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  1. Good Evening, I understand Carol TX. I'm going on my 5th yr. I have to say I'm very disappointed with my band. If I knew I had to work harder than I did pre-band, I would not have had it done. I feel like I have to totally rethink things as far as how, what and when to eat and drink which is totally opposite of how I did before. Before the band,I would lose 30 lbs when I really tried but then could lose no more. With the band, I slowly lost 40 lbs but with a lot of effort on my part. I have since gained 10lbs back. I still have 70lbs to go. I struggle with my band being too tight as evidenced by vomiting and that aweful stuck sensation and then having to getting the band unfilled. I think I've gotten more unfills than fills because even when I get unfill I still get those isolated episodes of being stuck. I can eat plenty of unhealthy foods such as chips,dip,cookies,crackers,cake,etc and it goes down fine but if I eat healthy-tuna, chicken breast, fruits and vegs these do me in. I just don't know how to do well with this device. I just want to be healthy and fit.
  2. hypothyroid

    Nodnol's Before and After Pics

    My Before & After Photos!
  3. hypothyroid

    need an unfill??!??

    Interesting info. I have always gone back for an unfill because when I get stuck, it seems to get worse as time goes on. I've been told to come back to the office as soon as irritation starts so as to avoid getting to a point of no return or slippage. I feel like I have had more unfills than fills. I get a good fill with resultant restriction but then out of nowhere I'll get stuck most times with a sensation of a a large lump in my chest or back and inability to drink much or I'll have discomfort with drinking. That is such an uncomfortable feeling! I so want to be successful with my band. I just feel like when I get a good fill and lose some weight, I end up getting stuck, get an unfill and go 3 steps back gaining all the weight back. I am going to try to go to all liquid the next time I get a stuck feeling and see how that works.
  4. hypothyroid

    Too tight or normal..

    Just curious...how long have you had your band?
  5. hypothyroid

    Band Size Vs. Fills And Fullness

    New to the site and blogging/chatting. I was just barely cleared to have the surgery at 37 BMI. I am 6mos post op. I have only lost 20 lbs! I have gotten as many unfills as I have had fills. I am starting to get discouraged. Anybody else out there like me?
  6. hypothyroid

    Feeling a little frustrated

    I had my surgery 12Aug and have had two fills since then. I do relate in that I feel restricted at the beginning but then I am back to eating the same way. I thought I would be eating a whole lot less and feeling full but I feel like I am eating any and everything. I am also getting hungry sooner. Maybe we're not in the green zone yet. I really would like to know what that feels like.

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