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    Hello Dear,

    How are you today i hope that every things is OK with you as it is my great pleasure to contact you in having communication with you,I am honestly looking for a sincere, and God's fearing, please i wish you will have the desire with me so that we can get to know each other better and see what happened in future.i will be very happy if you can write...



    HEY FATPHAT.. IT WAS TAKEN ON 9-10-2011..

    the story of my trip to the ER

    OHHH CHOW..IM SO SORRY TO READ ABOUT THE SITUATION YOU HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH! I so enjoy your posts and my heart breaks for your pain, as if we know each other well or are related. I dont know why some have to deal with problems and others dont. Just the hand life has dealt. I do know that I have really enjoyed corresponding with you on the boards and if there is anything I can do, please dont hesitate to ask. I will be praying very hard for you! I just know that your healing is right around the corner! May you be blessed with GREAT HEALTH, EXCELLENT WEIGHT LOSS, LOVE, ROMANCE, HAPPINES AND WEALTH.


    HELLO PLIXIES: Thanks for all of your responses. I just want to say stay encouraged. This is not an easy road. I havent lost anything in almost a month. Im not tripping though.. It will come off but now I have to take some responsibility where as it just seemed to fall off on its own. I re read my post and since I said I was as "curvy as a coka cola bottle" thought I better back it up with a picture. Hopefully it attaches. Stay encouraged!

    6 months post plication

    Lmom: I think you are doing great. I am 5 months post op and i have only lost about 48 lbs total. I was so psychotic and obsessed with this surgery and subsequent weight loss. I was literally driving myself crazy. I LITERALLY THRU OUT THE scale AND STAYED OFF THE WLS BOARDS.. I JUST COULDNT TAKE IT ANYMORE. I WAS OBSESSED. Well, I have always been a slow loser. I accept that. Everyone is different. Though I am grateful for 48lbs lost, I am disappointed that it isnt more at 5 months. I too also took the subway 6 inch test. I cant eat a whole one but I sure can get about 2/3rds of it down. Dont ask me how. I know that i have lost all that I am gonna lose without actively doing something. I will say that I consider myself lucky with this plication. I have lost some weight, and I have had little to no deprivation. Everyone, be encouraged. We are all still doing great!
  7. Apparently, Plixies have a much slower weight loss rate than those who have other types of wls. At least this is what I am reading. On top of that I happen to be a slow loser anwayway. It was my intention to loose 78lbs. So far, I have 48 lbs. So, Im sitting here wondering, will I really ever lose the last 30 lbs? I know that I will probably loose 20 more lbs, but I cant say with certainty that I will lose 30 lbs more. I say this because it has really been a struggle to do the 48lbs. THis surgery was nothing more than a tool. I still have to keep my eating habits at the fore front of my mind and really watch my food and Water intake. Im sure it will be like this for the rest of my life. Just the hand I was dealt. But in my heart, I really wonder sometimes if I will ever make my goal. I was expecting for this to take about 5 months and it looks like it will take about 8.5 months to reach goal. I know I chose the right surgery for me. Also, I realized that there has been little to no deprivation. I can still eat what I want, just not much of it AT ALL. How do you feel about your goal and has it changed since started to see results?

    One of 50 in Dalton, GA

    CONGRATS GRANDMA!! Keep up the great work!
  9. I just wanted to share a little story with you all about binging and purging. I always knew that I was an emotional eater. Anytime I would get upset, I would eat. Well, recently, I got upset over something.. now realizing it was stupid, but, the first thing that came to my mind was to eat to feel better. Ok, no problem, I needed some food anyway. Well, I go into Subway and order the 6 inch sandwich that I used order pre-plication. All the while in line, Im thinking of the situation that has me so upset. Im also thinking, once I bite into this sandwhich I will feel soo much better. Yess, All I need is to eat. Well, like I said, I order the same huge 6 inch like I used to order like back in the day. I sat down, didnt count my chews, had the nerve to eat the sandwhich and drink the raspberry tea at the same time. Oh, I was getting down like in the old days, just actin a fool! Well, 4 bites in, I am hit with such a stomach pain! THen, I have to run outside and toss up. I hate tossing Cookies and I havent had to since month 2 post op. I felt gross and mostly STUPID! How could I have forgotten that my poor stomach is totally in control? So, instantly, I realized, I cant eat for emotional comfort anymore! It is incredible how the mind and body works. Even more incredible when you can get them to work together. Anyone here tried binging since surgery?
  10. Hello Plixies (plicators..just my lil name for yall)! I wanted to post about the "haters" that I have encountered since I Iost weight. Now, my surgery will be 5 months old on 8-23-2011 and I have only lost 48lbs. Yes, Im a slow loser, but at least I am a loser. Not necessarily where I hoped to be at this point, but, I will take it. I am so very suprised at the people who I thought would be happy that I lost weight. So many people are so dang jealous that its riduclous. Now, I cant really see for myself a drastic weight loss on me, but to go from a size 20 to a size 14 must be some kind of a big deal. Enough to excite a riot with my friends and family and co workers. Now all of a sudden, my sister and girl friends are all on diets, exercising or having lipo suction. None of them, I mean none of them were remotely interested in their appearance before my surgery and I am genuinely happy for them for bettering their health and lives, but why, WHY, WHY SO MUCH DANG JEALOUSY! Now mind you, I am as curvy as a coke a cola bottle. I forget about my body shape because I had been obese soo long. Well, now they (meaning famililiar haters)are telling me "dont stop now you have soooo much more to go". Im like "you haters,.. when is the last time you lost 48lbs in your life let a lone 4.5 months"? Well, right now, I weight 180lbs and I only intend on losing about 22 more lbs.. so what they mean by "you have sooo much more to go" is beyond me. I love walking past and seeing my reflection now and i usually see some jealous green eyed hater in the background. I know that Im not where I want to be, but look at where I have come from. I want to say to all t he new Plixies 'STAY ENCOURAGED" You should go back and read some of my posts from the first 1-3 months. So many people had to talk me "off the ledge" around here and I am grateful to them all. Here is to all the Plixies that had the courage to make such a life changing decision and LET ME THANK MY HATERS.. WERE IT NOT FOR YOU, I WOULDNT WORK SO HARD AT BEING SUCH A FOXY DIVA! Misti
  11. 1 years has passed since you registered at SleevePlicationTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary TEXAS DIVA!

  12. 1 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary TEXAS DIVA!

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    Lab Rats



    thanks for the responses.. yes, I have been medically advised to wait 1 year.. so it will be next April 2012 im sure before I have the liposculpture.. but, I am definately having it.. losing 41 LBS AT THE AGE OF 42.. looks a heck of a lot different then when I lost 42 lbs at the age of 32.. back then.. after loosing weight after a car wreck, i still looked "perky" 10 years later, same amount of weight loss and I look like a severe gravity victim.. So I will be patient and weight.. also, it will give me time to save the rest of the money Thanks!

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