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  1. hadouni

    Things men say when told about WLS :)

    Most of the ignorant and/or insensitive things I've said in my life have happened when I was mouthing off about something I had no direct experience with or knowledge of, or when I spoke defensively without thinking about what I was saying or how it might be interpreted. So, I try not to respond defensively to things until I've had time to think about what was said and my initial reaction to it. Now that he understands why I eat the way I do I'm just going to see how it goes. I'm not one to put up with much. I've been on my own for a long time and am happy with my life so if the person I'm seeing/with isn't improving the quality of my life with their presence , I'll move on.
  2. hadouni

    Being naked

    Good for you for taking control of your life early in your life. Younger skin bounces back better and quicker! Do you have stretch marks? If you don't, you're super lucky and your skin will shrink with you. If you do, you have options once you reach your goal weight and stabilize. I had my stomach fixed about 3.5 months ago and am very pleased with the results. Good luck to you! Water, low-impact cardio and resistance training are your (and your skin's) friends!
  3. hadouni

    Nervous - Does Anyone Else Feel This Way

    Oh yeah, I remember times along the way when I thought that was it, that's all that was coming off! After about six months I would only loose 2-3lbs per month and they all came off after my period. That was brutal but what I really needed to do was step up my exercise (read: I needed to exercise!). Walking and resistance training are what I needed and at least I got the walking going. You'll do great. Stick to your Dr's plan and try to keep your attention on fun things or things you want to do in the future.
  4. hadouni

    Things men say when told about WLS :)

    Oh my gosh, what a can of worms I've opened! This is all great stuff!! I'm not going to give up on #3 yet and it's NOT because of his looks. He's actually not what I'm typically attracted to. I think we all have some preconceived notions about things we don't have actual experience with and hopefully as we gain experience we have the ability to evolve and develop into more positive humans. =) I actually enjoy talking with him. He's very entrepreneurial and has some interesting life experiences. He's a thoughtful, caring and involved parent. I think he's actually surprised he likes me. I'm the oldest woman he's seen more than once. After we went out the first time he told me I was much more attractive in person than I am in photos (we met online) to which I replied "Thanks, I think". I know he meant to be complimentary but it was funny delivery. He also has an issue with my height, no wait, he has an issue with HIS OWN height! I've pulled out some flats but that will get old fast. I told him recently he needed to get over it because I've got some great heels I love to wear. It's not like he should be embarrassed to be seen with me because I'm a little taller than he is when I have heels on, right? So who knows, maybe there will be a #4 but I'm going to give #3 some time figure out if he can step up to the plate and be with an equal instead of someone who is dependent upon him. I have to give him credit for realizing that he likes me for my brain as much, if not more than my looks.
  5. Since being sleeved I've told three men (in a dating situation) about having WLS or that I've lost a significant amount of weight. The first took it in stride with barely a comment and said I looked great. I miss him. Too bad he was such a mess over other aspects of his life. The second I didn't actually tell I'd had WLS, only that I'd lost a lot of weight. He said something to the tune of it would be an issue for him if I ever got fat again. He was easily 50lbs over weight. Yep, he's gone... long gone! The third I just recently told. I told him I'd had WLS and that I'd had my stomach fixed through plastics. He didn't say much at the time but later during conversation he commented that one of the things he likes about me is that I'm really smart, then qualified it saying except for in a couple areas in my life. When I asked him what areas those were he said that I let myself get really overweight (and something else I don't immediately recall). Interesting. This is a man for whom fitness has always been a part of his life - he weight trains and other such things and has spent his adult life tinkering with his size - bulking up and that sort of thing. He's currently trying to work on his mid-section. I find this an insulting response and I'm sure he has no idea how kind-of clueless it is. We'll see how this one goes...
  6. hadouni

    Have I failed if my fat apron won't go away?

    I understand how you feel. I had a flap of saggy, broken skin that wasn't going anywhere. It was full of stretch marks and really bothered me. My flap went all the way out to my sides when I was sitting and that's where they started cutting on me. My advice - make sure you talk to a plastic surgeon who regularly works with insurance patients and instead of going in for a tummy tuck consultation and go in saying you want a panniculectomy. That way they think of you as an insurance patient from the get-go. I happened upon my plastic surgeon when I went with a friend to her mastectomy reconstruction appointment. It took me forever to get into him but it was worth the wait and the cost given the results I've seen. I had a panniculectomy with a belly button fix in late December and it was life changing. The belly button fix is considered cosmetic so I paid for that myself. My out of pocket ended up being about $2000. They have medical credit lines to help out if you need financing. Self esteem is priceless. =) Good luck to you!!
  7. You look great! I looked very similar to what you've posted above but I had more stretch marks (from pregnancy). You look like you have good muscle tone under your loose skin. Again, you look amazing and congrats on your success! I recently had a panniculectomy along with a belly button fix and am totally amazed with the results. I skipped the abdominal plication (where they stitch together your abs) and am so happy I did - less $ and easier recovery! I only wish I'd been thinking ahead enough to have had him lipo my back fat when he did my panni! If you are thinking plastics my advice is find a great surgeon and make your consult for a panniculectomy because they'll know from the get-go that you might have an insurance option for part of what you want done. If you get lucky and your insurance will cover a panniculectomy the out of pocket cost will be radically different. Good luck!
  8. hadouni

    Plastics... Anyone have any suggestions?

