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  1. amybaby33

    I am now 38!

    Happy Birthday! Hang in there, girl....it will get better. Try to keep yourself busy and drink lots of water! You can do this.....it's soooo worth it!
  2. Fern--my marathon had an early start time for walkers and those who were under a 16 minute pace....thank goodness! It took me 9 hours and 20 minutes, but I still made it within the guidlelines and was an official finisher:) For me the whole experience was a huge accomplishent. During my 6 months of training, I logged over 500 training miles, raised over $10,0000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Soceity and of course crossing the finish line and saying "I did a marathon" was pretty awesome. I know how hard it is to find time to train, but make sure you get your long runs in....that is critical. If you can't get all your short runs in, don't stress...just try and do some quick sprints or some weights. One piece of important advice ...as you go through your training and figure out the right things that work for you...from your shoes, to your running clothes, to your snacks....whatever that may be....DON'T incorporate anything new on race day! You will find that every little thing that is part of your training will get you thru race day. For instance, my hydration snack for every run was water and cheez-itz....I never took to any of the runners "goo" or bars or stuff, so I safety pinned little baggies of cheez-itz on my water belt for race and was so happy I did! Anyway, you are going to have an awesome experience and you should be sooooo proud of yourself for making the decision to train for and participate in a half marathon...please feel free to ask me any questions along the way
  3. amybaby33

    Fab 40's shout out

    I'm 40, a first time Mom of an 11 month old and 5 days post op. Feeling amazing and looking forward to getting my healthy life back so I can have another baby
  4. Woo hoo! That is sooo awesome! Way to go Amanda and Fern! I trained for and did the Nike Women's Marathon in 2007. I was 240 pounds..but I did it! I'm doing the Santa Barbara half in November and plan on jogging (not walking..like I did the full) the whole thing and maybe even having a respectable time. Hopefully a lighter body will help me accomplish that goal. I trained for my marathon for six months with Team in Training and learned A LOT..if you ever need any insight or advice..let me know
  5. amybaby33

    Liquid Diet - Day 4

    Ok...I just re read your post and realized your are on your pre op diet! Sorry...I was thinking your were post op! You're still doing great and I know you will do so well with your surgery
  6. amybaby33

    Liquid Diet - Day 4

    Hey girl...sounds like you're powering through...good job! Hope getting off the meds help your hot flashes! I'm 3 days post op and am blown away by how good i feel! Having gone thru 2 lap band surgeries, this is waaaay better than my previous recoveries. Guess third time is a charm I did have some post op nausea, but i have no gas or incision pain and am tolerating liquids with no problems. I can move to full liquids today and just plan on taking it slow. No doubt everyday gets better! I can already tell this is going to be so much better than the band and I can't wait to see the scale plummet! So glad you're doing well with your recovery....keep it up
  7. amybaby33

    Follow up tomorrow

    Great news, Mike! Funny how just a few days makes all the difference in the world. Sounds like you have turned the corner and are going to sail thru the rest of your recovery! Can't wait to hear about your Doc appt...keep us posted!
  8. Hi guys, I'm on my Ipad from my hospital bed, so excuse any errors! Surgery went well. As expected, i had some pretty big scar adhesions from the band, but nothing my doc couldn't handle. Unfortunately, i had REALLY bad nausea and dry heaving the in the recovery room and for about 2 hrs when I got into my own room. Ugh..that was awful! But it's under control now and I feel a million times better! Incision and gas pain is totally manageable! I've been sucking ice chips, walking every hour and am staying ahead of the pain w/my meds:) Should be outta here around 2p tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing my baby boy and working towards a great recovery! Oh--just some advise for those yet to get sleeved.....get some Biotine mouth spray for dry mouth..it's been a life savor! Ok, that's it for now...thanks for all the wonderful support! I hope my fellow 7/11'ers are doing great and good luck to the rest of you firecrackers getting sleeved this week -Amy
  9. C'mon July sleevers, we need to rally some support for each other! I posted a poll for a group name but only one person replied Group name aside, we should be posting more in here especially since July will be here in no time! I'm starting my 2 week pre-op liquid diet on Monday. How is everyone else doing?
  10. amybaby33

    Good luck July 11 sleevers!

