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  1. CalsMom

    Let's bring Nebraska back!

    Congrats Wanda! That's just awesome! And today is your first fill.....anxious to hear how it goes! I am in Lincoln, too. Much farther behind in the process than you or muelle. I sent my paperwork into Tadducci/Hung last week so now I wait to hear from them. My insurance has no coverage for lap band. And every day I am up and down about financing. It's my only option. And my health should be worth it. My very supportive hubby keeps making comments about 'once you have your surgery...' He's cool with it, why aren't I?!?!? Love the ticker on people's posts. Will have to look into one once the ball is rolling. Looking forward to Nebraska autumn! Hope this band doesn't interfere with my family's annual apple picking festivities! I guess I'll end up eating a lot fewer apples.
  2. Howdy fellow Huskers! I was thrilled to find threads by state, but then the Nebraska forum has been silent for quite a while it looks like! I'm still collecting info, but am looking forward to a consult visit with Hung/Taddeucci soon. So tell me, how has your band-adventure been in Nebraska?
  3. CalsMom

    BCBS of Nebraska

    We have BCBS of Nebraska through my husband's employer. He called the customer service line for me a few weeks ago and asked about any bariatric surgeries being covered. Naturally, the answer was NO. But I do plan to go though the policy with a fine tooth comb this week and call with the procedure codes that are turned in by the surgeons I plan to use. At the seminar I attended last week, it sounds like the nurses really work hard with you on insurances. In the mean time, I was wanting to know if anyone out there had tried to utilize them for coverage of the lap band? I am very eligible for the sugery with a BMI of 43 and type II diabetes. Thanks!
  4. CalsMom

    I'm a newbie!

    Hi Shannon! I am pretty new to this site, too. So, welcome! Like you, I am collecting lots and lots of info but feeling like this is the way for me. I went to a seminar hosted by the surgeons I want to utilize as recommended by my GP and a co-worker. That was Thursday night-got a packet of info on all kinds of bariatric surgery options. My mother in law had a sleeve procedure done about 4 weeks ago, and is down 46 lbs! Just went for a visit over the weekend and WOW, you can really see her weight loss, and FEEL her relief. She is so glad she had it done. A close family friend had lap band done about 5 months ago and I'm not sure what he's lost, but saw him this weekend and he looks like a new person! You can tell he sure feels like it, too. Ok, I feel like I'm preaching to the choir on this! My biggest concern is cost, so after I finish up this, I am headed to look for the thread on insurance/pay options. My insurance says no bariatric procedures are covered. But I know I need to call them myself and discuss the whole insurance thing with the surgeon's nurse at my consult when I get that set up. I think in my heart, I know insurance isn't going to cover a dime and that makes me sick. But my health is worth it all, right? I have a 4 year old son, a wonderful husband (tomorrow is 13th anniv.!) and I am at my heaviest- I'm 5'3" and 243 (BMI=43). Like you, I've always been heavy. And no, skinny is not the point here! It's having the energy my son deserves, it's living longer and healthier. I've never been thin, so I have no idea what I'm missing. But I know I need this tool. I feel like I can't do it all, and alone, anymore. I'm a positive and confident person, but I can feel some of that waning, recently. UGH. OK, I admit, to buy some clothes in a dept other than plus would be super cool!! I'll be anxious to hear how your journey goes! I will have to try to keep up to date at this site, too. ALL THE BEST TO YOIU!
  5. CalsMom

    Hey! I'm New!

    Hi Nikki! I am brand new to this site and like you, thinking on it, reading up, looking for answers to questions. My mother in law just got a sleeve preocedure done (unsure which) so this whole weight loss surgery subject is fresh around our house. My general doc has mentioned the possibility of the band to me. I am diabetic and natually weigh too much. My last visit to the doc, not long ago, I weighed in at 245. A new high for me. UGH. I take waaay too many meds for a 38 year old. And I have a 4 year old that deserves a parent with more energy. Unfortunately a big concern for me is the cost of this surgery. I haven't done any applying to the insurance co yet. But I have lots to learn for a while yet. Keep in touch! It just so happens that I live down the road from you in Lincoln!

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