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  1. Ok the rib thing sounds painful!!!!! But definitely more enjoyable than when I fractured mine. Fell over in the family's RV when someone pulled out in front of my dad on the highway... hit my ribs on the countertop as I went down. Ouch! Congrats on all of your success. Size 8 is awesome. I am 5'5" with a goal weight of 160 and I think that will be a size 8-10 and that's where I want to be!
  2. All I can say is HOLY CRAP!!!! :w00t: I am a heavyweight too but it took me a month to lose 37! You are doing just awesome!!:w00t: Thanks for your continued support and I am really excited to see you go through your journey too!
  3. CraftyChristie

    I went through with it...

    Congrats! You will be so happy you did :w00t:
  4. CraftyChristie

    Clothes that touch your body

    We need pictures. Fashion Show!! Your public demands it.:w00t:
  5. CraftyChristie

    Something is missing

    :w00t::w00t: OH MY GOD!!!! You look so SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. CraftyChristie

    Bag it......

    I have to laugh because I wouldn't be allowed to lift that bag HAHA. With my back I am not supposed to lift over 30 lbs... and I have lost 73... LOL!!! So I can't do your experiment but it does sound fun. My cat weighs 11 lbs so the other day I said to my husband "I've lost 6 1/2 Phoebes." haha
  7. CraftyChristie

    4 Months Post Op

    Awesome, just AWESOME!!!!! You are doing so great. I'm just so happy for you! If it makes you feel better, I am the same way... I tend to lose more 2 weeks out of the month, and hardly anything the other 2 weeks. Seems to be the cycle for my body. How exciting to be out of plus size stores!!! I'm not quite there yet but I'm on that verge of 1X tops being too big and XL's being too small. In like 10 more lbs that will be my issue. But bottoms I'm still a 20-22 so I have a while before shopping in regular stores for bottoms. Thanks for your report!!
  8. Folks, as of today I am at my lowest adult weight EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol0::thumbup::mad::thumbup: 236.8!!!!! My lowest ever before was 238.... which lasted about 5 seconds. 240 is truly the weight I usually would stay at for long periods of time. On Tuesday this scale told me 243. So here I am in my 14th week and I managed to lose 5 more lbs in 4 days. Thank you extra workouts!!!!! I really stepped it up this week. Hubby joined the gym too so some days I work out twice, once in the morning and once in the evening with him. Don't worry not overdoing it or working out every day though. This week I worked out Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Tuesday evening, Thursday morning, Thursday evening, and Friday morning. It shows!!!! I am so happy. Now I am starting to FINALLY believe this is real. I blew past all my old sticking points into new territory!!!:thumbup:
  9. CraftyChristie

    OMG - before photos are shockers!

    OH how I can relate!!!! I THOUGHT I had a good idea of my size when I started. I am usually pretty self aware even about that. But when my husband took my before photos I kept asking him if he was sure he didn't have a wide angle lens on it or something. I could NOT believe I was that wide, especially from the back. It just did not look right. 1 month in, after losing 37 lbs and taking updated pictures, THAT version of me is more what I thought I looked like in the beginning but man was I wrong. They really are shocking!!!!
  10. CraftyChristie

    My 3 Month Videos & Fashion Show

    Thanks so much everybody!!!
  11. CraftyChristie

    My 3 Month Videos & Fashion Show

    Thanks Doug!! I was struck by that too when comparing to my older videos. I don't even know that person from the beginning. I never truly saw it when I was that big. I feel like ME again now. I would LOVE to get my husband on camera but he hasn't had any interest. He is being nice enough to let me post his pictures and talk about him but when he gets on camera he barely musters up a "hi"... LOL. Maybe one of these days!!! I hope!
  12. CraftyChristie

    3 Month Progress

    Hi everybody!! I just posted my official 3 Month Progress photos as well as a couple new non-official ones... all my stats etc!! Please come check it out on my blog! :001_rolleyes: Health and Happiness: 3 Month Progress
  13. CraftyChristie

    3 Month Progress

    Thank you so much everyone!!! I wanted to let you know I have added my 3 month update YOUTUBE VIDEOS! You can see them here: [nomedia=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDLkEd-qArQ]YouTube- 3 Months Post-Op VSG (Part One)[/nomedia] [nomedia=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7M9-P8TLQs]YouTube- 3 Months Post-Op VSG (Part Two)[/nomedia]
  14. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful news!!! You're starting your whole new life!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. CraftyChristie

    3 Month Progress

    Thank you SO MUCH everybody!! Tomorrow morning is our 3 month appointment with the surgeon. I'm really excited/anxious/nervous to see how it goes! I will be doing a video update after all of that :crying:
  16. CraftyChristie

    Looking for new Buddies

    Hi Kim! Sure I would LOVE a sleeve buddy!!! I'll message you with my email.
  17. CraftyChristie

    Face pic on my honeymoon in 2009; face pic at 3 months post op

    Thank you so much ladies!
  18. CraftyChristie

    People are Starting to Notice

    Firstly - congrats on your great loss so far! Secondly, I know what you mean. People didn't notice that much til I got to about 50 lbs too. Now in the past month I've gone from 50 to 65 and people keep saying "you look smaller every time I see you!" and "holy cow I can't believe the difference", when they have seen me at -50. I find it hard to believe I've changed so much in JUST this month, so maybe it is just finally catching up to their brains?? So weird!! You make a good point though that people must not be as aware as we think they are! We should let ourselves off the hook a little :thumbup1:
  19. CraftyChristie

    Happy with Six Months Out

    You are doing so well! I agree, there is a lot that needs to be addressed mentally. I feel really fortunate that I was working with a therapist on my emotional eating issues for a good 6 months before I had surgery. It really helped me get through a lot of the hard stuff before making this big change... so in a way it helped me not to feel like I had to change EVERYTHING all at once! I still find myself "wanting" to eat when I am bored, but I usually don't because I realize I'm really not hungry. That in itself is a huge accomplishment that surgery has really helped me with! Love the sleeve!
  20. CraftyChristie

    A Minor Mileston & Things I've Noticed

    That is so awesome! I don't even know what it would be like for a guy to flirt with me. It's pretty much never happened LOL! It would take me a while to catch on, too!! Glad you are doing so well and feeling so happy :thumbup1:
  21. CraftyChristie

    not a fun topic but.....

    For me that was the case on liquids and mushies. Once I moved to slightly firmer foods like tuna salad, chicken salad, etc that went away. Where are you at in your eating? If your diet is still pretty liquid-y, then so will be everything that comes out.

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