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  1. I love the questions and follow-ups that are happening in this thread. I am also bias because I went to Dr. Kelly. I came through the surgery with no problems. I initially had mild nausea, but it was due to the anesthesia. It only lasted about three hours and I slept the majority of the time. I kept asking my parents if they see an incision because it didn't feel like anything had been done to me. The nurses were exetremely attentive and took time to get to know your needs. I did have a night nurse that spoke limited english, but there was a translation sheet that I was able to point to if she didn't understand what I was saying. Both of my parents were impressed and eased by the attention to detail and the work Trish did to make them comfortable. My advice is to continue to do what you are doing now. Research research research! At this time, both doctors have competent coordinators that I believe are both happy.
  2. The Lucerna is beautiful! Food for you is free. There are two restaurants on the premises for your family to choose from. There is even a Dominoes Pizza across the street from the hotel if gourmet food isn't his kinda thing. Food prices are about the same as they are in the states.
  3. I think it took me three months to go from 22 to 16. I say think because I didn't want to buy new clothes. When my co-workers started giving me "the funky look" I finally went out and started purchasing new items. Other than a pair of first goal jeans, I haven't purchased any items smaller than what I am currently because I could always hem/adjust them to fit. That way I could go from 16 to 12 without having to purchase a 14. It saves alot of money. And, with the way the weather has been lately, you never know if your new outfit will be in season.
  4. Ok, so now if you notice my stat, you'll notice a change. I was hungry ALL DAY yesterday. And I started today off hungry. I definitely do not like this I am sooooo close to Onderland. I edited to add that everything I eat is so tasty.....lol. I truly have a sleeve of steel. There is nothing this thing won't eat.
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    Try asking your doctor to put you on Ursodoil after surgery. It will slow the creation of stones.....BUT, it's not 100% stone proof.
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  7. Afro_Cyster

    Wedding Dress Blues

    Try looking for a dress from Mexico. They ship quickly and have more options for plus sized brides than american shops. However, make sure to measure yourself and send them the measurements to ensure that the dress will fit. Wedding dresses run extremely small.
  8. Is it that time of the month? I had mine taken out two weeks ago and have to keep reminding myself to eat. My appetite finally came back yesterday.
  9. Afro_Cyster

    Incision Care

    aviiva......Walgreen or CVS
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    Incision Care

    All of mine are raised and ugly. And I know it's just me and has nothing to do with my surgeon. I ALWAYS scar. I have keloid kinda skin.
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    Mexico, Really?

    I would have found an experienced doctor in the US had my insurance approved it. I also had an exclusion. However, I would have put just as much thought into my choice of doctor as I did in my Mexican surgeon. I enjoyed having a direct line to my doctor, not his nurse. I enjoyed an extra day in the hospital. I enjoyed the followups, even now. I enjoyed making a vacation of such a stressful decision. .....and many more.
  12. Afro_Cyster

    Mexico, Really?

    I agree with CrazyCatLady. We chose different doctors, but we did our research. None of us have taken this lightly AND we didn't shop around for the cheapest doctor. We looked at a variety of categories besides cost in choosing our Mexican doctor.
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    Strange Vomit Incident

    My first thought is your gallbladder. I know that you are taking Ursidoil, but it may not have been enough to prevent a stone. Call your doctor.
  14. Afro_Cyster

    Gallbladder Problems Anyone?

    I just had my gallbladder removed last week. Luckily my doctor caught it before it became a problem. However, the symptoms you refer to are aligned with gallbladder/kidney issues. There is no harm in getting your doctor to test for it. I am all about preventitive care and so is/should your doctor.
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    Everyone's body is different. My energy level was not affected by the surgery. It actually improved. If you do decide that you are up to it, get a map of Epcot and locate the rest areas and emergency services. Get the number to emergency services at the park and the number to the local hospital. Take lots of Water ---- I would suggest bringing a backpack. Cloth yourself properly which means wearing a hat to protect you from the sun, comfortable shoes, and comfortable pants/sundress so that you won't irritate your incisions. Make sure that you partner with another parent so that they are aware that you recently had a procedure done and they have the numbers to emergency services. If this seems too much to do, stay home. Yes, you may miss out on a precious moment with your daughter, but what you are doing today is ensuring that you won't miss out on any more.
  16. With love and concern, please find answers.
  17. Afro_Cyster

    80 Pounds Down! New Pic!

    I love your pics! You look awesome! What tickles me pink is that you were your rings on your thumbs. I've started moving my rings to chubbier fingers also.
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    Why Some People Change After Vsg

    Please don't take it personally. Your friends are probably still your friends. What I find is that we bombard our friends with new discoveries about our new body. It does get tiring to our friends. As exciting as our news may seem to us, it gets old fast with them. Maybe ration your victories to once a week? Also, we sometimes forget about the struggles of others. If she's had the surgery, is she going through a stall or personal issue while you are excelling? Continue to be encouraged......we are all winners.
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    No Coffee!

    Sorry sis, I tolerate coffee just fine. Could it have been the creamer you put in it?
  20. Afro_Cyster

    Cardiologist Distress

    Be encouraged. You will make it to your goal.
  21. I don't have a spouse, but I have a parent that is discouraged also. Unfortunately, just like us, they will not change unless they are ready to. With my dad, he sometimes chooses a healthier route because he knows that I won't be swayed from my chosen diet. He wants to see me happy so he buys healthier foods. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop him from frying everything he eats. All I can do is be encouraging, not nagging, and hope that when he's ready that I will be able to support him.
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