue taking your Vitamin D so you won't have any. You can also get your Vitamin D levels up by spending more time outside soaking up sun, not tanning, but just getting some sun on your skin. As to the cold, it seems that it is common that many VSG patients experience a change in body temperature after the surgery. I haven't looked into the cause, but many do report it.
  18. Afro_Cyster

    I Won't Make That Mistake Again !

    My suggestion would be to eat slowly. Put some food in your mouth, set your utensil down, and chew the crap out of it. Allot yourself 20 mins to complete your meal. Like Minaleigh mentioned items like pizza, our stomach handles the digestion of different textures differently. So, eat slowly. In doing so, it will allow the food to actually enter your stomach AND it will help you understand your own personal FULL feeling. My full feeling is a small burp. That tells me that I am either almost full or eating too fast and not allowing my food to digest.
  19. Afro_Cyster

    Sweet But Clueless Hubby - Sometimes You've Just Gotta Laugh!

    I agree with the others, he does sound like a nice guy. Since he is concerned about your diet, this seems like a good idea to discuss what your progression diet (meaning the different stages to a normal diet). Let him know how you'll feel about him eating certain foods in front of you while you are progressing.....such as your trigger foods. Mine are pastries sodas, and fried chicken fingers. If you have one, show him a copy of your progression diet, he may feel as though he can join in near the end of the diet since it is less restrictive and allows you to bond with him. When you are out of the progressive diet, he may also continue your weightloss diet with you, albeit with bigger portions. Your hubby definitely sounds like a winner.
  20. Afro_Cyster

    Apple Sause

    Try 100% Apple Juice and cut it with water or 100% Apple Juice with reduced sugar. The fibers in apples are good for you.
  21. Awww....I posted something earlier, but I guess it didn't take. Anyway, I agree with you. Always look at the glass as being full (half water + half air = a full glass).
  22. Afro_Cyster

    Gallbladder Removal

    So you guys put fear in me and I completed the surgery yesterday. It was a breeze. My doctor was Joshua Goldberg at Ochsner main campus in New Orleans. I chose him due to his bedside manner, online patient recommendations, wonderful nursing staff, returned calls, and the cuteness factor. My surgery was a breeze. Since they knew I got nauseas due to anestesia, they gave me Zofran before the surgery and after I woke up so it was no issue at all. Also, when I woke up, I was shivering uncontrollable so the nurse warmed three blankets and wrapped it around my head, body, and tucked it around my feet (talking about going above and beyond). I was soooo ultra comfortable. The only hiccup was post-op, two nurses and an anesthesiologist couldn't find a suitable vein for my IV -- I got stuck five times. Luckily, before they stick you they give you a shot so you don't feel the large needle they insert. After they obtained the assistance from an OR doctor, we were good to go and they wheeled me out. They allowed me to rest without interruption. And although they were ready to have me released, I requested another IV because I knew I would be dehydrated when I left the hospital due to my tummy and them having me fast the night before AND IV's make our skin look beautiful. So, they gave me my next set of pain pills and allowed me to rest again until I woke up. After that I was on my way home without issue. I think that either I choose excellent doctors or my body responds well to surgery, but I swear it doesn't feel like anything happened to me at all. My team has a softball tourney Saturday that I'll miss due to recovery, but the way I'm feeling, I could play. Nooooo....I won't because ya'll won't let me, but I feel like nothing's stopping me. I would like to thank all of you (including those who stalked this page and PMed me) for your honesty and concern. I am still upset that an organ was removed, but with the rate of my recovery, I'll assume it was for the best and move on with my life. Thank you, Afro_Cyster
  23. Afro_Cyster

    My Insanity! Journey... Day 1 - Success!

  24. What is the BMI requirement? How long would you have had to be at that BMI? I would eat all day at Pizza Hut to get to a 40 just so I would qualify for the surgery and get it free.
  25. Afro_Cyster

    Gallbladder Removal

    Thank you all for your honest opinions.

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