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  1. True results here! I live in Dallas and banded on 09/03/11!!!
  2. Texasbandit

    How Much Weight Did You Loose At 6 Months?

    i've found that how much weight you lose depends on your starting weight and height. the more you weigh the more you will lose. I've lost 61lbs and I am just at 6 months 2 days ago. I have a hundred to lose as my goal.
  3. Texasbandit

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    Maybe it's cause it's the holidays? I've been trying to work out but ive been so tired, but I've been losing consistantly. I've been working hard though. I log in everything I eat and work out at least 5 days a week. I've lost almost 50lbs but I've got another 50 to go.
  4. Ok I'm gonna be a Debbie downer but have you really thought about what it takes to be successful with the lapband? It takes work and it's not a cure for anything. I just get a little alarmed when I see people that has had other weight loss surgeries or plastic surgery and still haven't been successful in losing weight. Have you tried dieting and excersize? Did you know that some lapband doctors push for a low carb or restrictive diet? Why not try a serious work out and diet plan with a nutrtionalist? Cause with the band you will be restricted and advised to workout. It's all about changing your life. Just think about it.
  5. Texasbandit

    Progress Report Banded 09/02/11 And Sadness

    I'm hanging in here. Just doing it one day at a time.
  6. Hi everyone. Well grumpy sour puss Texas bandit is here to update: It's been a rough couple of weeks. My hubby, due to medical reasons, cannot drive anymore so that has disrupted my normal workout routine for mornings. I am still trying to feel my way thru this. I bought some dumbells to use at home and I still walk for an hour on my lunches. Friday-Sunday I hit the gym, hard. I still feel like I can and should do more, but I just dont see how it's possible with my schedule. I cant work out after work either. I gotta pick up my child from his sitter.I wish daylight savings time wasnt here either. I cant even go walking after i pick up my hubby. I dont feel safe at night by myself walking. Despite all that I am losing weight steadily now since I've been on my kidney meds. My dr, doesnt know how long I have to be on them, but at least for now I dont blow up if I eat anything salty. My diet has been really good. I try not to beat myself up too much, but I do aim for prefection. I do under 1200 calories a day. I got my 3rd fill on 11/08/11. I can feel restriction a little more. I have gotten a bit stuck a few times, but no vomiting. I just need to slow down and stop talking and eating! LOL! I've lost 38lbs since 08/28/11. I feel better and look great. Family holiday pictures are in two weeks, so I'm really trying to lose another 5lbs or so. I havent been this thin since I was about 22 so 12 years ago. I have gone from a size 22/24 to a size 16!! From 3x to XL. I've done more clothes shopping and went thru my closet and tried on everything and bagged up everything that is too big and looked stupid. I just keep thinking all of it is gonna stop one day. I feel that one day I wont lose anymore. I know its a crazy stupid fear, but does anyone else feel like that?? I just feel that one day the scale wont more. I weight myself everyday still, but I dont go crazy if I gain one pound. I honestly havent had the wild swings up and down since I've been on my pills. I just dont feel I can get down to 230! That is my goal for now. Can I lose another 38lbs? I'm finding it hard to believe for some reason. Maybe its cause I've never been thin in my whole life? I dunno.
  7. Texasbandit

    Finally an answer!!!!!!!!!

    After doing everything that I could to lose weight and going nuts I went to my primary care physician on friday to have a checkup and blood and urine work. So.......drum roll please! Tah dah! There is something wrong with me. My kidney's!! I've never been so happy to have a health issue ever! So It wasnt me. I havent cheated on my diet. I'm in the gym 6 days a week and busting my butt. I have a great restriction and under 1000 calories. I explained to my doctor what was happening and how crazy I was going by not losing. I weighed in at 279 on my appointment. So i took a urine test. Nope, it wasnt me. I have a condition where my kidneys does not process salt. I eat a low sodium diet and everything, but still my body holds onto salt and causes water retention. I am waiting for my blood work to come back to see if I have to see a kidney specialist. In the mean time my wonderful doctor gave me temporary meds to flush my system. I feel great!!! I am down to 271 today! I actually had a semi- cheat. I ate one slice of pizza and no bloat, no gaining 3lbs!!! I've lost 2 inches in my waist too and dont feel like a puffy mess. I feel like a weight has been lifted and i'm in a much better mood now. After all these years I wonder why no one found this. So it's not my metabolisim! yeah!!!
  8. Texasbandit

