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Let me start off by saying... I'm silly at heart. It's nothing for me to pop off silly comments or jokes just to make people laugh. My job is stressful at times and when it's laugh or cry.... I tend to laugh. Don't get me wrong though. I cry! More than most, I'm sure. Everyone needs a good cry every once in a while.


So, about me. Well, I just turned 32. I have two wonderful boys (12 and 14). They are very well rounded and responsible. They don't give me any trouble what so ever. However, we are entering the "teenage years" so fingers crossed there. They are very active and I've been heavy since they were born. I remember playing Freeze Tag when they were little and my youngest told me... "Mommy, I always come after you cause you're slow." lol.... I remember thinking. Yea, and I'm glad too cause I can't run for very long. Now they are older and even more active and I'm sitting the bench. I don't want to sit the bench anymore! I want to run and be active again. I want to climb the stairs instead of looking for the elevator. I don't want to worry about getting a table instead of a booth when going out. I am not looking to be skinny, I want to be healthy and active and just have fun for my boys and for myself. Although, I probably won't ever get to play Freeze Tag with my boys again. Someday I will have grandkids..... and I won't be the slowest. Even if I have to trip somebody! lol. Just kidding.


So why now? Well, my boys are older and more self sufficient. They are very close to their dad so if something were to happen to me. I know they would be ok. Sad, but they would be ok. When they were little, I just couldn't risk it. Also, I am self pay. My insurance has never covered WLS and it's too expensive for a single mother. So now that there are affordable options and my boys are older, I have decided to LEAP! This coming from someone that wouldn't even take a cruise becuase I never wanted to leave the United States. lol.... A friend here at work just had the Sleeve done with Dr. Ramos Kelly in Tijuana and had nothing but great things to say. She is two months out and 50 lbs liter and feels better than she has in years. So with her as my "guinea pig" and all the research I've done online. I believe this is the right thing for me. I have decided to go with Dr. Almanza. I have the support of my boys, my friends, family, and co-workers. So here goes!


September 6, 2011 is the beginning of the NEW ME!!!!