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  1. I just cant take it anymore, seriously ladies.

    I'm up another pound. I was told to increase my food intake and thats what I'm doing. So guess what? since i've increased my calories now I feel like i'm getting hungrier and hungrier. This small uptick is ruining everything now.

    I dont drink with my meals, I eat enough protein. I'm not hungry. I just dont understand what I'm doing wrong. Then there is the BS about give your body time to heal, blah blah. That is a cop out and full of crap. I was banded on 09/02. I've had surgeries before, knee, hernia, gall bladder, pregnancy etc and losing weight or not gaining wasnt a problem almost 2 months later!!! I understand a week or two post op, but not over a month. Its a band around your stomach, not cancer or a heart transplant.

    I've researched and there is no scientific basis of 4-6 weeks healing for lap band. That is something that surgeons tell their patients to make them feel better about stalling.

    Plus I have a lap band sister that eats more than I do and has been banded a little longer than me and she has lost weight. I feel so crummy! I'm DONE! if nothing has changed by 11/15. Then I'm going back on strictly Atkins and to hell with counting calories and fills. I'm going rogue!

  2. Im interested but my food is on myfitnesspal. Please send me the spreadsheet. I can tell you what my diet consists of. Protein shakes, tuna, baked chicken, and squash or spinach. That's about it and water of course. Oh and eggs too. In my experience men usually lose weight a lot easier than women. My husband can sneeze and lose weight!! Lol

  3. Oh I've been on myfitnesspal for a month now. I can not help but log everything! I'm not hungry. I eat about 800 calories a day. No fast food, not outside food. I mostly make my own dinner. I usally do a shake for breakfast due to time,then maybe a shake for lunch or some soup or chili or tuna. Then for dinner I eat a veggie and a protein. I am into Low carb for sure. I dont pay attention to fat. i dont get that much and low carbers usually don't count fat cause to be honest unless its saturated fat then some fat is good.

    I dont over eat. I have my second fill today, but only cause I lost 4lbs when I got my first one. So I wanna lose these 4lbs. I actually have to make sure I eat cause I'll go a whole day and not eat if im careful. I wasnt a big eater before the lapband. Before I got preggo I lost about 60-70lbs on my own, but it was hard. Once I hit about 273 I started to stall bad. 2 months later I got pregnant. I thought the lapband would help me and increase my weight loss. I'm a slow slow loser.

    Oh I've been working out off and on for about 3 years now. I currently work out 5 days a week. hard cardio, I strength train too 3 days out of the 5.

    Ive been told to eat more calories but my surgeon says less than 1200. Before the band when i was eating 2000 or so a day I still lost very very slow and not consistant. Before I didnt weigh myself everyday. I would do it once a week. I'm trying not to weigh twice a day, but I feel if I dont then how can I adjust or know how i'm doing?? I use to measure, but that drove me crazier than the weigh ins. I would measure my stomach and overnight I would grow or lose an inch depending on whatever whim my body feels like torturing me that day. I measured my legs and the same thing, just up and down and up and down. So I gave up on that.

    I'm a type A person. I look for results. If I can gain 4 overnight I find it downright cruel that I cant lose 4 overnight. Nope. My body is evil it adapts to working out and dieting quickly. It heals quickly. I had a c-section and was healed and you couldnt even tell a month later. My lapband scars are almost gone.

    I just want to be normal. No crazy refeeds. No stalling for 2 weeks then mysteriously lose 3 lbs. No killing myself in the gym to the point of exhaustion and the inches not melting away. I've never been this cranky before. I'm down right miserable. I've been on diets and stuff before, but never felt this crazy!!

    I'll try to drop the scale for now. I wish I could just get rid of it, but my husband has to weigh himself everyday for health reasons. But I do have a weigh in today for my fill and I know I'm gonna be upset. *sigh*

  4. Thanks deedee! Your right. I wanted to hear peoples experiences and what not. I don't need a kick. I kick myself enough. I'm very hard on myself that's y I need a gauge cause yes I'm type A person. I look at results as a meter for success. I just don't need people talking to me like I'm a child. I'm grown.

    Every post I have made here has been positive. I try to ask questions or give my opinion in a tactful way. Not trying to preach. I'm a positive person.

  5. i track everything thru myfitnesspal.com I eat an average of 600 calories per day. I know i need to excersize and this week I'm doing 4 days. I cannot lift weight which is killing me, I hate, hate, hate cardio. I struggle with boredom to do 30 min, but I do it. I do hard cardio, I dont like classes or anything. Not a people person. I either jog or hit the eliptical. I am not hungry either. I dunno how others are getting banded and getting hungry. I force myself to eat.

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