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    kamrie37 reacted to Lisa's Hope in This Is What Losing 82 Pounds Looks Like! :d   
    Thank you!! Yes I have lost A LOT of hair! I am so blessed because I had very thick hair before. I've had 5 inches cut off since surgery but I've noticed the loss has slowed.
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    kamrie37 reacted to damanda in Tail Bone Pain   
    Horrible pain, and I am not even skinny yet! I hope my little booty does adjust as we go along because I have a desk job also and right now i have a big pillow sitting on my office chair. It is so sad the butt & boobs are the first to go.
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    kamrie37 reacted to kyllfalcon in Tail Bone Pain   
    Same here. Used to have really big butt, now it's flatter than a flitter (whatEVER that is!). Can't even sit in a recliner very long!
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    kamrie37 reacted to Faganberry in Tail Bone Pain   
    Thank goodness it's not just me! I thought I was going crazy, it's a real problem for me with the 70 pound cushion gone!
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    kamrie37 reacted to justbeth in Deeper Penetration   
    OMG...giggling as I type. I cant wait to finally get some. I home it is everything like u just described...my belly, im sure has taken away inches from penetration...even my butt when he hit it doggystyle. So here's hoping and waiting to see the affects on my sex life!!!!
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    kamrie37 reacted to Butterthebean in Deeper Penetration   
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    kamrie37 reacted to SkinnyMinnie2Be in Did Anyone Not Grow Their Hair Back?   
    Those of you that are losing hair, how much Protein on average do u get in/day? Are u meeting the 60gm min requirement? Are u taking Biotin? Just curious as I am 5 weeks out. Haven't had any hairloss but my hair is thin to begin with
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    kamrie37 reacted to ProudGrammy in Shhhhhh.....its A Secret!   
    235 lbs
    10 1/2 months later
    goal weight
    total down
    95.1 lbs
    4.9 lbs to goal & century club WooHoo
    remember-- don't tell anyone
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    kamrie37 reacted to mi2sc in You Know You've Been On Liquid Protein Too Long, When:   
    When the thought crosses you mind to open you daughter's butterfinger from Trick or Treating to smell it and maybe, just maybe lick it...
    I didn't...but I just want something besides liquids/protiens!
    I dream of cottage cheese...Mmmmm
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    kamrie37 reacted to geno5150 in This Is A Disgusting Post, Please Only Readif You're Ok With Explicit Fces Talk!   
    This is the single greatest thread in the history of the Internet.
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    kamrie37 reacted to doxieville in This Is A Disgusting Post, Please Only Readif You're Ok With Explicit Fces Talk!   
    That's dreadful. And I don't think that you are alone with this. It sounds like maybe you might not be consistently drinking enough Water?
    Go buy suppositories laxatives at your drug store to have in case this happens again. They will soften things up from the anal area.
    Do you feel better now?
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    kamrie37 reacted to 4weightlosssake in June Sleevers! Hows It Going?   
    Surgery date was June 14th and I'm down 41 lbs. it was a revision surgery from lap band and I'm so so glad I revised. I look so much healthier at the same weight I looked sick with lap band. I don't even exercise and still the weight is coming off gradually. I can't believe I put my body through the crap of lap band for more than 3 years. I was 198 lbs the morning of surgery and 157 lbs this morning.
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    kamrie37 reacted to SpaceyCasey in Deeper Penetration   
    Lol I had to train my husband to stop jack rabbiting. Just make him slow down if it's hurting you!
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    kamrie37 reacted to vonego82 in Halloween Contest October 31 2012   
    okay just an update:
    sleeved on sep.7th: 232
    current weight: 200
    goal by halloweenie: 192
    8 pounds to go, sounds almost too impossible, but eh last time I commented on here I was 212, so I lost 12. total 31 pounds!!
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    kamrie37 reacted to chocolatetye in Halloween Contest October 31 2012   
    I hit goal today!!! 240 pounds
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    kamrie37 reacted to iggychic in What Do You Fear Most?   
    If I remember right it was to lose weight...the same reason most have it.
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    kamrie37 reacted to dadici in What Do You Fear Most?   
    I fear that being thin won't actually fix anything. I've been very large since high school- I don't have any concept of what it's like to be a "normal" size- that's scary.
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    kamrie37 reacted to Tenshi in What Do You Fear Most?   
    I'm terrified of regaining weight.
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    kamrie37 reacted to Trcyprkr70 in Halloween Contest October 31 2012   
    C W - 199 made to onederland yayyyy me....
    Halloween goal 195
    4 more lbs to go
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    kamrie37 reacted to AdeptDreamer in What Do You Fear Most?   
    As of now, my biggest fear is approval. Then if I get approved it will be complications. Then if I'm complications free it will be Hair loss. And then it will be my saggy skin.
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    kamrie37 reacted to mwrarr in I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours... Hair Loss.   
    My sister lost Patches of hair post-WLS, but, now abt 3 years post-op, it's come back & fuller. She used Biotin (10k mcg/day), Fish oil supplements (double doses), her multi (double doses) & a minimum 60g Protein, along with minimum 72oz water/day.
    My hair is waist-length & thick, but I will follow her "recipe" for sure. I already take 6k mcg Biotin daily. I'm not an overly vain person, but I feel like being the fat girl my whole life, my hair is the only selling point I've got!
    347*294/285/135 (*347HW/294SSW)
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    kamrie37 reacted to OneManWolfpack in Explain Your Name!   
    I think this pretty much sums it up:
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/TmWLISun9BY?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    BTW, ever since joining this site last month, my wolfpack has grown by hundreds if not thousands. Thanks everyone! Now who's up for Vegas????
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    kamrie37 reacted to polican in Explain Your Name!   
    I am Polish and my husband is Mexican, Polish+Mexican=Polican
    We call our kids little Policans or Mexilocks
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    kamrie37 reacted to chitowngirl in I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours... Hair Loss.   
    FYI I use Xfusion it's a life saver. I'm not self conscious about my hair. Anyhow if you have a Sally's beauty supply near you they sell the same type of product it's called topikk. They really are great. They so not help with growth, but honestly I always get compliments on my hair when I have it in my hair.
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    kamrie37 got a reaction from dag1757 in Looking For A Buddy   
    You have done an awesome job! You can message me anytime. I live in Lake Elsinore. Do you have a Myfitnesspal? If so, my name on there is kandizkrazy

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