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  1. kamrie37

    Soreness & No Weight Loss in 3 Months

    Miss- How are you doing? Is the soreness still there?
  2. kamrie37

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Lake Elsinore, CA
  3. kamrie37


    I eat melba toast
  4. kamrie37

    St. Patrick's Day Challenge!

    I am in. My goat for March, 17th is 183. Today's weight: 190.2 Goat weight: 183 Pounds left to lose: 7.2
  5. kamrie37

    Soreness & No Weight Loss in 3 Months

    Miss- I am in the same boat. No loss since October. I know I am eating the wrong things. I started on Monday to be really strict again. I am eating less and not eating a lot of carbs. I was afraid that I stretched my sleeve out as well. I watched a YouTube video where a doctor talks about sleeve stretching and how it doesn't really happen so I feel better about that. I totally get you when you say you wished you would have opted for a different surgery! It is what it is, though and we need to make the best of it. The lowest weight I have seen on the scale is 190.8. That didn't last but one day, though. On Monday I was at 195.6. This morning I was at 191.4. I am hoping to be in the 180's by next week. It sucks that the surgery isn't a fix all. We all heard that prior to surgery, though.. It is time to be accountable for what we put in our mouths and work our sleeves! It is SO hard to get back on the wagon once you fall off, but just take one day at a time. It is a struggle but we can be each other's cheerleaders!
  6. kamrie37

    Crazy Stomach Noises

    I am 5 months out and my tummy is still talkin' all crazy.
  7. kamrie37

    Salad Dressing Suggestions

    I have mixed fat free Italian and a little Ranch. It tastes great!
  8. You look awesome and your hair looks great, too!! I am so jealous! Are you losing any hair?
  9. I get my protein in most days. I also take biotin, CoQ10, zinc
  10. I am losing tons of hair. It started at 2.5 months and I am going on 5 months and I am still losing tons. I started out with extremely thin hair to begin with. You can really see my scalp horribly. I use Xfusion to camoflauge. I have also bought a couple wigs. I don't wear them to work, but when I go out with my hubby I do. I love them. I am wearing one in my avatar picture. I started a thread called I'll show you mine if you show me yours. It shows pictures of my balding head and what it looks like after I put on Xfusion. I will try to do another update of how bad it is now this weekend. Losing my hair was my biggest fear. It is happening and there isn't a thing I can do about it. I hope it grows back. I do love the wigs, but would rather not "have" to wear them. I think it would be embarassing the first couple times I wear them to work if I had to.
  11. Made goal! Weight this morning is 195.8! Catch ya on the Thanksgiving Challenge thread.
  12. kamrie37

    Deeper Penetration

    My hubby actually bruised me... Did it two days ago and I am still sore.... not on the inside sore, on the outside where my pelvic bone is above my "man in the boat".
  13. Surgery date 06/12/2012 Weight before surgery: 273 Surgery weight: 248.8 Current weight: 199.2 Goal weight: 189 How many pounds until my goal: 10.2 No change this week.
  14. Surgery date 06/12/2012 Weight before surgery: 273 Surgery weight: 248.8 Last week's weight: 200.8 Current weight: 199.2 Lost this week: 1.6 Goal weight: 199 How many pounds until my goal: .2 No change this week..

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