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  1. thanks Gottago. Unfortunately, Dr. Rod doesnt use A Lighter Me so I am going to have no choice but to take the chance of using my card and having all my paperwork in order just in case. I will keep everyone posted on how the financial journey goes since my surgery is now in 3 short weeks! If anyone else has any experiences/suggestions, keep 'em coming! :smile1:
  2. I found this link for others that have used FSA..... I guess I am going to have to make sure my ducks are in a row and just do it! http://www.obesityhelp.com/forums/mexico/4075601/Using-HSA-FSA-funds-for-lap-band-surgery-in-Mexico/
  3. I am hoping someone can help me with this or has an experience to share.... I am posting this in the MX forum also... I have set aside $7500 in FSA funds (Flex Dollars) for my surgery in MX with Dr. Rodriguez. So, I called my insurance company (United HealthCare) to discuss what i will need to submit a claim if my card doesnt work in MX. Right off the bat, the lady tells me that they WILL NOT accept anything International. When I asked her why not, she had no answer. I asked here if that was a UHC rule or the IRS. She said that UHC goes strictly by the IRS guidelines. So, I asked her to find for me where it said that FSA could NOT be used for international medical needs. She couldnt obvioulsy because there isnt any place on the IRS website under FSA that says yes or no to international surgeries being covered. She said to do my homework and have all the bills in USD$ ready for submission. Needless to say, that wasnt a good enough answer for me. This is not something that I can take a chance on not being reimbursed for.. this is alot of money! So I spoke to my coordinator yesterday and the $10 credit card (my FSA Mastercard) went through! Yay!, right? Not so fast. I then get an email stating that "I cannot however guarantee that they will accept all of this for reimbursement of FSA claim since it is out of country. I just want you to be clear that while we will help with the forms there are sometimes codes etc that are requested on the forms that are not necessarily internationally interchangeable. We will do our best to help but since this a self pay surgery we cannot be responsible if the claim is not reimbursed" Crap! Now I am all confused, again! Can anyone give me any advice on how to handle this? What was your experience using FSA dollars and how did you handle using the flex card or submitting the paperwork to get reimbursed? I would also like to say that I have scoured the internet looking for information and cannot find anything that says I CANNOT use my FSA for international medical needs. The following website states that it IS allowable but I dont know if this will hold up in my defense of getting reimbursed! https://www.myfbmc.c...sa.aspx#fsa_18a Q Can I be reimbursed for medical services obtained in a foreign country? A The services can be reimbursed, but not the lodging or transportation expenses. When you submit your claim, you must include English translations for any foreign receipts that are not in English. Also, you must convert the cost to the applicable U.S. dollar amount, using the currency exchange rate as of the date that the service was provided http://www.obesityhelp.com/forums/mexico/4075601/Using-HSA-FSA-funds-for-lap-band-surgery-in-Mexico/
  4. I am going through BeLiteWeight. They were just given the medical status for FSA but haven't worked out the kinks with the new system. I am going to get the letter of medical necessity and the detailed bill and call it good. I NEED this surgery. http://www.obesityhelp.com/forums/mexico/4075601/Using-HSA-FSA-funds-for-lap-band-surgery-in-Mexico/
  5. TheSkinnyCow73

    Replying To Posts

    Unlike people like YOU, I am here to support and be supported and not to boss people around and be rude. Gotta love the BLOCK USER tool.
  6. TheSkinnyCow73

    Replying To Posts

    Dont let the door hit you where there Good Lord split you. Mr. Anderson seems to have multiple personalities and I have FIRST-HAND experience with that.
  7. TheSkinnyCow73

    B&a Pic: Same Shirt, Big Difference

    You look amazing! What a big difference! I hate my back too so this is inspiration for me! Keep up the good work!
  8. @rahvana What coordinator did you go through?
  9. Flexible Spending Account.... Your employer has to offer it. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p969.pdf
  10. Same thing happened to me. I am checking with Dr. Kelly's new coordinator (Not sure if it is Trish running this group or not) to see if they take FSA MasterCard, can fill out my FMLA and short-term disability paperwork, and also get me the letter of medical necessity and detailed bill for the hospital stay in USD$ to submit for my FSA. I was told that there were "incidents" with three of Kelly's patients that made A Lighter Me drop him (and start pushing Dr. Garcia). I dont know what is true and what isnt at this point. I honestly just cant see a top surgeon that was just inducted into FACS screwing up or causing harm to his patients with carelessness. It just doesnt make sense to me. It sounds more like a pissing contest with the coordinators honestly. All in all, it is going to come down to me being able to use my FSA. Since I am a band revision case, I have emailed with some of Dr. Garcia's patients and they speak very highly of him. I have also researched and spoken with Dr. Rodriguez's (BeLiteWeight.com) patients and they speak very highly of him also and he is very experienced too just a little more expensive ($6800) than Dr. Garcia ($5500).
  11. TheSkinnyCow73

    My Molina Band Is Out!