    Sweet Tooth!

    what level are you on? I was eating solids one month post op. I know Jello has those mousse things too. they are soooo good. sugar free too. Also try a company called big train. look them up. They sell brownie and cookie mixes that are low carb, sugar free goodness. One cookie is 60 calories and 5 carbs. I baked a batch just this week.Taste just like the real thing.
  9. Texasbandit

    Do you regret it?

    Wow shelly sorry! Sounds like a pain in the butt. I hope you get it removed soon. I was thinking about what the OP said. I wonder if it's worse being thin then getting fat then to never have been thin ever. I wonder how would I feel to look at old pictures of me a size 6 and now I'm a size 18. I think it would drive me nuts! I look at my high school pictures and see a 340 pound dork who was miserable. I decided at 18 to lose weight and it took 2 years but I got down to 265. The smallest I've ever been was a size 14. I'm still a dork but as I got older I've went from an huge ugly duckling to a fat swan!
  10. Me too. I'm trying to have another baby next year so I never considered a bypass. I want something I van have removed if need be.
  11. Texasbandit

    Up one pound today and about to give up.

    I'm trying guys I am but up another pound today!!!
  12. Texasbandit

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    I have my 3rd fill on 11/08. I have to go see my surgeon before that. The first fill I felt it.I got 2 cc's. I don't know how much they put in it this time. I was banded 09/02. I don't feel anything but I can eat more than a cup of food but I don't cause I'm not hungry but then again if I ate so little I think I would get 600 calories a day.
  13. Texasbandit

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    I got my ticker at myfitnesspal.com. Once you register and create it a URL will be given then you just add the URL to your signature on here!
  14. Hi there folks! Anyone every try Optifast or Medifast either before or after they had lapband surgery. I'm not talking about pre or post Op just before you got the band or after you have been approved to return to eating solids? Did it work for you? oh for those who dont know what those are. Opti and medifast is a supervised plan where you drink shakes as Meal Replacements all day or some programs have it where you drink 3-4 shakes and then have a low calorie/low carb meal for dinner and a few Snacks. I'm thinking about doing this.
  15. Texasbandit

    Yup fill PA done made me mad!!

    I had my 2nd fill yesterday and it was painless. I have gained 5lbs since my cheat day on Sunday. Today I think I am down 2lbs, but really I dont know anymore. The scale at the fill center says i'm 280, but I know 1lb of that at least was what I was wearing but whatever. I've noticed during the day I am at least 2lbs heavier. Anyhoo...The PA questioned what I ate and how I worked out and sounded like I was lying! I was deeply hurt and offended. It's bad enough I'm a slow loser and one cheat day sets me back a week. I dont need anyone else making me feel like I'm not working hard. I am. I've never worked this hard ever trying to lose weight. She said it would almost be impossible for me to eat less than 1000 calories and work out 4-5 days and be the weight that I am. I should be losing 4-8lbs a month. for my size it should be 6 punds a month. She told me to bring a print out of what I'm eating for a week for my next fill. Whatever. Ugh I'm so mad. yeah I should weigh 274, but guess what? My body SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully liquids for a few days will help. I'm out of answers. I'm so confused. If I upp my calories and that doesnt work then I'm going to what I know. Ultra low carb high calorie diet. I lost consistantly by not counting calories but carbs. I count both now and it is killing me. So yeah she made me feel like a failure. I guess I am. I am so cranky lately and on edge. I dunno what the band is doing to me??? Is it the lack of food. I dunno? something has to change. Something has to give, but I dont know where to start.
  16. Texasbandit

    Yup fill PA done made me mad!!

