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    extra skin anyone??????

    No thanks, I got plenty.
  2. Soup-a-Woman

    What are your favorite.....

    Sing it, sister. Went to Mexico in June and it was high 90's and I was finally "just right" for the first time in months. I wouldn't let my family put the air conditioning on in the room and they were very cranky. Told the hubs we might have to consider relocating to a warmer climate!
  3. Soup-a-Woman

    Vitamin Suggestions

    I could not, absolutely could not take the chewable Vitamins. It got so I started to gag if I so much as looked at the bottle. For awhile I simply stopped taking vitamins at all, but then my bloodwork came back and I got caught. My nutritionist recommended a swallowable pill that has saved me. It's called Rainbow Light Women's One. I only have to take one a day and it has worked great for me. I bought mine from Amazon. It's a pretty big pill, so if you struggle to swallow pills this may not work for you, but it is definitely working for me.
  4. Soup-a-Woman

    Should I postpone surgery??

    Of course, ultimately, you have to do what is best for you and your family. However, I do agree that waiting for the "right" time financially could never happen. For me, I would go ahead and have the surgery done. A year from now you will be healthy and strong and able to be a much better parent than you are right now. Money comes and goes in this world (it seems to "go" much easier, though). I'm just a couple of weeks away from my one-year anniversary and I've lost 140 pounds. I'm forever grateful I had the surgery!
  5. Soup-a-Woman

    Should have NEVER told my mother

    So well spoken. Great advice!
  6. Water, water, water! The only problems I had after surgery was because I let myself get super dehydrated by not sipping all day. I had my surgery on a Friday and went back 10 days later on a Monday. I'm a teacher, and it was strenuous... no sitting at all. I would've been fine - tired, yes, but fine - except for the fact that I couldn't get my water in. Put a bottle right on your desk and work at it consciously. You can do this!
  7. Soup-a-Woman

    1 year Aniiversary

    Congratulations to you! And here I was happy to be a size 10. You look Faaaaa-bulous!
  8. October 7th will mark my one-year anniversary. My weight loss has greatly slowed during this past month, but I am down 140 pounds in less than a year. I feel fantastic... I'm active like never before and am loving life. Having sleeve surgery was one of the very best decisions I ever made in my entire life. For all of you contemplating or about to have your sugery, know that there is life on the other side. And it is goooooood. One of the things that helped me during this year was eating Soup. I turned into a soup-obsessed feak, mostly I think, because I could not bring myself to drink the Protein shakes. Man, I hate those things. But I made a lot of my own Soups and really bumped up the protein in them and enjoyed that much more. I'm glad I found this community. I didn't know it existed before today. Cheers to us all! Soup-a-Woman
  9. Soup-a-Woman

    Coming up on my one-year anniversary

    Orzo is simply a rice-shaped Pasta. You can use rice in the soup, but I think orzo stands up to freezing better. It won't turn as mushy. I always freeze my soups, because I could never get it all eaten before they went off! Orzo To be honest, I don't pay that much attention to carbs. I haven't seemed to have any issues with "regular" food. I don't sit down and eat a loaf of bread, obviously, but if I have enough Protein in the meal, the carbs don't seem to matter that much. 1/2 cup of orzo has 62 carbs (Ronzoni brand) - so spread out over 20 servings of 1/2 cup each it's pretty minimal for the orzo itself. My husband loves this soup!
  10. Soup-a-Woman

    Where did you have you surgeries?

    Dr. Landerholm at the PSSC was my surgeon as well, and I have had a terrific experience. My one-year anniversary will be Oct. 7th and I'm down 140 pounds. Plus, he's not too hard on the eyes either.
  11. Soup-a-Woman

    Coming up on my one-year anniversary

    I don't have any blended soups ready to publish yet, but I am working on an edamame blended soup that will be great for protein. I do think that if you know already you hate Protein shakes it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a couple different small batches of soups and freeze them before you have your surgery. You'll be ready to roll then, and you probably won't feel too much like making soup right after your surgery. Make SMALL batches and freeze in 1/2 cup portions. If you make 2 or 3 different kinds it will help cut down on tastebud boredom.
  12. Soup-a-Woman

    Coming up on my one-year anniversary

    I haven't discovered a high-protein cold soup yet, although I'm working on it. Fortunately (????) we had a really nasty cold summer and I didn't have a heat issue for soup. Next year I'll play more with adding protein to a nice chilled soup. To make sure the soups are high in protein I usually include two different Proteins in each soup. So Beans, meats, high-protein grains, etc... The soup I posted yesterday on my blog has 15 grams per 1/2 cup and tastes really yummy.
  13. Soup-a-Woman

    Coming up on my one-year anniversary

    I just posted my new favorite soup on my blog... it has 15 grams of protein for only 1/2 cup serving! Soup-a-Woman blog I will be posting many many more!