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  1. 1 years has passed since you registered at SleevePlicationTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary Brownbear29!

  2. I saw your weight loss ticker and said to myself "Oh Yeah baby March Madness"

    How are you feeling?

  3. Brownbear29

    NSV- truly rare occurrence

    Congrats. It's good to hear good news from a veteran... gives us newbies some hope
  4. Brownbear29

    six months post op

    That is truly amazing... Congratulations :-)
  5. So I guess this qualifies as a NSV... at least from what I've read. Last week I was cleaning out the shed and found an old dress shirt I saved from my highschool graduation. I then proceeded to wear it work the next day. Yeah I wore an XL shirt and it looked good. :-)
  6. Brownbear29

    I've been a bad boy

    Thanks guys... I need a good kick in the ass every now and then. Doing much better. Two protien shakes a day and one meal of soft solids (usually tilapia) with some quinoa...
  7. Brownbear29

    I've been a bad boy

    So I've been an idiot. My exfiance came by for a visit and well I have been bad. She was here for two days... during those two days... I ate some pretty stupid things : 7 pieces fried calimari with a red bell pepper and black bean ragout ... 1/4 of a corn dog .... and 2oz barbecued asian pork ... and worst of all 1/2 a blood orange martini. I know that I'm an idiot but she was in town and I'm hoping this could be a start of us rekindling so I took her to eat at all of our favorite places... and well I got caught up with things. We also ... well were intimate. As for the food, well it opened a can of worms because now I want small portions of all my favorite foods... and well I definitely lifted more than fifteen pounds during well... I'm sure you get the drift... So how bad is it ?
  8. Hello everyone in internet land. First I'd like to thank you guys for being super supportive and patient with my whiny butt. I had my surgery on monday... so I guess I am four days post op... and those have been quite a roller coaster. From my earlier posts I mentioned that I was having some post op complications... but they are taking a positive turn :-). I guess I should've realized that I'm a "complicated man" and expected some of these bad boys. I had what is known as sleepy bowel or illeus. Basically they couldn't wake my bowels up after the anasthesia party... things are doing great on that front. I farted yesterday... and oh what a sweet sound it was, despite the not so sweet smell. I also had a bowel movement today... basically a twoosie.... and man was I psyched. I hobbled around telling everyone and their mother... oh the things we are excited about post surgery. Other than the bowel life is good. Im rocking the liquid diet and enjoying a little R&R. Other than that, did anyone get a pain ball after surgery? THey put one on a cather stuck in a wound site after mine...so annoying. Of course the best part is the meds weren't coming out.... so I just yanked it out... and watched all that pain medication drain into my garbage bag.... did anyone have a similar situation ?? Allrighty, I'm of to bed. Best new years wishes to everyone... here's hoping by next year i'll be right where i wanna be... (maybe onderland ?)
  9. Brownbear29

    Extremely High BP Post op HELP

    Thanks guys. Went to my PCP and on a new blood pressure med. Hopefully will be able to taper off...
  10. I am getting some crazy off the charts BP readings post op. Pre op my BP was a little high 130's over 90's post op 170's over 110's. Did this happen to anyone? My surgeon said I should get to gether with PCP and figure out what is goin on. Is that just his way of runnin away from responsibiliity ?
  11. Dear VSGers, I am in needof your help and guidance. I was sleeved yesterday around noon and everythingseemed to have gone well. I walked from the postoperative care room to my ownroom and proceeded to have a pleasant evening. After the first hour, I walkedfive laps around the surgery area. Then I relaxed a bit, flirted with my hotnurse, and walked ten laps a few hours later. The whole night I felt prettydecent alternating between sleeping, flirting with my hot waitress, and walking. Now we come to where I need your guidance. I wokeup this morning and went to get my upper GI tracked. After the two sips ofbarium and I felt super nauseous. The GI study shows that the liquids are travellingway to slow from my stomach to my bowel. My Dr said I could have two ounces ofwater (and man have I been thirsty); but I couldn’t finish more than two sips.So they go get me another GI study (extremely uncommon from what I heard) andmy doctor comes with its still traveling super slow to my bowel because ofsleepy bowel. He also said the scar tissue around my stomach is causing a lotof swelling. Is this common? Am I one of the small percentageswho are going to have trouble eating and drinking for the rest of my life? I’mfreaking out and haven’t even seen my surgeon yet post surgery… help please
  12. spoke too soon .... having some minor complications


  14. new sleeve eve... 6:45 am surgery manana

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