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LAP-BAND Patients
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    I will be having my surgery in 3 weeks. I have a husband and a son and I am 36. I live in Central Florida between Tampa and Orlando. My Dr is Keith Kim in Orlando area.
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    I wouldn't suggest doing the band over VSG... in my opinion. I first was going to do the band and changed my mind after seeing how many people decided to do a second surgery to revise from LAP band to VSG. I did tons of research before making my decision, and although I have gone back and forth about whether to go through with it (I am def. going to do it at this point... only 1.5 weeks away!!! so excited), I NEVER veered from what procedure after I decided on VSG.. Remember, it's just my opinion based on my research. I know someone personally who had LAP band with not so good results, but I also see that many have had success with it if they didn't have much to lose. I think it is totally up to the person's preference. One reason I chose VSG is that I wanted really good results (I have a lot to lose), but I didn't want a foreign object in my body (LAP band - my fears = band slipping, body rejecting, band growing into body tissue, going through a procedure and not seeing big results) and I didn't want my body functions altered/re-routed (Bypass - my fears = basically I wanted something a little less invasive and VSG was a good compromise)... The middle road was VSG. VSG, although only recognized as a procedure in and of itself in last several years, was part of the DS since the 80's. Many patients would get the VSG part done as a precursor to the DS, but it was realized that the VSG on it's own was successful for losing weight and became a stand-alone procedure. So, it has been around for awhile. There is not Vitamin malabsorption issues. Your body parts still function as normal - no rerouting. No foreign objects placed. Can tolerate NSAIDS better than some other surgeries (although it is recommended you don't take them at all if you don't have to). Etc... Many things influenced my decisions, and those are some of the reasons. I wish you the best in whatever decision you decide on. Remember, this is your decision - not your sisters' or kids'. Whatever makes you and your hubby feel comfortable doing, do that. If it is LAP, then do that. If not, then don't choose what someone else wants for you. I hope I was able to help some... Best wishes on your decision! I know each procedure has it's pros and cons, and you just have to decide which is right for you. :-)

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