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    ~winecountrygirl~ got a reaction from CAMMYD for a blog entry, My "list"   
    I was encouraged to make a list of all the things I want to do when I lose weight and all the things that are uncomfortable to do now that will be easier when I lose weight. Here is what I have so far:
    1. Wear a swimsuit in public
    2. Fit comfortably in an airplane seat
    3. Ice skate
    4. Ride a bike
    5. Horseback riding
    6. Shop for clothes at any store
    7. Wear a dress
    8. Share clothes
    9. Wear an 18" necklace
    10. Ride in a helicopter
    11. Feel comfortable naked
    12. Have a massage
    13. Wear a belt as an accessory
    14. Have someone carry me
    15. Water ski
    16. Weigh less than my husband
    17. Go on a swing
    18. Sunbathe in public
    19. Cross my legs
    20. Ride every roller coaster
    21. Never worry about the size of any chair
    22. Shop at Victoria's Secret
    23. Enjoy having pictures taken of me
    24. Go on a reality show
    25. Travel more
    26. Ride a motorcycle
    27. Do yoga correctly
    28. Wear shorts
    29. Run/jog
    30. Give myself a pedicure
    31. Wear regular sized bracelets
    32. Drive a sports car
    33. Wear a wedding dress
    34. Wear smaller shoes
    35. Wear knee high socks
    36. SCUBA dive
    37. Sail
    38. Kayak
    39. Zip line
    40. Canopy tour
    41. Backpack overnight
    42. Snow ski
    43. Go in a hot tub
    44. Have a family portrait taken
    What's on your list?

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