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  1. S311kyra

    Week 3 Diet

    I am 4 weeks out today and chicken is really hard for me. I know that everyone's sleeve reacts differently, but chicken can tend to be dry and that makes it really hard to eat. Deli meat is the easiest meat for me. I love taking the garden vegetable cream cheese and spreading it on some deli meat and eating it rolled up. Super yummy. Shrimp and scallops are easy to settle also. Really, you just have to find what works best for you. Take it one bite at a time and slowly. Stick to what your Nut recommends and you'll do fine. Unfortunately, it's all a learning experience.
  2. S311kyra

    Scale- friend or foe?

    I am scale obsessed. I'm trying to find the willpower to throw it out because it's not doing me any good. I get on it at least 3 times a day. It's horrible for my progress and my self-esteem. Then I hit the dreaded 3 week stall and it is all I obsess about. I do not recommend keeping one around. Unless you can commit yourself to weighing only once a week, get rid of it now.
  3. There is nothing I love more then baked scallops with a lemon pepper oil. I take olive oil and add lemon pepper to it. Let it sit for 5 days like that. Super yummy.
  4. S311kyra

    Mio water flavor thingys

    I like them. I'm a fan of the peach tea and the fruit punch. It's a really nice alternative to the constant water sipping. Sometimes I just need a different flavor. I also like that I can put as little or as much as I want.
  5. I am the same way. I've always disliked the sound of people eating, but since surgery it has been a thousand times worse. Just try to be patient. It gets better and your urge to strangle everyone subsides eventually!
  6. My sister came and stayed with me for the first week after surgery. I love her to death for that and am appreciative of the thought, but I wish that I had done it on my own. I was perfectly capable of take care of myself and I much rather would have been able to do things on my own, at my own pace. I really think that to each their own, but if you're more comfortable in your own space, then stay at home. You should be fine.
  7. S311kyra

    Thankyou Mr. Tape Measure

    Yay for you! That's great and incredibly inspiring. I didn't measure before the surgery, but I'm only 2 weeks out. I think it might be time to get out the tape for future reference!
  8. I couldn't agree with this more. It has been a huge mental battle for me. More so then I could have expected. I think that's been the toughest. Wanting to feel normal with everyone else at meal time. It gets better though. As far as the hunger thing goes, I was one of those people that was ALWAYS hungry pre-op. I'm 2 weeks post op and I still get hungry when it's time to eat, but it's nowhere near the insatiable feelings I used to battle. I'll take a little hunger anyday when compared to the other side. Just remember to stay strong. It gets better as your diet progresses and I'm soooo looking forward to mushies! Good luck!
  9. Awesome!!! Congratulations on a great job!
  10. S311kyra

    Discouraged and disappointed

    I don't think there's anything that I can say that someone else hasn't voiced already. At 47lbs lost, I'm sure you have a difference and just aren't able to see it yourself. Remember that everyone feels this way. It's a battle within ourselves. It's a battle that we'll fight for a long time. Keep strong and know that you will emerge victorious. Heck, you already have!
  11. S311kyra

    How did I do??

    I was sleeved may 23rd and I'm down 12 pounds. I really struggled to lose all of the water weight I gained post op. The 12 pounds is after the water weight was gone.
  12. S311kyra

    Injecting Blood Thinner Post Op

    My surgeon requires twice a day for 30 days. Of course I had to go see him today because I am slowly developing an allergy to it and i have a nasty rash now. So, I got off of them two weeks early. It's kind of like the diet, every surgeon does it differently.
  13. S311kyra

    First day back to work

    Sounds like you did fine. I only made it 8 hours myself, but seeing as that's a normal person shift and I'm only 11 days post op, I'll take it. Just take it day by day and I'm sure we'll both be working away in no time! The tuna sounds great! Never would have thought that either. Can't wait to eat some. One more week. Yummm.
  14. S311kyra

    The best thing I ever bought!!!

