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  1. a.walker

    1 Month & Look What I LOST!!!!!!

    You look great! It's amazing what you have done in a month. Way to go!
  2. a.walker

    We Got A Date!!

    Congratulations on getting a date! My husband and I are both having surgery on July 22nd. I think the only drawback will be that the hubby will probably lose faster than me (he always has when we've dieted before), and I'll be jealous.
  3. I have my surgery scheduled with Dr. Rodriguez July 22nd, so I'll let you know my experience after it's done. I have read mostly good things about Dr. Rod. Lots of people have had Lap-band with him, and that's where I read a lot of information about him and the hospital in Tijuana (which is where I'm going as well).
  4. a.walker

    July Surgeries

    Welcome Mike - I'm glad to hear things went smoothly for you! Don't feel guilty about it, just feel blessed! Mjeancha - Way to go losing so much weight on your own! I have lost the same 50 lbs. about 7 times in the last 9 years. I always get back to where I started, and sometimes even gain extra, so I know what you mean about just needing to get it all off and keep it off. I got some Protein powder to try as well (just grabbed some from GNC, and I don't even know the name of it), and it was horrible, too. I hope they're not all that bad. I was really hoping unjury would be good, since it seems like everyone talks about it being the best. Darn! Hey Kathy -- I will try to send you a message. I'm terrible with this forum, but surely I can figure that much out. I, too, have heard lots about Dr. Almanza. It seems like he does a lot of surgeries, and lots of people love him and everyone else loves to hate him! I haven't read a whole lot about Dr. Rodriguez, except on the lap-band boards, and mostly it's been positive, but there are always going to be Debbie Downers who can find something bad about anyone. If you did your research, then I say go for it. I get so annoyed when someone says to me: "You're going to Mexico? That's like a suicide mission." I have researched this surgery a lot, and I feel comfortable with my decision as well. Since you'll be a week ahead of me, I hope we can be in contact and keep each other updated as well. I am just so excited! I'll send you my contact info. LaSaJaTa - Welcome! Good luck with quitting smoking. I know you can do it! It will be lots of changes at once, but it will all be worth it. I, too, first thought I would get the band, but then changed to the sleeve after I heard about it. I really didn't know how many complications are associated with the band and how many people have to have them revised. Plus, the idea of going to get fills at quite a high price if I didn't travel back to Mexico to get them, was not a fun idea to me. I'm really worried about giving up soda. I am a Diet Mountain Dew/Diet Pepsi addict, and I really am already mourning the idea that I will never be able to drink them again. Dustin and I have decided that we are going to cut them out in early July, even before we start our 2 week pre-op diet. I don't want to have horrible cravings for soda when I know it's not good for me. I'm practicing getting in enough Water, but still have been having 2 cans/day of soda (which is really cutting back for me. There have been days where I would drink WAY more). This might seem like a weird worry, with all the other huge changes, but it's one of my biggest worries.
  5. a.walker

    July Surgeries

    Kathy- I just noticed you're so close! Where do you work at? I work here in Salina, and read that you're an ER nurse. I work in the ICU here. I'm glad to see some other nurses are traveling to Mexico for surgery. Some of the nurses I work with have been really opinionated on this matter, so I have quit talking about it all together. We did our research and are so excited about this decision. My husband, Dustin, is having the sleeve done as well. We've gotten morbidly obese together (though we were overweight/obese when we got together, just fatter now!), so we're going to get skinny together, too. He's a guy, though, so he'll probably lose faster than me. I'd love to meet you sometime, also. We have almost the same starting point (as far as BMI anyway), and about the same amount of weight we'd like to lose. What surgeon are you going to?
  6. a.walker

    July Surgeries

    Hi everyone! I'm Amy (also a nurse) from Kansas, and I'm getting sleeved on July 22nd. My husband and I are traveling to Mexico as well, and we'll both be getting the sleeve with Dr. Rodriguez in Tijuana. I am headed to work right now, so will add more later, but wanted to say hello to all the July folks!
  7. a.walker

    1 year out today

    Wow, you look amazing, and you're story is amazing to me. I am especially glad you said what you did about negativity. I am still pre-op, and I'm already worried that I will fail. I need to get a good attitude, and with stories like yours, it's much easier. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I love your new outfit!
  8. a.walker

    New to Forum

    I am also pretty new to this forum, but wanted to say hello, especially since I see you are from Kansas. Me, too! I hope your consult with the doctor goes well. I, too, have realized I need to do this, and have my surgery scheduled for July 22.
  9. a.walker

    New to your site

    I'm a nurse as well, so I understand the wear and tear you are talking about. I am scheduled to have the surgery in July, but I just wanted to say congratulations on having it done, and I hope you reach your goal!
  10. stcyt- I am going to have surgery in July with Dr. Rodriguez, and I wondered if you had the regular VSG done or the "super sleeve". I am trying to decide between the two, but haven't found much information on the "Super sleeve" at all. Thanks for sharing your experience, I feel more at ease reading good things about the doctor I chose :thumbdown:

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