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  1. Happy 44th Birthday Kristen1969!

  2. Yes...and I love how if I go out to dinner I will have 3 extra meals!
  3. I LOVE MY BAND! I honestly looked in the mirror this morning before work and thought...wow, I look SKINNY! It is even better than I imagined!
  4. Kristen1969

    Want Chips..?

    Yes I want chips! Are they in grocery stores? online?
  5. Happy 43rd Birthday Kristen1969!

  6. Kristen1969


    I love the clothes getting too big too! I actually arranged my closet (before surgery) by size and have already had to go twice to donate the too big clothes...and honestly...now again my clothes are quite baggy. I love my band
  7. Kristen1969

    No Ground Beef?

    I can eat it fine...but easier ground up vs a hamburger. But, I think the reason there is it is easier to take a small bite with a fork, versus a bite!
  8. Kristen1969

    1St Fill

    I just had my first fill this morning...and as I sit here sipping my broth I think I can feel it already?! It is probably in my head but that is a good thing to have in my head This is my 4th post-op appointment and my first fill. My surgeon told me that there was 4.5cc in my 10cc band from surgery...and she added 1.0cc today. I am hoping I go back to how I was NOT feeling hungry...instead of like these last 2 weeks where I felt hungry too much! Anything I should stay aware of? Can I go to the gym and lift weights tonight?
  9. Kristen1969

    What's On Your Grocery List?

    Not much at all! hahaha...definitely saving money! I buy lean ground beef, frozen chicken tender breast, 2% cheese, greek yougurt (I use for sour cream), light string cheese, vegetables (green/red peppers, tomatoes, broccoli), fruit (berries). I also make my own salsa and tomato sauce...yum!
  10. I just put EVERY article of clothing from the washer into the dryer :-)
  11. Kristen1969

    2 Nsv's

    I love your story! Way to go!
  12. Way to go! I love it
  13. I too had struggled with being heavy my whole life...and my doctor was clearly aware of this too! I worked out, went to Weight Watchers...and always had some success but would always gain it back...eventually. I was so surprised when I mentioned to her last summer that I just wanted to lose the weight for good...and she (who is very straight forward about her ideas...eat less, move more) suggested the band! She was all for it as it was less invasive, reversible if needed, etc. I was in shock. I had preconceived ideas and held the stigma that it was an easy way out! Well, she then suggested a weight loss surgeon and the next thing I knew I was attending the seminar in September and on the track to get my surgery. I was banded Feb 15th...and absolutely love the band! The best thing I ever did. I am not hungry...I following the rules...and am down almost 50 pounds from my weigh in at the seminar! So...I would suggest you just bring it up to your doctor! I would also bring in any information you have found about it...so you can discuss it. Best of luck to you! Kristen
  14. I didn't get a fill either at my one month post-op appt. My surgeon said, after talking with me and discussing my eating and that I wasn't hungry and that I was losing weight...that I didn't need one. She said I had Fluid in the band from the surgery...and that I may in fact already be in the green zone. She then said that normally she would schedule my next appt in another month, but if I wanted I could come in two weeks. I originally made the appt for 2 weeks, but called to cancel as at two weeks I was still losing weight and still not hungry! My next appt is April 10...so we will see then. At first I too WANTED a fill as that is so much of what you read on here...but, I totally understand that I don't need one yet! I feel good, and am losing and am not hungry so I LOVE THE BAND! Wishing all the best to you! Kristen
  15. I lost 12 pounds...and glad I did. The diet consisted of 3 New Direction protein shakes a day. I was not hungry...and quite frankly it was easy as you didn't have to think about shopping or cooking for meals. It was a great jump start!