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  1. In my opinion mind you...the Lap band is a tool and ONLY a tool. It means I am responsible for my loss...my choices to walk when I want to or not, what I eat or don't.

    Even with out tiny new tummies we can keep our metabolism running better by being aware of what and when we take in. For me, if I take in calories 3-5 times a day before 6 I always tend to lose on a consistent basis.

    Everyone is different and all of us have to own our own bodies and lifestyle changes...you wont fail if you keep success in your minds eye! :)

    Best of luck!

  2. I have kept walking and continue to have gassy pains....intestinal and non intestinal. The Protein powder I got is called synthesix from GNC, the reason I got it was because it contains Fiber and before my surgery on the shakes I got horribly constipated and feared the pain of that added to an already uncomfy belly. So far so good. I also got a huge container of powdered, drinkable Vitamins. Honestly I am really over sweet tasting stuff but considering how over food I am....worth it, totally!

    The pain Meds are ok but for the past 3 days I have tried really hard not to use them unless its to sleep and they seem to do the job when I need them.

    I have 4 holes in my tummy and since my belly button is glued shut and has twinges of pain I assume they used there too.

    So far I have lost 9 pounds since Monday!

    Am wondering if anyone had issues with their breathing and throat.

  3. Deep breaths! Never underestimate the power of positive thoughts/prayer ...and put down the food! Just so that you don't do damage to yourself. I would reccomend calling a crisis hotline......crazy I know, but true. I don't have family or lots of friends and during my divorce I was borderline psycho and didn't want to run to food or drugs and talking to someone did help. **hugs** prayers to you and your dear husband.

  4. I had my surgery 4 days ago (Monday Morning) outpatient and am attempting to get the nutrients I need and required liquid. I am walking but not cause it feels good! I am wondering if they went into my belly button cause its glued shut :/

    This is all so surreal.

    I am mostly here for support...the medical center I went to is good...but their support groups are far for me and I don't have any friends who can identify. So hi...anyone wanna be friends? Haha

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