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  1. Catracks

    Excess Skin and Insurance?

    You will be happier with the Xterra. I have a 2002 and LOVE it!!! It crawls up rocks almost as good as a Jeep. It does need to be lifted to clear some bigger rocks, but it is a wonder in the low gears. I don't have rashes either. There is no way I would be covered under insurance. The extra skin on the thighs and arms I can live with. The extra skin on stomach and lower abdomen really gets to me. I wonder if surgeons have low interest payment plans :-P
  2. A strong core makes all the difference. I don't ride as much now as my neighbor moved with her horses. I used to ride a sturdy Morgan. She had real issues with people on her back off balance so even when heavy I was pretty good. She did not startle easily at all, but one day, not paying attention, she jumped back at a rabbit and then spun half around. I was unseated and fell off still clutching the reins (boxed in by major streets). I landed on my side and messed up the ligaments in my lower back. Took me an age to get over that. My profile picture was on a horse in Supai, Arizona. This one was owned by a Havasupai Indian and he was busy with a pack train so he said, "Ride ahead. I'll catch up." and "They will run." BTW, If you heard that the Havasupai don't take care of their horses, that is bullsh**! That is their bread and butter. Anyway, that was the first real ride I had taken. The way in and out of Supai is horse, mule, hike or helicopter. It's a 12 mile ride with the last (or first) mile up a VERY steep canyon wall. All the horses and mules take the whole trip at a fast trot with either mail or supplies. They are in the best condition of any horses I have seen. Our weight, or lack of was probably a mini-vacation for them. That and I let him play in the Water at his leisure and intermittently walked. When the trails forked off, I trusted him to know the best way. That was funny because he would pick a path and then look at the other path not taken, sigh and move on. I could actually hear horse brain gears turning. He probably thought I was stupid. My point of this long story is that I rode fast and rode well. The pack train only caught up to us as we were heading up the canyon wall. Cowboy mounted shooting!!! I like. I would probably like competitive trail riding.
  3. I think the idea of once being so successful and gaining weight back is utterly intolerable to us. I am not going back to what I was in 2011 - NEVER!!! Meant to ask you Cowgirl, How has weight loss impacted your riding?
  4. I applied for membership to the group without first reading that I should try it out for two weeks. Oops!! I can't really buy the book right now. I will read through the posts, but I imagine there are some modifications for a sleever. My usual calories are 800 a day. The rules say fast is a quarter of the recommended calories which is 500 for women. Hmmm, it's still a deficit, but much more than a quarter of what I take in. I won't go to 200, but should I do 500?
  5. Catracks

    Its almost winter!

    I live in So Cal too, but there is a definite change in the air. It's not just the temperature -- it's the length of the day. When you walk into work and it's dark and you walk out and it's dark ... Okay, so it's not Siberia, but still. Hey, my chickens feel it. They've stopped laying.
  6. Catracks

    Its almost winter!

    Healthy Protein packed Soups and stews. There was a lady in here I think that had the best soup/chowder/stew recipes. You can make big batches and freeze them. Great to take for lunch. I lived on pureed soups during those first couple months.
  7. I has been while, hasn't it? I think I started to drift away when the boards started the weird little wars (aka: when can I eat Cheetos again -- You shouldn't do that -- have a little compassion -- stop judging me). I haven't been outside the veterans board and don't think I will. Check! No two days in a row. Tuesday/Thursday for me then. Thanks for the links!! I think I'll hang around.
  8. I'm going to give this a try. Which days do you fast? I can't do it on the weekends obviously. It would be much easier at work. Since Monday sucks anyway, I'm not going to make it any suckier. I think Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  9. Catracks

    I am a two year vet not at goal

    Today is horse day. I think I will post one of me on a horse in the water. It's our backside, but oh well.
  10. I was seriously thinking about doing a modified 5:2 with normal eating on the 5 days and shakes and broth on the 2 days. My favorite exercise is the hike which is extremely long duration obviously. I will look into the high intensity interval training. I have to admit that as the days get shorter, I turn into a slug -- or hamster? and want to hibernate. Pair that with an hour commute each way to work ... Whine, whine, whine ... How do you do the 5:2. I read about that Brit and he ate anything on his non-fasting days. I don't think so ....
  11. My surgery was Dec. 11, 2011. You can see my stats below. Life is great. This summer I got back from a trip where I had to hike 13 miles in and then back out of a canyon. I'm climbing mountains and loving it. The only problem I'm having is the extra skin which is bad, but not bad enough to be covered my insurance and these last few pounds I would like to loose. I am afraid that I've gotten my body into a metabolic syndrome by restricting calories for so long. I'm short and don't seem to need much, but am still at 800 calories. If I add carbs or more calories, I gain rather fast. To loose I'd have to drastically cut back, but what will that do in the long run? Anybody dealing with this? Anybody have a guess about what I should do to get going again. I think I have been gaining and loosing the same 5 pounds for two years now.
  12. Catracks


    I drink diet soda (yeah, yeah, bad, bad) and belch after every drink. I do try and do it quietly. I also hiccup when I'm full. I suspect that this is a forever thing. No biggie.
  13. Catracks

    I am a two year vet not at goal

    Way to go!!! I had my surgery on December 11, 2011 and am not quite at goal. I intend to ask a question about my situation in another post.
  14. I am almost 3 years out and pretty much stay around 800. I am on 5'1", but maybe it would have been better if I hadn't restricted to calories for so long. If I get much more than that I tend to gain. I'm so used to eating this way that it's no bother.
  15. Catracks

    Tiny bowls!

    I have an old set of restaurant ware. That is heavy restaurant china from the early to mid 20th century. These sets came with what were called fruit bowls. They hold about 4 oz. of liquid are are perfect for new sleevers. Hit Ebay and do a search on "Restaurant ware fruit bowls." There are some really cheap ones in every color you can imagine. Be careful because if you are like me you will think: The Soup cups for this pattern are cute ... so are the pie plates ... THEN: I like this pattern too. I would rather not disclose how many sets of dishes I have including serving pieces.

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