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  1. TheSkinnyCow73

    I'm In Juarez At Star Medica

    Hey honey! How ya doing? I am thinking about you and have been all weekend! You are an official LOSER now! woohoo!
  2. Finally! After almost a 3 week stall it broke this morning and I am at 198.2!!!!! It is WONDERFUL in ONEderland!!! These 13-15 pounds that I have been dealing with for about 4-5 months (when I actually tipped 199) have drove me craaazy! I am here to tell everyone that the stalls DO break and as frustrating as it was DURING the stall, stepping on that scale and FINALLY seeing it MOVE is soooooo REFRESHING!!!!!!!!!!!! So everyone that is about 5 1/2 weeks out.... tie a knot at the end of your rope and hang in there, this too shall pass if you are in a stall!!!! ALWAYS KEEP ROCKIN' YOUR SLEEVE!!!! XOXOXOX! Amy
  3. TheSkinnyCow73

    Wonderful Onederland Reached!

    Thank you to everyone for the words of encouragement!
  4. TheSkinnyCow73

    Milestone Broken!

    Congrats!!! You are doing awesome!!! I have to keep reminding myself that the numbers on the scale dont DEFINE WHO I AM.... that being said... it sure does make me want to do cartwheels when they DO go down!!!
  5. TheSkinnyCow73

    Wonderful Onederland Reached!

    Thanks Crys!
  6. TheSkinnyCow73

    Wonderful Onederland Reached!

    Thanks Emily!!! I am not losing as fast as I would have liked but... I am losing! I had a discussion with my mom during the stall and her comment was "surely you didnt have all this done to lose 11 pounds"... uhhh, no!!!!!!! I cant lie and say the thought of me being THE ONE that doesnt lose weight with this surgery didnt cross my mind! Congrats to you!!!! Wow! You have done awesome Rockin' that Sleeve!!!
  7. TheSkinnyCow73


    30g Premier Protein Shake for me!!!!
  8. TheSkinnyCow73

    Lose And Loose Are Two Completely Different Words

    Uuuuggghhhh!!!!!!!!! I am with all of you! That drives me insane! I am so glad you posted this and if I EVER do this, please correct my post and slap me too!
  9. Sally, I am right there with you on wanting results fast! I am 5 weeks and 2 days out and have only lost 13 pounds. I just had this discussion with my Mom and husband last week when I hit a stall. Why me? Why me? Why me? It is hard, I know! I have all the doubts that you have but you know what? My scale finally moved! It will happen, we just have to be patient and work with our sleeve to get to our goal. I also have to keep reminding myself that I didnt get fat overnight and I am not going to lose this fat overnight either. I have been fat my whole life.. My mom weighs in at about 110 and my real father weighs in at 430. Guess who I am built like? Yep! My real father! I cant tell you the countless times I asked my mom why she had to pick a fat guy to have me with! LOL It is the cards we are dealt but it doesnt and we cant let it DEFINE WHO WE ARE AS A PERSON! Hang in there, it will get better and if you want to chat, please just message me! Keep Rockin' that Sleeve!!!! <3Amy
  10. TheSkinnyCow73

    First Nsv!

    I too am a sweet junkie... hubby and I had blizzards every other night before surgery! My stepdaughter had her 10th birthday and wanted an ice cream cake... omg! it was soooo good (the tiny sliver I ate) but boy did I pay for it! I got cold sweats and my tummy started doing flips.... so no ice cream for me anymore cuz that was miserable! I LOVE MY SLEEVE!!!
  11. TheSkinnyCow73

    Residual Band Scarring Issues

    I have a similar case... after having a band for 17+ years, the xrays show my little pouch at the base of my esophogus. I dont get a "stuck" feeling like before with the band but if I over eat something or I drink too soon after eating, I can throw it back up easily because it ends up sitting in that little pouched area. This has happened a couple of times for me and it isnt painful and the vomitting is nothing like when I had the band and having all that slime. The docs told me that it will take time for that pouch area to straighten out. They never expressed any concern to me about the pouch being there either and I had lots of scarring after my band removal. This gets back to portion control and being very aware of what you are putting in your mouth. As I said, it is NOTHING like the band. I just got home from work and ate 3 meatballs with cheese on them. I would NEVER have been able to eat that with the band without it getting stuck and puking! The sleeve is a wonderful tool and I am still getting used to it honestly. I have found that I cannot, under no circumstances, tolerate carbs in larger quantities without getting what I call a "dumping" episode even though we dont have the same setup as bypas folks. My norm is about 4-6 oz depending on what it is. meats are less and soft foods are more. As long as you follow the docs orders, you will be fine! You will learn your triggers by trial and error and you learn to stop when you know it is time because it is literally that one extra bite that can send you over the top!
  12. TheSkinnyCow73

    100Th Pound Lost Today!

    Congrats Casey! That is awesome!
  13. Hi Velouria! Thank you!! and congrats to YOU for ROCKIN' THAT SLEEVE!
  14. TheSkinnyCow73

    How Many Days Did You Take Off Work?

