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LAP-BAND Patients
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  1. Donna Coker

    BEST tasting protein shake?

    I like the EAS Carb Control Protien shake been drinking them since i was banded on march 2010
  2. Lay on your side with arms extended over your head each side as long as ya can stand at least 15 mins this will help the gas pains. Also walk walk walk
  3. Donna Coker

    Help with gas pain

    Try laying on your side with arms extended over your head one side for 30 mins then switch to other it helps relieve the gas it worked for me, this advice came from a RN hope it works for you tooo.
  4. Wow congrats you are doing awesomeeeee keep going !!!!!
  5. Donna Coker

    Please tell me it gets better!

    Well my sister helped me with the shoulder pain and tummy it worked for me my pains I laid on my sides with arms extended over my head a friend of hers RN told her this trick reverse sides every 30 mins i laid on the side most hurting the most next day pain was gone. Hope this helps
  6. Donna Coker

    Why is everyone complaining??

    I agree totally some think its there perfect solution, it takes ALOT of work, exercise and portion control doing your part, you signed to do your part if you don't guess what the weight don't come off. It keeps you feeling full but if your going to over eat anyways the Lapband is not for you.
  7. Donna Coker

    6 week liquid diet?!?!?!?!?!!?

    Wow i did 2 weeks preop 2 weeks after I guess every Dr is different you can do it tho
  8. Donna Coker

    Does using smaller utensils and plates help?

    Yes using smaller plates and utensils does help with portion control and smaller bites its like eating as a baby again Good Luck !
  9. Donna Coker

    Ok This Sucks!!

    Yes it hurts like nothing else I had the same thing done the pain will go away walk as much as you can it will help.
  10. Donna Coker


    WALK WALK WALK it will help move it

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