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  1. Lanette

    The Basics Boot Camp

    Well....I'm going to start BootCamp today. I have been gaining over the last few months and I am NOT happy about it. Time to take back control. Thanks for posting Diva and for all of your posts and encouragement.
  2. Lanette

    Long Time No Post

    Thought i would also add a few new pics. :-)
  3. Well, it's been a really long time since I've been on here but I am determined to get involved again. I've missed you guys! I had stopped losing back around the first of the year at 159 lb. (My original "personal" goal was 155 b/c that is the "normal" BMI for my height.) I had just resigned to the fact that 159 is what it's going to be. I lost my sister to suicide in March andI did lose down to 155 (not exactly how I had planned to) but I eventually bounced back up to 160. I'm holding here, but I have noticed A LOT of increased snacking. I think it's b/c I realize that no matter what I eat, I'm not losing and no matter what I eat, I'm not gaining.....so I might as well enjoy it. I know this is not the right attitude and I'm trying to nix it b/c Reece's PB cups have become way to common and it scares the heck out of me. I guess my biggest question for you long timer's would be.....after you have stopped losing for good have you ever restarted to lose some more? I would love to lose about 10 more just to get closer to 150 so that I am officially where I wanted to originally be. Or should I just be happy where I am and get a better hold on this maintaning thing? Thanks for any input and I've missed you guys!!
  4. Lanette

    Reputation points

    Agreed. And on a mobile version I don't see a like button, red or green button, etc.
  5. Lanette

    Seeing is Believing

    Wow!!! It truly is an amazing transformation! Great job!!
  6. Lanette

    How do I tell people?

    I was very open about it and felt that if I explained the differences between VSG and other WLS that they are used to, that most people were very supportive. I did not have any true negative reactions. From day one, I have been passionate about getting the word out about this surgery because it is not as well known. I know do many LapBanders who didn't know there was a better alternative. I have had TONS of people ask me for more info, surgeons name, etc. of course I always send them here as well.
  7. Lanette

    Halloween (Oct. 31) - What will you Weigh?

    Still at 169, so 4lb to go. Have been in a serious stall and not looking promising for the Halloween goal.
  8. Lanette

    Christmas Challenge!!!

    I'm not going to post my starting numbers until I see where I end up on the Halloween challenge because I think I am going to come up short. Either way my Christmas goal has always been to be at my goal of 155 or my normal BMI. That will be just shy of 9 months surgiversery. I'm 14lb from there today and been stalled for what seems like FOREVER. but I am determined to hit it by the end of the year.
  9. Thank you ALL for your incredibly sweet compliments! I have cried tonight as I have read through them. It's amazing how we never think these things about ourselves, but it starts to seem more real hearing someone else saying it. I can remember looking at everyone's pictures when I was deciding on (and waiting on) surgery. I always said that I would add mine to the mix someday. I'm just glad that someone else might get inspiration or excitement over their upcoming surgery out of the pictures. Thanks again everyone!!
  10. Thanks for the sweet compliments. I actually did do a lot of the race with her on my back or shoulders. We jog/walk on our bike trail In town and she does pretty well at keeping up. She wanted to do the race with me so I let her. I just carried her when she got tired. We were anything BUT competitive, but we had a blast and we will both always be able to say that we did our first 5k together. .
  11. Lanette

    Maternity photo shoot

    Love, love, love the pics! So excited for you all!
  12. I was asked by the hospital where I had surgery (Summit Medical Center in Van Buren, AR) to do a photoshoot for a marketing campaign to promote the WLS program. I don't have the real pics yet, but someone snapped a cell phone pic fom the side. This was a huge NSV for me. I felt like a model and it was really fun! I recommend everyone doing something like this for yourselves. You could go to Portrait Innovations or even WalMart portrait studios for very little $, but we all have SO much to be proud of! A few other pics.... My FIRST 5k!! Two legs in one! My new size SMALL workout pants! (never thought I would be in a small anything!) The before shot for comparison sake...
  13. Thanks! My starting weight was 300 when I started my 6 months required PCP visits for insurance. After that, my weight was 268 on surgery consult day and 252 on the day of my surgery. I am at 169 today (will be 7 months post op on 10/28/11). My surgeon was Dr. Travis Goodnight in Van Buren, AR and I absolutely ADORE him. Congrats on your upcoming surgery....you'll do great! Keep us posted on your progress.
  14. Lanette

    Halloween (Oct. 31) - What will you Weigh?

    Screen Name........starting weight..........current weight..........goal........lb to goal Lanette...............177.8.......................170...........165.......5

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