    I had a paniculectomy on 12/23/14. They moved my bellybutton back up at the same time. I didn't have any abdominal plication or hernia repair but my recovery has been pretty great. My incision is pretty long - from the outside of one hip to the outside of the other hip (180 degrees around me). It dips down pretty low in the front because he got rid of my c-section scar. I'm 6 weeks out, today. I went in at 6:30am and was leaving the surgery center around 12:30pm, same day. We stayed in a hotel over night because I had to be back at 8am the next day. I was up and used the bathroom before I left the surgical center. The hotel was fine. I propped myself up with pillows at my back and under my knees. I took my pain meds and just killed time watching TV, chatting with my mom and reading. I'd suggest to have lots to read and watch on TV for a week or two. I wore loose sweats and a comfy pull-over sweater. I had two drains that exited out of the sides of my hips at the ends of the incision. They put a waist binder on me and the drain bulbs went into little "cozies" that velcroed to the binder. My drains were in until the next Monday morning when both the drains and belly button stitches came out. The first week with the drains is the worst and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was up and around walking pretty easily right away. I got off the pain meds and muscle relaxers on the second day home. I think the pain meds are as much to help keep you sleepy as they are for the pain but I don't like what they do to my GI so I get off them as fast as I can. Do plan on sleeping propped up or in an easy chair that reclines easily (or you'll need help) for a while. I'm a side sleeper so I slept in the chair for a few weeks. Because my incisions went all the way out onto my sides it took a few weeks of healing before I could sleep on them and I have a pretty comfy memory-foam bed topper. I'm still wearing shape-ware. I have a few spankx tops that I wear during the day most of the time. I also bought a two pack of bali firm support underpants that go up quite high on the waist. I found those at Macy's and they've been the best. I'd suggest you stick with the velcro binder they put you in for the first couple weeks at least. It's very firm support. I see the surgeon again, probably for the last time this Thursday afternoon. He released me to drive and work at 4 weeks although I must admit, I'd been driving a little since about 2.5 weeks out. I'm back to my distance walking on the weekends, although a little slower. My incisions are healing nicely and I'm very happy with the results. Good luck to you!
  9. hadouni

    all over body lift?

    It came down about $1550. Again, I will say... WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. =)
  10. hadouni

    Eating and First Dates.

    I tend to concentrate on protein-oriented appetizers. I can even do a broth based soup first course with a Protein appetizer as my main course. If conversation keeps flowing as I eat, I can usually manage most of a broth based soup followed by some scallops or something like that for the main course. Appetizers can be a great option as a main course because they don't come with all the starchy extras we don't have space for anyway!
  11. I skipped the abdominal plication because I felt like I had decent strength in my abs to support myself/posture and I didn't want to be held together with stitches and then scar tissue. It was a very personal choice and my surgeon told me in all his years he'd only done one paniculectomy without the ab plication before. I chuckled and told him I'd always been an outlier. I am thrilled beyond belief with my results. My stomach has never been this flat. At 5.5 weeks out the incisions are still pink but they're fading and the lines are so tiny/thin -once they're faded to skin-tone they'll all but disappear. If I wanted to nit-pick, my left hip isn't as smooth a silhouette as my right but it's probably more from the alignment of my existing stretchmarks than anything else.
  12. I bought a double pack of compression undies by Bali at Macy's. They were around $32 for the two pack and they have been my favorite thing so far. I sleep in them. I have a couple spanks type tank tops I wear during the day.
  13. hadouni

    all over body lift?

    That was my entire out of pocket, including my co-pays for the insurance paid portions. It was $3750 for the belly button fix and abdominal plication. I paid for both and only did the belly button fix. I don't know what the final price will be yet. It could come down as much as $1500.
  14. hadouni

    Dating again....met someone new

    So... I told my first boyfriend post VS about it and he took it in stride and it was a non-issue. Once in a while he'd say "that's all you're going to eat" and I'd say "you know how I eat" and he'd smile and say "I know how you eat". End of story. Now, I'm with a new guy and I haven't told him yet. I told him I lost a lot of weight, even showed him pictures (to which he made a comment to the tune of that would be a problem if I was ever heavy again). We were out to dinner and he sort-of asked if I'd had some kind of WLS and the little pager thing buzzed indicating our food was ready and it saved me from responding. I felt pretty judged by the way he said it all so I didn't feel like spilling the Beans. All this from a guy who could easily loose 30-50lbs... I just had some plastic surgery to fix my flabby belly and he knows all about that. So my way of dealing with it is to tell who I feel comfortable telling. In the end, a keeper will probably be one you'll feel comfortable telling from the start and who accepts you as you are.
  15. hadouni

    Sex talk warning

    Oh yes... it was hellish because I was single through the worst of it... My advice` get a really good vibrator because you'll want to take the edge off quickly and often for a while! I'm three years out and all I can say is thank heavens for my hitachi and I have a boyfriend!

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