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    Debora Anne got a reaction from Dreamalways07 in 21, Liquor, and a Lap Band   
    My doctor allows some alchol with limits - no beer it is carbonated - wine and mixed drinks with no sugar mixers or carbonated mixers- Carbonated drinks can make you very uncomfortable - and remmebr you are eating less so the effects of alchol will hit you very very quickly
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    Debora Anne got a reaction from WinningLoser in "NERVES" - Surgery June 17th!   
    I was banded June 8th -6days post op and I gotta tell ya I feel GREAT- Day 3 I went to Walmart with my hubby just for the walk and to get out of the house Day 5 started using my stationary bike for 30 minutes feeling great~ I would suggest Gas X strips they work great - take a couple a day even if the gas pain seems to be gone- I did have tremendous gas in my shoulder for the first time yesturday - took Gas X Strip Heating pad - hot tea and walking did help tremendously as well as Tyleno. You will sleep all day the first day of surgery as welll as most of 2nd by 3rd day your soreness will go way down and it is uphill from there! At least that has been my experience so far Good luck and keep us posted~
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    Debora Anne got a reaction from NewStart95987 in what were your emotions the week leading up to surgery   
    Its ok to be anxious and nervous - normal reaction to any type of procedure- Just remember one of the reasons you go thru the tests, lab work etc. before surgery is to ensure you are able to go thru the procedure with no issues.. Good luck

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