    Im interested but my food is on myfitnesspal. Please send me the spreadsheet. I can tell you what my diet consists of. Protein shakes, tuna, baked chicken, and squash or spinach. That's about it and water of course. Oh and eggs too. In my experience men usually lose weight a lot easier than women. My husband can sneeze and lose weight!! Lol
  17. Texasbandit

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    I've stalled and not hungry. I've stuck to the plan and working out. Had a cheat day and gained 5lbs!!! Check my blog it's so insane.
  18. Texasbandit

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    Spaghetti squash is easy! Cut in half and bake for 40 min rind side up. Let cool a little then with a fork scrap the insides. It makes very thin like angel hair pasta.
  19. Indeed stroganoff this sucks hard!!! I've been an angry b**** since being banded. I don't know why my mood is swinging? Perhaps its the lack of calories or what. I don't have a clue but something has to give. I'm even evil at work which is shocking.
  20. Texasbandit

    Almost One Year Lap Band Anniversay

    Ok this cant be right it says I burn 2455.41 a day? So for the OP 1550 is very low. maybe they did some other kind of test?? There is no way by doing nothing I burn so many calories. If so I would lose more weight.
  21. Texasbandit

    Feeling Sad...

    Well i'm here with ya too, but I'm out 6 weeks and only lost the first week after surgery. Do u use myfitnesspal to track calories and excersize?? I do, I'm jedi9393. Lets have our pity party together! lol I am an angry, angry bandster. My surgeon told me that I should be losing regardless of surgery date and what not. so go figure. 1-2lbs a week so far has been BS. Sorry, but thats the truth for me,
  22. Carisa welcome to the wonderful world of disgruntled bandster land! I'm with you! I was banded 09/02 and the only time I've dropped pounds was after my fill 2 weeks ago. I dropped 4lbs and no one knows y. I didn't eat much after my fill so maybe that's it but I can't continue on liquids forever. It's driving me mad. Before I had my baby I lost 60 lbs in about 8 months just by low carb and working out. Now nothing. So I dunno what to tell us.
  23. Pats fan, yes my dr says under 1000 calories. No more than 1200. With the band not hungry at all. I think the band can work miracles for those that overeat or have poor eating habits. The band has helped me eat way less, but as for the weight loss it's the same plateaus and stalling I had when I was eating low carb at 2000 calories a day. My surgeon says healing period is 2 weeks. I get my 2nd fill on the 11th. It was the pre and post op diet that made me lose the weight I have, plus Water weight. So of u feel thay eating is not your issue then I recommend rethinking your reasons for getting the band and proceed with caution. I'd rather be able to eat low carb, 2000 calories, work out 4 days a week and lose 1 pound every 2 weeks them have the lapband, eat 800 calories, watch my portions, Protein etc,work out hard 6 days a week then stall for 2 weeks. I wish someone had told me this and talked me outta it.
  24. Texasbandit

    Post band eating

    I'm jedi9393 on mfp. U can see what I eat. I do low carb and low calorie. I too eat around 800 cal but I was told by my surgeon to do low calorie and low carb. I eat 60 g of protein. I'm rarely hungry. I'm pretty much forcing myself to eat to prevent me from passing out.
  25. hey pats fan! you and me were in the same boat. I thought that lapband would make it easier for me to lose weight. I have yet to experience that. Sometimes I do feel as if this has been a waste. I havent had any complications or vomiting. I feel fine. I've been banded for a month now and do feel a bit disappointed. I did have my first fill already and still struggling. Please choose carefully and think if you can lose without the band then do it. I am a disgruntled bandster for sure. I too was told that I was the perfect candidate, but I am a slow slow loser and despite me working out 4-5 days a week and eating healthy and under 1000 calories I still havent lost the magice 1-2lbs a week. I'm going for my 2nd fill in a week or so. Once again not hungry, just being told that a fill is a good thing. Ask your surgeon what is his pre-op dietary requirements after you can eat solids. I suggest if you are doing the same diet then think twice about the lapband. But yeah Gastric Bypass hasnt even once crossed my mind, No way!

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