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  1. Need2bSlim

    Week 3 Post Op - Mushy Foods

    I know what you mean. I hate cream Soups and broths. LOL I never want them again unless I am using them to mix into something greater.
  2. Thank you so much. I hope it does. LOL
  3. Need2bSlim


    Well maybe you can just collect everyone's email address and send out some eblast every month. Maybe you could work out a meeting place at different locations each month. Maybe some health food restaurants or small hotel conference rooms. Let me know if I can be of assistance by sending me a message. I ride in city park and I am occasionally in the french quarter. Its a bit shifty there on a bike. LOL Best, Slim
  4. I just ordered a bunch of things from www.lindasdietdelites.com. The list of low carb items is endless.
  5. Need2bSlim


    Greetings everyone, I am currently residing in Baton Rouge, but I go walking and now bicycling in New Orleans every Saturday. I was just sleeved on May 11, 2012 in Mexico. The experience was great and life changing. I hope that I can make some friends here and exchange some experiences and such.
  6. 10 days out of surgery. I am doing well. I have more of an appetite now. My only issue is dreaming and thinking of food. LOL Does anyone else do that?
  7. Need2bSlim

    Hey Guys

    Greetings Sleevers, I finally had GS surgery on May 11, 2012. I was sleeved in Mexico by Dr. Rodriguez. The experience was amazing and life changing. The one thing that drives me nuts is getting used to not eating. I can't believe how much food was a part of my life. I keep having dreams of food. LOL I may go to a therapist to discuss this issue. Any suggestions?
  8. Need2bSlim

    Any May Sleevers Yet?

    Yay!!! My date is May 11.
  9. Need2bSlim

    Any May Sleevers Yet?

    Anyone going to Dr. Rodriguez or through Belite?
  10. Need2bSlim

    Any May Sleevers Yet?

    I am rescheduled for May 11, 2012 with Dr. Rodriguez in Juarez at Star Medica. Still nervous as ever.
  11. Need2bSlim

    February 2012 Mexico Patients!?!

    Moved my date to May 11, 2012
  12. Need2bSlim

    Nervous About Mexico

    I go next month on February 15th to TJ. I know its difficult to make a decision, but just do as much research as possible. I am using Beliteweight and having Dr. Rodriguez perform my surgery. You can call them and ask as many questions as you would like. I see a lot of people that love Dr. kelly and Dr. Aceves. Dr. Kelly's prices aren't bad.
  13. Need2bSlim

    Surgery In Tijuana

    Dr. Rodriguez has some pretty good reviews. That is who I am scheduled with. Whats wrong with Dr. Kelly?
  14. Need2bSlim

    Has Anyone Used These Guys

    I tried looking for information on them as well and I couldn't find anything. You may want to check out Dr. Rodriguez, Kelly, or Aceves. Those are the doctors I hear about all the time. I am using Beliteweight.com for Dr. Rodriguez.
  15. I'm a scheduled for February 15, 2012. Who is else is taking this journey to Mexico? I am excited and nervous, happy and scared, and just going nuts right about now. LOL I am going to see Dr. Rodriguez in TJ.

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