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  1. I had my 3rd fill and this fill is kind of different! I really dont fill restricted or feel full like I was with the 2nd fill! I just feel tightness and my port sticks out more only! Thants when I know I am full only by my port sticking out. Not buy the feeling of being full!!! I can still eat anything I want but I try not to! Do u think I am to tight or another fill? Sometimes I will have a very mild pain but its noting to go to the doctor to see about it. I sometimes happen a little while after I eat! I have no heart burn at all. Is this normal?
  2. Renay2977


    Why when I get kind of full by band port stick out and arm pressure. Is that normal?
  3. Renay2977

    Is That Normal?

    Yes I think it is mental! I drink a lot of water, But I dont think I take in so much protein like I should!!! Just felling a little down!! Thanks
  4. Renay2977

    Is That Normal?

    I work out Mon-Thu! I had joined my fitness pal! I take in about 1570cal a day, I just had my 3rd fill last tue! and I feel I can eat more than I can with this 3rd fill. I had filled tighter with the 2nd fill.
  5. Renay2977

    Is That Normal?

    Weight is coming off slow! I had my 3rd filled and it fill like I am eating more than ever! I fell stuck at the same weight!! 35lbs ony lost 7mos Post-Op!!
  6. Renay2977

    I Hate My Scale

    Thats why I put my scale under my Bed!!
  7. Renay2977

    Chicago Banders

    Hello I am
  8. Hello Friends I am eating alot! But get full quickey! Small portions, very small. I seem to get hungry almost every 3hrs, But one good thing I chois healthy foods! Is that normal!!
  9. Renay2977

    Severe Pain In Neck And Shoulders

    Felling the same way!!
  10. Renay2977


    Thanks to all!
  11. Renay2977


    Hello Friends! Well 3day out of Post OP- I fell better, But this gas pain is killing me! I BEEN TAKING GAS TABS, its not going away, and a little pain in my right arm I know that is Gas! I NEED TO BURP SO BAD HELP!
  12. Renay2977

    This Pain!

    Friends its around the port!! and maybe gas!! I have to stand and pee! thats how much pa in I AM IN !
  13. Friends how long this pain will last? I cant walk,move around, its pain when I sit!! Plz pray for me
  14. Renay2977

    7 Days Till Surgery:)

    U mean 6 more day!!Lol, We have our Surgery the same day!! Keep me posted! We can bee Lapband Buddies!! Take Care........

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