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  1. kamay1234

    A mouse in the house

    Surgery was 4.5 weeks ago. Tonight Joshua, my 21 year old son turned on the oven tonight to make some dinner. The smoke detector went off, and the kids found a "broiled" mouse in the oven. I guess I haven't been doing alot of baking since surgery. I found it very funny, the kids not so much. Just another chapter in this weight loss journey
  2. kamay1234

    tired of water, what to drink?

    thanks for all the ideas I hadn't thought of sugar-free popsicles, I did try propel zero grape flavored. That worked well. I am getting back on track with my fluids, I'm glad we have a place to bounce around suggestions. Karen
  3. kamay1234

    Scale hasn't moved in WEEKS!

    I'm sorry this is happening to you. I also hit a STALL at week 3-4. Finely this week the scale went down 2 lbs, And yet like you, I am down one pant size. We need to trust that the process will work. We didn't gain this weight in one month, so it will take longer than a month to come off I'm glad we have a place where we can vent Yet support each other in this adventure Keep doing what you are doing, good things will follow Karen
  4. kamay1234

    one month

    one month out, 40 lbs lighter, my grandmother died, I feel exhausted and painful. no NSAIDS or steroids for another 2 weeks. I have dropped one pant size, but I don't feel any lighter. I don't have buyers remorse, but I thought I would feel better than this. I still take 1-2 hour naps every day after work, but is that really so bad. I spoke with the exercise therapist, and am working on strengthening my back, walking a bit more during marching band rehearsal, I just thought I would bounce back quicker. I do feel better every day, I just want it to happen faster.
  5. Hi I am now 5 weeks out. I am getting enough Protein, but liquids seem to be my problem. I used to love drinking water, now I can't stand it. I have tried it ice cold, room temperature, filtered, bottled, flavored, but it just all seems to make me nauseated. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get more liquid in. I am supposed to be drinking 64 oz, but struggling to get 40 oz. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks Karen
  6. kamay1234

    This is soooo weird....

    I also was sleeved 11 days ago. I am still on liquids and am getting soooo hungry for something to chew on. food commercials are beginning to haunt me. A big greasy pizza sounds so good. I'm sure if I tried to take one bite, I would immediately throw up. Thank God for my sleeve. I just need to get past the "head" hunger. I go to the dr's soon, so I hope starting "mushies" will help. K
  7. kamay1234

    Good luck July 12 sleevers!

    Hi everyone, I'm home, and all I feel is full. I was really nauseated the 1st day, but now I am just full and a little bit tired. It now takes me an hour to eat a "meal" instead of 2 gulps. I am taking it easy, tryin to get alot of rest. I hope all is going well with all of you, nap time here I come. Karen
  8. kamay1234

    Good luck July 12 sleevers!

    Hi everyone, Clear liquids until Midnight. sugar free Jello for my last meal. I am nervous, but ready for the next step. I hope all goes well for all of us. You are all in my prayers. Lets take this next step together. GO FIRECRACKERS..... Karen
  9. kamay1234


    before july
  10. kamay1234


    Good Afternoon everyone, I also am getting sleeved tomorrow, and am getting awfully nervous, and fact I think I am already nauseated. I am thinking of this as the next step in my journey, turning a new corner, planning on never looking back. I plan on taking one step at a time....forward.....slowly.....but surely......
  11. kamay1234

    Pre-Op Diet day 3

    Hi Everyone, I also started my pre-op diet 6 days ago. I was on vacation, and am now home. I lost 4 pounds, I do feel hungry in the afternoon and evening, but I think I am not eating enough in the morning. We are all so close to starting the next chapter in our lives. Good Luck Everyone Kamay1234
  12. Yea, I have a date, July 12. It sounds like it is going to be a very busy summer for all of us Good Luck to ALL
  13. kamay1234

    Hello :)

    Hi Everyone, I also got my surgery date given to me today. I am scheduled for July12. It sounds like we are all going to be very busy. Glad to have people to talk to during this journey. Good luck to ALL
  14. That is awesome. I also got the call today. Everything has been approved, and I am scheduled for July 12. I also have to do 2 weeks of the liquid diet. It sounds like we are "sleeve partners"
  15. Hi everyone, I just found this website and am encouraged by what I see It sounds like we are all going to have a busy summer. I just found out today that my insurance has approved the gastric sleeve, I will find out my surgery date tomorrow. My surgeon is scheduling for the 1st week in July so I will find out all the details tomorrow. Good luck to all Please keep in contact. Kamay1234

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