    I was able to take off 5 weeks from my job. I am an Exec Assistant and am mostly sedentary but sometimes not. Does your job offer short term disability? That is what I was approved for so I am getting paid 60% of my gross income while I am out. Was 5 weeks too much? Maybe but getting used to eating this way has been an ordeal for me too! And the last week, my nerve endings must be healing cuz I am getting pain in my left side when I turn or sit certain ways. So I am glad I was able to take the time off. If I were you, I would AT LEAST take Monday and Tuesday off. This is MAJOR surgery you are having and you dont want to push yourself too soon if you dont have to. Having PTO in the bank is always nice but you need to keep in mind that your body is going to be healing and need your full attention. My sleeve buddy went back to work the Wednesday after our surgery (Saturday) only because she works as an accountant and had to. She even said that she would have liked an extra couple of days off. So if you can take the extra couple of days, prepare for it and if you feel up to going to work, show up.
  15. TheSkinnyCow73

    February 2012 Mexico Patients!?!

    Thanks! And yes! I am so happy to have that damn band out and finally have REAL restriction AND satisfaction!!!
  16. TheSkinnyCow73

    February 2012 Mexico Patients!?!

    I wanted to update this post... I ended up with Dr. Rodriguez in Juarez, MX on 2/11 and am soooo happy with my decision!!
  17. TheSkinnyCow73


    I really like this Sara! One step at a time, SLOWLY!! Thanks!
  18. TheSkinnyCow73


    Thank you for posting this! I have been the same weight for the last week and I am 28 days out today. AND, I went and visited my Mom this week and she said the exact same thing to me about doing this all for 11 measely pounds!!!!!!!!!! My reply.. OH HELL NO! THERE IS NO WAY I AM STOPPING AT 11 MEASELY POUNDS!! We laughed! We need to sit back, do what we are supposed to do, and let the sleeve do its part too! I have to keep telling myself that I didnt get fat overnight and it isnt going to come off overnight either! (it sounds good!) Thanks again!
  19. TheSkinnyCow73

    No Weight Loss For Going On 3 Weeks.....wth!

    Thank you!! This really helped me put it into perspective!
  20. I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow and have lost a total of 11 lbs since surgery as of today. Does this make me a slow loser? I dont know if I should include the 14 lbs of IV Fluid that it took me 8 days to lose also once I got home? What consititutes being considered a "slow loser" and is there anything to kick it into a higher gear? My husband keeps screaming (not really but he is stressing this) that I need to stay away from the scales this early and relax. I understand his point but really, isnt this what everyone wants to see and report? I am obsessed with the scales and it is driving me nuts! I am trying to weigh every 3-4 days and report on my ticker every 10 days. I can already tell a difference in some of my clothes... I have been squeeeeeeezing into my work pants (16's) for months and months and now they fit nicely without cutting my circulation off. Thanks y'all!
  21. The day is over and I said my goodbyes to my co-workers and boss for the next 5 weeks! My surgery weekend is finally here!! woohoo! Tomorrow we fly to El Paso, cross the border into Juarez and arrive at Star Medica Hospital! I cant wait to meet Dr. Rod and his team and join you all on the LOSER'S BENCH come Saturday morning!!!! hugs & kisses!
  22. TheSkinnyCow73

    What Constitutes Being A Slow Loser?

    Thank you Dorrie and Pookey! It is crazy how I read and know i shouldnt be weighing myself and judging myself this early in the game but i am still doing it! I am going to put the scale in my husband's bathroom and let him have it! I am walking the dogs mostly everyday and sometimes twice a day while I am off of work. I want to start going to the YMCA but havent gotten the courage to go there yet. I have to make sure before I start spending money that i am going to stick with it. (husband's words actually!) Thanks again!!! Sometimes I just need that daily dose of kick in the butt from the people that know what I am going through! (But I wont tell my husband that and hurt his feelings!)
  23. Awesome to hear! You wont be disappointed either! Dr. Rod is fantastic! Which hospital are you going to? I went to Star Medica in Juarez and it is a really nice hospital. I liked the fact that I was in a hospital the entire time... no moving all my stuff to a hotel while I was trying to recover. There is another member that went to INT in TJ and didnt have that great of an experience with the nurses there but that was also about a year ago. I would hope that they would have fixed that by now! I am trying to figure out if I am a slow loser since I had a lower BMI to begin with but as of today, I have lost 11lbs in 3 weeks (this doesnt include the 14lbs of IV Fluid weight I gained in the hospital and had to lose once I got back home!). Good luck! Keep us posted on when you will be having surgery.
  24. Stick with Dr. Rod.... I went to him at Star Medica Hospital in Juarez and had a wonderful experience! The hospital is super nice and Dr. Rod has YEARS more experience than Dr. Garcia and is why I chose him. JoAnne with BeLiteWeight was awesome with working with me and they are very professional unlike some of these other coordinators that come on the boards. Gottago is a coordinator for Dr. Garcia and only pops up to bash other doctors or drum up business.
  25. Yup! Egg drop soup was my saving grace! I pretended to "chew" the pieces of egg to death! made all the difference in the world cuz I was sick of sweet Jello (or anything sweet) by day 6.

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