    Thanks! It has really been a mind game with me so far! Before, we (hubby and I) would joke about the day that I could actually sit at a restaurant (and not by the bathroom) and have a good meal and keep it down but now, i am afraid to have that good meal! I get queasy just thinking about eating a full meal. I think the strangest part for me is burping. I have not let out a good burp in 17 years! I am so ready for my sleeve though! I find that this waiting for 6 weeks is more torture than anything! I am so inspired by all your success stories and I am ready for it to be MY TURN to finally have that happiness! I know it sounds selfish but I cant help that is the way I feel. The band made promises that neither one of us could keep. I am ready for my new bestie to live with!
  12. @gottago Did you have to get any other forms filled out to use the FSA or to prove that it was legit? Also, did you use your FSA money as a deposit for your surgery? I am getting mixed answers on that one. As far as I can see, you cannot use your money unless it is on the date of service.
  13. TheSkinnyCow73

    Any Texas Gastric Sleeve Buddies?

    Houston (Spring/The Woodlands) here! My sleeve date is set for 2/22/12 with Dr. Ramos Kelly in TJ, Mexico! Never in all my 38 years have I ever wanted to be a loser as bad as I do NOW!!
  14. TheSkinnyCow73

    February 2012 Mexico Patients!?!

    2/22/12 - Dr. Kelly in TJ Mexico! I AM READY!!!!
  15. I will be having surgery on 2/11 with Dr. Rodriguez in Juarez, MX. This time next Firday I will be on a plane headed for El Paso!!! woohoo! :Banane14: :party4: :Banane55:
  16. TheSkinnyCow73

    Has Anyone Used These Guys

    Do your research on the companies before you send anyone any money! I read a post where someone got scammed out of a lot of money using the wrong one. I am using Linda at A Lighter Me (linda@alighterme.com) and she has been great with getting back to me in a timely manner to answer my questions / concerns.The company is also BBB accredited which is A-ok in my book!
  17. TheSkinnyCow73

    Surgery In Tijuana

    @Delovelly - Please do share your experience once you are up for it! I plan on doing the same when I have mine.
  18. TheSkinnyCow73

    Sleeved 1/4 & Back Home Now...

    Sending {{{hugs}}} and prayers that you will feel better!! From what I read on these forums, it will get better! Congrats on being sleeved!
  19. OMG! I am soooo happy for you! This is awesome to hear! You are definitely an inspiration to all of us that are in the process of getting sleeved! Congrats to you!!! Any words of wisdom for those of us that are just starting our journey? Congrats again on all your hard work!
  20. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome for you!!! I cant wait until I get to post a topic like this!!!
  21. TheSkinnyCow73

    Surgery In Tijuana

    I agree with everyone on the coordinators. The coordinators are sales people essentially. I have read about the she said, she said on these boards but what I look for is what they can do for ME because that is what they are there for. If one company charges 5% for credit card transactions versus 3% or one has the ability to suit my needs for using my FSA funds that is who will win. That is what is important as far as coordinators go in my book. Other than that, i have done my research on my doctor and have spoken with him a few times and feel very comfortable with my decision. I have been corresponding with Linda at A Lighter Me and she has been great. Any time I see something on these boards I go directly to her to see if it is true. If I didnt believe her (although I have so far), I have Dr. Kelly's phone number, email, and he is on my facebook so I can always ask him personally. Please, everyone, dont overlook a wonderful doctor (in Mexico OR the US) just because someone is gossiping. If they are saying he has had a leak or a death, ask them to prove it. I am sure everyone on this board would want to know about that too!
  22. TheSkinnyCow73

    Surgery In Tijuana

    Just wondering if there is a specific reason Dr. Kelly isnt an option for your surgery?
  23. TheSkinnyCow73

    Yeh! The Lapband Is Coming Out....

    I've had a non-adjustable band for 17 years now and will have it out on January 6th here in Houston. I dont have an eroded band or anything, just placed incorrectly for all these years. I also had the all too familiar puking, sliming, having to stand up to let the food "go down", sitting by a bathroom at all restaurants, excusing myself to go throw up my meal (wasting money!!) eating and still feeling hungry..etc... I am scared to death to have this removed since some restriction is better than no restriction but I keep telling myself that six weeks later (I am scheduled for Mexico with Dr. Kelly on 2/22/12) I will be sleeved and that it is going to be soooo worth it!!!! My sleeve surgery is still considered a revision since this is my second (and last!!) WLS but Dr. Kelly was honest and upfront about his experience with my band so I am having it removed by a team that is familiar with it. (and insurance DID approve my removal) Good luck to you!!!

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