    Thanks everyone! I'm in the pre-op area waiting to go! I feel good....calm & ready to roll! Hopefully I can post later. I'm on west coast time, so I should be in my room around 2ish:) Good luck to my fellow 7/11 sleevers:) See ya on the other side ...
  11. amybaby33

    One Week Out - Random Observations

    You're doing awesome, girl! I hear ya on the neon liquids..lol! I remember with my band I thought I was having an 80's flashback with all the neon colors surrounding me! Thanks for the insight and update...you're seriously doing awesome!
  12. amybaby33

    San Diego Buddy?

    Oooo...I love Wine Steals! Look forward to hooking up with you gals when I'm recovered! Looking forward to getting the show on the road on Monday! Wish me luck! BTW..did any of you have Dr. Mueller at Sharp?
  13. amybaby33

    Good luck July 7 Sleevers

    Biggriz..I've been thinking about you! Thanks for updating! I think the first hours after any surgery are pretty rough, but you have such a great attitude and it sounds like you've handled it like a champ! I'm sure everyday will get better as you adjust to your new way of life. You're doing great..keep up the good work..and CONGRATS on making it to the other side
  14. amybaby33

    I'm home...

    Big hugs, hon! That sounds ROUGH! I'm glad you're home and really hope the rest of your recovery is smooth sailing
  15. amybaby33


    Wow...you're doing awesome!! I remember when I was on clears with my band, I was so excited to have finger jello...let alone strained creamed soups! Congrats! I can't wait to get sleeved on Monday and get back my quality of life
  16. amybaby33

    Some Protein Thoughts

    Awesome info! I like the idea of doing "shots" of protein rather than drinking 3-4 protein shakes a day. Great option..thanks for sharing
  17. amybaby33

    I'm a firecracker!

    Congrats on your approval and surgery date! Head on over the July Firecracker room and you'll get lots of support!
  18. amybaby33

    Good luck July 7 Sleevers

    I hope by the time you read this, you are both resting comfortably and smiling because you have a new life to look forward to! Can't wait for updates...hope all went well
  19. amybaby33

    San Diego Buddy?

    Would definitely love to meet up once I'm a few weeks into recovery!
  20. amybaby33

    San Diego Buddy?

    I'm a San Diego gal getting sleeved on Monday, July 11th! Would love to connect with some other San Diegans!
  21. Girl..you are inspiration to us all! Especially someone like me, a former lapbander ready to get sleeved next Monday! The biggest victory is being at peace with who you are and never having to live in the prison of obesity again! I'm so very proud of and admire your insight, wisdom and willingness to share your amazing journey! YOU ROCK, HOT MAMA!
  22. My husband had his sleeve done with Dr. Takata 3 years ago. He had a great surgery and recovery and is maintaining his 100 pound weight loss 3 years later I also had back surgery at Scripps Green and they were fantastic! Hopefully you'll get a room with an ocean view like I did which was soo awesome. I would have gotten my sleeve with Dr. Takata, but the Scripps Bariatric program doesn't take my insurance. Don't worry...you're in GREAT hands at a lovely hospital...good luck!
  23. amybaby33

    Good luck Wendy1974

    Hope you're feeling well and on your way to a speedy recovery! Welcome to your new life!
  24. amybaby33

    Back home

    Congrat, Kathy! You sound like you're doing all the right things for a successful recovery! Good job! Way to kick off us Firecrackers off with a positive BOOM
  25. amybaby33

    Painful "Port" Incision

    Ive had my band out for over 10 months (having sleeve in less than a week ) and my port site still bugs me sometimes. My port stuck out like a rock when I was pregnant, so i know I have lots of scar tissue around that area. I've already mentioned it to my Doc and he will be looking closely for any adhesions during my surgery. Definitely mention it to your Doc, it may be one of those things that just takes some extra time and hopefully will resolve itself soon. Congrats on getti through your surgery!