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  1. For those who are post-sleeve, do you find that you are less discriminated against now that you are smaller? I have always been outgoing, so no job was too big or small for me to complete. I am also competitive, but I've always wondered if companies have chosen a less qualified candidate than to chose me (the fat candidate with mutliple degrees).
  2. I go into my two week pre-op on Monday so YES, I enjoyed myself. I don't think that I overate, but I do think that I'll be eating much less next year this time.
  3. Afro_Cyster


    I recently ran into an ex-boyfriend online and he keeps pressuring me to reunite. We split on somewhat good terms. Although I was a large person when we dated, I'm about 30lbs larger now. I am so ashamed for him to see me like this. I keep putting him off by telling him that my work schedule simply won't allow it. I keep telling myself that if I can get him to wait one more month (having surgery on the 12th) that he'll be seeing me at or near the same weight we split. I know that he's a great guy and I am more than willing to give it another go, but how can I get past this shame?
  4. Afro_Cyster

    Lost 201 Pounds

    Owwwwww!!!! GET IT GIRL! Your success is inspiring!
  5. Afro_Cyster

    Post-op, Is Getting A Job Easier?

    I have confidence to boot so I don't think in my case I would consider that being a factor. However, I definitely agree that men are seen differently. The usual case of the sexes - men are superior to women, when it should be that we are equals.
  6. Afro_Cyster

    Hispanic Gastric Sleevers - Question

    That idea sounds so cool!
  7. Afro_Cyster

    Post-op, Is Getting A Job Easier?

    I'm in Louisiana, so for the most part, people are somewhat accepting (we're one of the fatter states in the Union). But I always "feel" the discrimination. I'm a human resource professional and have worked at several companies that blatantly discriminate against recent high school graduates, those of retirement age, those without a family (they think that they are vagrant), race, sex, and disabled. Because my morals wouldn't allow it, I reported it to company officials and sought other employment. That being said, I've never worked at a company that "blatantly" discriminated against the obese (with the exception of safety sensitive positions). However, I know they're out there.
  8. Afro_Cyster

    What kind of Protein drinks?

    I purchased EAS pre-made chocolate shakes from Wal-Mart. I enjoyed it for the most part, I'm going to try the strawberry next. I believe GNC carries this brand also. Is the powered any different from the premade?
  9. Afro_Cyster

    Surgery Day... And I Weighed In At 273.4!

    You are super! Congratulations!
  10. Afro_Cyster

    Incision sites

    They look really good. Looks like they'll heal beautifully.
  11. Afro_Cyster

    African American Sleevers

    I don't recall if I've ever posted on this thread, but hello sleeve sistassssssss!!!!! Since I am self-pay (my insurance has an exclusion) I'm being sleeved by Dr. Kelly in Tijuana, MX on December 12th. I am super excited and anxious. I have 20 more days to go. Just waiting on my passport to come in. I am glad I'm getting sleeved during the winter so by summer......BOW! Sexy me!
  12. Afro_Cyster

    Louisiana Sleevers?

    I am in the River Parishes. Although I won't be sleeved locally, I'd love reciprocal support.
  13. Afro_Cyster

    December sleevers!

    My date is set for December 12th with Dr Kelly!!! Both of my parents will accompany me, although they're not all to happy about traveling to Mexico. I know it will be great! The flights are scheduled and my passport has been arranged for. My parents will have to get theirs done before the week is over. :banghead: They better hurry up because I'm going with or without them.
  14. My deposit will be in the mail shortly and the date is set. Who will be in Mexico during the same week?
  15. Afro_Cyster


    I think it's supposed to be a sort of acne?
  16. Afro_Cyster

    surgical binder/girdle

    Bump.....I'd like to know the answer to this as well.
  17. Afro_Cyster


    Great question! I've had a wound near a draining boil, but it never got infected. Yet, of course, it wasn't as serious of a wound as a surgery incision.
  18. Afro_Cyster


    I just got a response back from the doctor. It will not prevent me from having the surgery performed! Yay!!!
  19. Afro_Cyster


    I hope this is the case. I'd like to complete surgery before the end of the year so that I can use the tax credit.

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