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  1. 3musketeers

    Red Zone?

    Sounds to me that you may be a bit tight. Something similar happened to me at my last fill last month. I got .5 cc and was able to drink Water fine all day until night time, after that nothing not even water would stay in. Went to the doctor and took out .25 and was able to at least drink liquids. I'm glad you're doing better. I lost 5 lbs in 2 days cuz nothing would stay in. Now I'm scared to get a fill. 43 lbs lost (too lazy to put my ticker up)
  2. 3musketeers

    Does Anyone Use Unjury?

    I do use unjury. My favorite is chocolate, although lately I'm getting tired of it. Maybe I'll try a different or the unflavored. I have tried many and this is my favorite. It is a bit pricey but I tend to use it when I get my fills.
  3. Thank you all for your replies. I went in on Friday and he took some liquid out the .5. Doing lots better, I can at least drink liquids and stay in. I almost had to go to the ER, I'm also diabetic so my levels were dropping but were able to stablize. I haven't really tried to eat solids yet, just little nibbles here and there and I definitely feel the restriction. On a good note, I lost 5 lbs in two days, but i know that that wasn't healthy.
  4. Thanks for your response. I usually can feel the affects of the fill after a few weeks, so I can just imagine what it will feel like once I start eating foods as I'm still on liquids.
  5. I went in for my 3rd fill yesterday, .5 cc. Well all day yesterday I was burping literally every 3 minutes, gross. Why does this happen, can I avoid this? Anyway what I'm concerned about is that I can only tolerate about 3 sips of Water before it just sits there. I tried to have some chicken broth twice. The first time I took about 3 spoonfuls and that was all I could tolerate, it didn't come up but felt it just there. The 2nd time, it did come up. I have never experienced this with my previos fills. I called my doc and have an appt tomorrow, but in the meanwhile I'd like some feedback. Also, can I damage my band from throwing up too much? Feedback anyone I'd really appreciate it.
  6. 3musketeers

    Diabetes, high BP, sleep apnea +++

    That is awesome! Congratulations! I hope to be there soon. I only take meds for diabetes but have seen a difference. I'm off my insulin and victoza. Taking actos and metformin and hoping to start cutting that down soon. It has also helped my pocket. The victoza alone was $50 a month. Whew!
  7. 3musketeers

    Diabetes, high BP, sleep apnea +++

    I have diabetes and was banded in August. I'm not losing as fast as I thought, but I was on tons of meds for diabetes and been able to get off of 2 meds and another med has been cut in 1/2. I'm hoping as I start losing some more I can start cutting more. I still take metformin and actos. My last A1C, about 1 month after surgery was 7.5 and I'm hoping this next one will be even lower.
  8. 3musketeers

    MacNeal Hospital

    I was looking through the forum and came across your post. I had surgery with Dr. Headley at MacNeal in August. I really like him, but I don't like his staff at all. I don't have anything bad to say about him as of yet. Did you have your surgery already? If so, how did it go for you?
  9. Hang in there! I know what you're feeling. I was banded on 8/25 and had my first fill 6 weeks later, don't know how much of a fill I got, forgot to ask but have not felt anything. My next appt isn't until 11/18. I am losing because of exercise and food choices. I was feeling so discouraged myself that I had to put it out here and received some encouraging words from others. Continue to do what you're doing, you're doing an awesome job!! We will be there soon enough.
  10. My dr. didn't say and I didn't think to ask. I just waited until I felt better (I was in pain the first week) but I have to agree with another poster. It has gotten a lot better. (for me anyway)
  11. 3musketeers

    my band hurts

    I have to say CONGRATS to you! No fills, that is awesome!!!!!!!! Thanks for the advice, I'm a high tempered person so I have been trying to relax cuz that feeling isn't good. And I do agree with you this forum is a life saver. Now that I've been banded, I can truly say this forum has avoided so many calls to the dr's office. I love it! Thanks again!!!!
  12. 3musketeers

    my band hurts

    Yes, I've noticed that when I get angry or worked up, it hurts. I don't know if I'm using the right terminology. Maybe it is that tight feelling but it's some discomfort I'm feeling.
  13. 3musketeers

    my band hurts

    I'm about 7 weeks post op, any little thing I feel is freaking me out. And I still feel a bit of discomfort every now and then. I was banded on 8/25/11@ MacNeal Hospital.
  14. 3musketeers

    Is my postop pain normal??

    That sounds normal to me, in my experience anyway. I can honestly say that I was in more pain than alot on this forum. You are explaing what I felt almost to the T. I did get some very good pain meds from my dr that helped. I am about 7 weeks out but I can honestly say the first 4 days were painful. Around day 5 is when I started feeling a bit better and I would say after the 1st week I was back to almost normal. I still couldn't bend but it does get better. I still feel a little bit of uncomfort every now and then. Hang in there! It does get better.
  15. 3musketeers


    Congratulations on your journey! Can't wait untll I reach the 50 lb mark. I can definitely relate to you as it seems my weight loss is going slower than I thought . But like you said, I'll take anything to nothing and as long as we're not gaining.

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