    That's such a wonderful idea! I'm gonna have to go get one right away! I'm still on pureeds, but even a warm drink that stays warm the entire time it takes to drink it. Yay!
  15. S311kyra

    First day back to work

    How long did you take off from work? Congrats on being back to the grind! Today is actually my first day back too. Three hours down, nine more to go. Ahhh!!!
  16. Hello everyone. I'm new around here and I thought that I would stop by and say hi. This site has been an amazing place for me. I live somewhere with no support groups and no one has even heard of the sleeve. It's really nice to read all of your experiences and feel normal about everything. Thanks for that. My name is Stephanie and I am a 27 year old nurse living in the middle of nowhere, Arizona. I was sleeved May 23rd, four days before my birthday. In retrospect, that was probably a bad idea I lost 20 lbs on the pre-op diet and my pre-op weight was 408. Post op, I gained an incredible amount of Water weight. I couldn't even get my wedding rings on and I am just now back down to my pre-op weight. Thankfully. Hopefully now I can start losing the 200 lbs that I need to lose. At over 6 ft tall, I'm a little concerned that I won't be able to notice weight loss right away and get discouraged because. It's the start of my new life and I'm trying to stay optimistic about it all. This last week has been hard and I have had moments where I am convinced that I made a mistake, but then I come here and know that I'm not the only one who thought that way and this too shall pass. Here's to what the future holds and what my new life will bring. Here's to the husband that married me at my heaviest and loves me no matter what. Here's to this site for helping me maintain what little sanity I have left. Here's to you and your journey towards a new you!
  17. You aren't alone. I was sleeved on 5/23 as well and you described perfectly the way that I feel. Also, I too was sent home on hydrocodone syrup and I developed the itches and a rash from it. I've had my ups and downs. Actually, at this point I've only had downs. I gained almost 15 pounds of Fluid in the hospital and, although it's starting to go away finally, I'm still not even down to my pre-op weight. Let alone losing anything drastic. Believe me, I know it's slow and miserable right now. I tried to go to Kmart yesterday and left in tears because I didn't have the energy to do my shopping. We have to remember that each person heals differently and your body is still protesting the hell that you put it through. At least you aren't hungry and you're drinking at will. That's a great step forward! Celebrate the little victories and remember that it will get better and we will be thankful that we made this choice! Good luck!
  18. So today is one week for me. It's been a horrible week and because I'm struggling with all of the post-op Water gain I had, I am at that point of thinking what did I do to myself? Ugh, I know it'll be better. I just have this one annoying symptom that isn't letting up. Every night around 7pm, I spike a low grade temp. Somewhere between 99.4 and 100.0. Nothing to call the doc about, but enough that I can feel it. Tylenol usually stops it until the very next day around the same time. It's really annoying and it ruins my night. Not to mention that it's killing my sleep. Did anyone else experience this? As a nurse, I keep telling myself it's a result of the inflammation and I'm fine. As a patient, it's a little scary.
  19. S311kyra

    What was your turning point?

    I have experienced almost all of the above and, although I knew they were bad, it still didn't do it for me. I was 26, over 400 lbs, and dealing with all the comorbidities. Still, I was talking myself out of "needing" surgery help. Then, I married my childhood sweetheart. I went to a routine ob/gyn appointment and he told me we couldn't have kids because I was too heavy. THAT was what did it for me. Yes, I want to be healthy and spend a long, happy life with my soulmate and as a nurse I know I was headed towards a very early death. Most of all though, I want to be a mom.
  20. Hello to everyone. I have been lurking around and reading your posts for weeks now and I must say you all have saved me, more than once. However, now I need some personalized help. I am 6 days post op and struggling with the whole depression problem. I don't have my food crutch and it's hard. To make it worse, my sister and her 5 year old wild child came up to "help" me. Well, the two of them and my roommate are killing me. They are loud, messy, and exhausting. I can deal with all of that. What I am having a problem with is the enormous amounts of food, junk, fast food, and starbucks that is passing through my house. It's absurd. The smells are making me crazy. I want it sooooo badly and they just don't get it. I can't even hide because the yummy smells waft through every coner. I guess what I wonder is how does everyone else deal with such horrible temptations? How do you get others (skinnies, as I call them) to understand the emotional battle that is so much of the post op journey? Thanks foryour help!
  21. Thanks everyone. It's just difficult to try and redo everything my body knows. I'm feeling a little better about it today and know that it'll be even easier as time passes. I would almost prefer to be cooking for the house right now so I wouldn't have to smell pizza or mexican food.