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    fattymcfatterson got a reaction from TamaraS in So Incredibly Disapointed In Myself   
    get samples! about time does samples, google tryabouttime.com and I think BJ's bariatrics carries the syntrax nectar drinks. I had some i liked pre surgery that are leaving a weird blanket coating across my tongue. g-ross!!! I see my surgeon tomorrow and I am going to ask if i can sip pureed/liquified protein foods to get my protein. What day were you sleeved? Mine was sept 28. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
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    fattymcfatterson reacted to topgun in Back Home To Harney County   
    I think the ugliest chunk of fat that you need to lose is your husband.
    This journey is difficult enough WITH family support.
    Keep a stiff upper lip. It sounds like you're tough enough to handle it if you have this long. Best of luck.
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    Love it love it love it!!! He is an awesome Daddy isn't He!!!!!!!!!
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    Is throwing up blood normal? I am not sleeved but this is the first I have read about that!! hope you are feeling better...