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    elgrande got a reaction from BeachBish in hey everybody !   
    Hey Anne, Seems your losing the weight pretty fast. I got the band June 27 and I cant wait to reach the 100 lbs mark. Keep up the good work. Also im not 20 only in my heart, lol
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    elgrande reacted to lifebegins2012 in 2Nd Fill   
    Hi. I think every Healthcare provider varies. I have been private pay, had some fluid put in at time of surgery and have now had 2 fills. I'm 9 weeks post op and up to 5.5mls in a 10mls band. Since I have paid for a two year aftercare package, I kind of think they are proactive to get you to restriction asap as less fills mean less appointments required.
    My handbook advises what to expect from The Hospital Group and at what stage but in reality they have cut corners ie... no 1st bandfill under xray (just the nurse giving a fill), no follow up appointment with surgeon(left to dietician and nurse) and not even the pedometer it says we have to count our daily steps!
    I don't have a date for my third fill but it is going to be early July as the dietician dropped heavy hints about just how busy they were in June!
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    elgrande reacted to TracieR in 5 Day Pouch Test   
    I use it when I hit a plateau or notice myself picking up some bad habits. It is kind of like hitting the reset button for me! It gets me back to basics. Works everytime to put me back ont he right track! @bluetigereyes - google it!
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    elgrande reacted to DRCS in 5 Day Pouch Test   
    Not sure either what the 5 day pouch test is. Let me know because if it is for plateaus, I need it !
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    elgrande reacted to ladyTy in 5 Day Pouch Test   
    those this 5 day pouch test help you loose weight i would like to know what this is
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    elgrande reacted to ssankofa73 in 5 Day Pouch Test   
    The 5 day pouch test is a high protein, low carb diet that is 5 days long. Its starts with full liquids and works its way down to solid foods on the 5th day. You can find info on it at http://www.5daypouchtest.com/. I used it a few months ago before I had my lapband revision and I plan on using it when I get my fills. People generally use it to help them to jump start weight loss after a plateau, get them back into the habit of using the band technique of eating proteins first, remind them of the feeling of satiety they should feel when eating the right portions, etc.
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    elgrande reacted to ♥LovetheNewMe♥ in How Long Does A Plateau   
    My plateau lasted 6 months, I did the same as you added more activity, logged everything I ate. I did not cheat, eat junk food, etc but I was stuck. I had an adjustment the end of January and have dropped 23 lbs. I recently added working out with a trainer and he has me doing weight training 3 days week and 45 minutes of cardio where I get my heart rate into my target zone. I don't know where you are in your WL journey but I am near my goal and it seems that I am having to work really hard to get these last pounds off. My body seems to need an adjustment time everytime I drop a significant amount of weight, and usually when I am not losing pounds i seem to be losing inches. Please don't become discouraged, as long as you are eating correctly and exercising the weight will eventually come off.Good luck.
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    elgrande reacted to waitingpatiently in Day 4 Preop Diet....something Isn't Right?   
    I can only comment on may own experience, but it was stressed to me by my doctor to maintain a lean high protein/low carb diet.....This will send your body into ketosis and it will start burning fat stored around the liver. So I was put on a diet of 60 protein/less than 30 carbs a day/ less than 700 cals a day.
    He recommended 2 protein shakes and a lean cusine to keep it simple. It took 4 days before my body hit ketosis then I started losing a pond a day for the next 10 days!! It was amazing to see the scale change like that!!
    So it may be worth considering.
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    elgrande reacted to ♥LovetheNewMe♥ in Quote About Not Giving Up   
    Excellant encouragement for the start of the weekend. Thank you!
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    elgrande reacted to SageTracey in Quote About Not Giving Up   
    So true.
    my favorite is "You can have excuses or you can have results but you can't have both."
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    elgrande reacted to workinprogress0180 in 7 Months And 100 Lbs Down   
    Oh man thats great! I so cant see me losing close to that much. I was banded 5 weeks ago and I just had my second fill today. I swear the darn thing isnt working...yikes...Happy for you though. My weight loss is at a stand still
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    elgrande reacted to suzbuni in 7 Months And 100 Lbs Down   
    woohoo!! way to go. that is awesome.
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    elgrande reacted to Regnu in 7 Months And 100 Lbs Down   
    Great weightloss! Hope I can do the same. Having surgery on Feb 3rd.
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    elgrande reacted to shakey88 in 7 Months And 100 Lbs Down   
    Congrats...I also lost 100 pounds in 7 months! Such a great feeling!

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