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  1. Sounds yummy I'll have to try that when that time comes. I am one week 2 days out and all I think about is food. So I'm looking for hood recipes to try when I can finally eat again.
  2. Sheenan

    Cheese Crisps

    Did you eat them on soft foods?
  3. Sheenan

    Alcohol? Carbonated bevs?

    Tiffykins how long ago did you have surgery if you don't mind me asking
  4. Sheenan

    Puree stage

    So everyone uses different wording for the stages spool is soft foods the same as purred foods???
  5. Sheenan

    Why sugar free

    Why does everything have to be sugar free? Is this something we have to live by or is it something during the stages of food?
  6. My NUT told me I can eat anything that can be blended in a blender on a full liquid, but I'm still questioning somethings. Did anyone blend chili and if so did it cause problem? At this point I've been living off of pudding and don't think I can do another bit without getting sick. I can't to soups they make me gag I'm very picky so I'm running out of options and I have a week before I go on to soft food so I really needs some ideas.
  7. I liked my surgeon also but the staff was and is snotty. I hate calling to ask questions because they are so rude.
  8. Sheenan

    Chili on full liquid

    So does purred foods come after full liquids or is it the same as full liquids?
  9. Sheenan

    protien powder flavor

    I went to the dr just to be sure and my calf on the left was a little bigger on the left, so I was send for a ultrasound and everything came back ok so I was very relieved but still wasnt able to walk on it for a day.
  10. So I had surgery on the 26th of July and today I'm so tired all I want to do is sleep and lay around. I try to do things but when I get up I feel so weak that I just need to sit down. Also since surgery I have had this really sharp pain in the middle of my abdomen it comes and goes all day, it is kind Of like a gas pain but worse. Has anyone else experienced this? I was up all night with this pain.
  11. I had surgery on Tuesday and I'm having a pain in the back of my left calf but it's only when I'm walking around. I called the dr office and the nurse said it doesn't seem like any complicicarions but I'm so worried it could be something.
  12. Just curious if it's the protein that shrinks the liver or is it the weightloss? I've lost 7 lbs since Tuesday but im mostly drinking water and not drinking the shakes.
  13. I started my liquid diet on the 19th of July and will be having surgery on the 26th. I really am worried and hope I can get some help with my question. I have a hard time keeping the shakes down,they are so nasty and it doesn't help that I cannot stand milk. the first day I did ok. The second day I was only able to get one down, third day I couldn't handle it ran straight to the bathroom after drinking the shake. Today is my fourth day I have decided that I'm just going to drink water and that is it. Even thinking about drinking broth or eating jello makes me sick. So my question is will not eating at all shrink my liver? Will not eating cause problems with my surgery? Please help!
  14. Sheenan

    So sick on pre op diet

    I will look into the isopure. Thank you all so much I'm not so stressed anymore.
  15. Sheenan

    So sick on pre op diet

    I've only tried The whey protein I can't afford much right now, but I was told about a protein shot I'm not sure what it is I'm going to look into that. Also I have never liked milk so I'm sure that is my problem it just makes me sick.
  16. Sheenan

    So sick on pre op diet

    I'm not sure I believe it is Whey protein but I got it at walmart. Im almost to my surgery day so I'm just going to drink water and hope Ill be ok.