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    ~winecountrygirl~ got a reaction from catheryn3 in Whatcha eating today!!! Sunday   
    Today is my first day off Clear Liquids so for Breakfast I had a 1/4c of Tomato and roasted red pepper Soup with a small dollop of sour cream top...YUMMY!! No problems going down and it was pure heaven!
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    ~winecountrygirl~ got a reaction from longer-life in Share of Cost???? what does this mean?   
    I work for the welfare department and give people medicaid daily. This is how it works: there are programs for children that have a higher income limit so kids can have medicaid without a share of cost, in other words, free medicaid. This is so children can get medical care more easily. Now the way they figure out an adult's share of cost is like this: Total income to family per month minus the maintenance need determined by the federal government for a family of 3 which is $930 (approx) then anything left over is your share of cost. So in other words the standard that is in place currently set by the federal government expects a family of 3 to live on approx $930/mo and be able to put ALL the rest of their income toward their medical bills. There is NO way around this. So, I know what the lady meant when she told you about the ER but first let me explain how share of cost (SOC) works. It is like a MONTHLY deductible, it is NOT like a monthly premium. You only pay $ out of pocket when you receive medical care. So for example, you go to the ER on the first of the month and your bill is $5000.00, you pay your SOC, in your case $881 and medicaid pays the rest. So for that month you can get unlimited medical care the rest of the month and pay nothing more because you have met your monthly deductible (SOC). Now in this case the $881 is a blessing, so much better than the $5000 ER visit or God forbid something worse and more expensive. This is not a great thing if you only go to your PCP for a check up and a RX refill because unless they add up to over $881 you will be paying the doctor and pharmacy out of pocket and medicaid pays nothing. So bottom line, you pay the first $881 each month out of pocket and medicaid pays the rest no matter how much, but your SOC re-sets the first day of the next month. I know it's a huge hurdle but $881 is better than $15000 the surgery likely costs. Sometimes doctors or hospitals will let you work out a payment plan but if not just save your pennies until you have the money. The other thing is if you think the amount is wrong you can have the medicaid department re-evaluate your share of cost. You said you have unemployment and said how much and so you SOC seems a little high based on just that income but if your kids are receiving child support or there is any other source of income it will all count. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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    ~winecountrygirl~ reacted to lsereno in You weigh less than me and You better not weigh less than me!!   
    OK, people. I know we are all used to having me be the fattest one in the group, but times have changed and you HAVE TO GET OVER IT!!!
    For those of you who now outweigh me, Yes, I do weigh less than you now. And I'm taller than you so my BMI is lower, but we won't talk about that. Please pull your face back into a look that approaches normalcy. I promise I will never bring up my weight or yours. I did this for my health, not so I could lord it over those who are still struggling with weight. I realize you have spent years patting yourself on the back because you are not as big as me, but those days are past. Pull up your big person panties and move on.
    And for many others, yes, my goal weight is less than what you currently weigh. No, I will not be anorexic at a healthy BMI of 22. Please don't compulsively ask how much I now weigh each time you see me and then calculate how much I have to lose before I weigh less than you. Please see the notes above for how I prefer you to handle this brave new world.
    Best wishes,
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    ~winecountrygirl~ got a reaction from Driver Deb in Northern California Kaiser Patients   
    I attended orientation at Richmond on June 14 also and my surgery is scheduled for August 17, so about 2 months from orientation. It's as quick as you want it to be, it's in your hands!
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    ~winecountrygirl~ reacted to Kath-A-Leena in Farewell Meal   
    I couldn't possibly make a decision on one final meal so I went for variety at a Golden Corral. There's a really good one nearby. I was so enthused about doing one last blowout dinner I fantasized about it all day. Then when it was all over, I felt really disgusted. Nothing was so good it justified that overstuffed feeling that makes you lean back the car seat then flop into bed as soon as you get home. And the guilt and shame. Oh my, the guilt and shame! Nope. It's not worth it. Actually, I'm glad I did it because now I KNOW that's not the way I want to live. The next restaurant meal I have will be a tiny little ladylike appetizer portion and I'm gonna feel so virtuous I won't be able to stand myself.
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    ~winecountrygirl~ reacted to Suzannesh in Life Spaces   
    You are doing everything the right way. I am here to cheer you along every step of the way! Your dreams will come true, your life will change and you are in the process of not give away many more days of your life to being overweight. Life will become everything you ever wanted for yourself.
    I am here if you have any questions, you get scared, you just want to talk or vent. There are going to be a lot of changes in your life. You can do it! Hugs to you.
    :kiss2: :kiss2: :kiss2:
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    ~winecountrygirl~ reacted to chef neil in Kaiser Richmond/kaiser South San Francisco Gastric Sleeve Brothers And Sisters!   
    Dargar- tuna was good- 3 crackers and 2 oz.
    1 can = 3 meals
    Lee- my tests came back normal... besides drinking all day long... I am going to make effort in eating
    the Protein today, shake has 54g and lunch will be tuna...
    I am making a lasagna today...
    going to grill veggies (red peppers, onions and zucchini)
    then cook ground turkey, add seasonings and chopped spinach. when cool add ricotta and parma cheese.
    then layer the grilled veggies where Pasta should be, ricotta meat mixture, sauce and mozz. cheese.< /p>
    3 layers with sliced fresh tomatoes on top
    bake it up...
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    ~winecountrygirl~ reacted to LisaaaLisaaa in Kaiser Richmond/kaiser South San Francisco Gastric Sleeve Brothers And Sisters!   
    I didn't throw up once and still haven't almost 6 mOnths out.

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